WoT: Did I activate my cloaking device? [Panther 8.8 cm L/71]

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Source: PsionicArrow

gameplay in the premium Tier VIII the .8 cm L/71 where the majority of players ignore me.

9.6 ModPack:

Intro music from:
“Enter the Party” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


  1. Why couldn’t you do this review, oh I don’t know, a day or two before the
    4th anniversary.

    In the words of Adam Sandler….that information could have been useful

    thanks for the kids, man

  2. Great vid and well played 

  3. hey there arrow really nice panther 88 vid, got mine 2 months ago and like
    it alot, do better in it then in the panther2, it might be me but i get 40%
    tier 8, 50% tier9, and 10% tier10 in the panther88, but in the panther2 i
    got alot of tier10 battles.

  4. wow now that is how you do it ! congrats wicked game !

  5. Good videos man!! Keep it up!
    I dont know why but I find your videos very interesting.
    Congratz for ace tanker nd top gun :)

  6. Always liked the Panther II, this just feels a little bit better :D

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