WOT – Do You Have A Bad Case Of Gun Depression? | World of Tanks

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Thanks to everyone who helps out. I really appreciate it!



  1. Happy weekend Clausians! Do you want to see more of my mediocre play in the future or maybe some unicums driving Russian mediums instead?

  2. Wot is about fun? Who’d have guessed it?

  3. Whats the fucking pint

  4. Im never lacking depression …when I’m driving backwards up hill in all my tanks !

  5. The Type 4 would get hit from your opposite position by the 140 and pantera. At least you are entertaining!

  6. Play a superheavy. Drive it straight off the bank and climb up the mountain into their base. If you’re unlucky, you lose 1k-2k HP to snapshotting TDs in the first 30 seconds, but whatever, you’re fighting a fight that is so not that boring shit in the corner, and if your team follows it’s the most fun you’ll ever have on a desert map~

  7. Pinging the map is a tase of time, it seems most of the players don’t even look at it, if they have it on at all.

  8. The lacl of gun depression can be depressing

  9. BULLSHIT!!! That shot went through your ass

  10. If your channel is like a box of chocolates, this is the kind I like.

  11. can we have an immoral story, should be much more fun

  12. Canadian Politeness in action…”Excuse Me Guys I am coming through again, Claus Kellerman coming through” NAVALARTICHOKE

  13. Yes Claus has many BALLS!!!! he has soccer balls, footballs, base balls, golf balls and tennis balls, but sadly no BRASS BALLS!!!!!!

  14. PickelJars ForHillary

    Snap shot by the russian tank.
    US tank aims and you bounce his heat round.

  15. Thank you , Prez Claus ,
    Large dose of FUN received,

  16. ??? dam super gun depression should be his name

  17. That T-10 that snapped you had the stock gun and turret. Which as we all know makes it more accurate because it’s russian

  18. nice vid…. lucky shot ! (your last one ) 🙂

  19. Yes. Very enjoying this video, we are having fun! Especially when you just “excuse me coming thru here to fight this object for you”. Hilarious perception of the ongoing game. Also like it when you fluently comment ongoing thoughts when you are at decisions like “now, what to do, keep this middle road in town”. Other videos have not such basic insight of the full usefulness for this information for a beginner. I wonder if your videos are entertaining at all for Unikum as they already know the tricks and information. My guess is that they still watch your show.

  20. -ßЯҢ- Commando

    Good job, Claus. Love you, brosef!

  21. Wow you really bring home the feeling of enjoyment in those good games one has! 🙂 To a T!

  22. My E-75 had the trolliest freaking gun in the game. Dialed in and broadside? It goes sailing off. The gun always, and I mean always, missed or bounced every time I shot at a Russian tank.

  23. abstract randomness

    After watching many videos from Claus, I ASSUME he is a leftist.

  24. “up the ass for You!”

  25. outstanding effort old sport, instant classic. deserves 100k subs, let’s go!

  26. I’m often irritated by both gun elevation and gun depression just not being enough.
    Just a tiny angle will **** you up when it shouldn’t.

  27. The last kill,the Jpg pz gets the kill ,it says bottom right

  28. cyka conquerer

  29. Dan Ushiha must have Three Balls!

  30. It is always fun when you in the winning team

  31. More Claus!

  32. I forgot the moral…

  33. Ed syndrome huh…

  34. goran pucijasevic

    Mr. Claus
    is again in the game
    * Team_Killl_Troll *
    with your Exelcior !!!

  35. Once again, great content from the no bullshit channel. ?

  36. The phantom flan flinger

    Those damned klingon devils with their cloaking device equipped tanks get everywhere!!!. Invisible tanks ,thats the last straw!. Good vids though.

  37. I like my Russian Meds.The tanks are OK too.

  38. Give us more Super Conqueror action Claus … oh yeah !!!

  39. Claus, French tanks have good depression because French is best! EVERYBODY KNOW THAT

  40. I thought that u are talking about the Gun Depression Symdrome. Aka the GDS, maybe it can be a new series.

  41. That last shot was hacks

  42. The notion of giving up your position for a teammate who is better suited to play that position is 100% foreign to 99% of players.

  43. gun depressed? Maybe take it to the beach…

  44. Top video Claus, always love the different perspective.

  45. 4:31 let’s blame the aiming to British?
    4:34 let’s blame the Russians for not aiming correctly… First blame is one enough. But it’s always fun to blame the Russian BIAS

  46. Grille look at that turret
    Grille look at that turret
    Grille look at that turret
    I’m hull down

    When i walk to the cap
    This is what i see
    Everybody stops
    And it’s shutting at me
    I got bias in my turret
    and I’m not afraid to show it

    I’m russian and I know it!

  47. IMPORTANT MESSAGE I RECEIVED FROM WARGAMING. Claus, I hope you read this and i think you’ll find it interesting and spread the word. I’m sending it to the community contributors that I know care about the players I submitted a ticket to support when I noticed the Natural Cover directive did not seem to be getting applied correctly to some tanks. After several messages back and forth and allowing them to access my account I received this message:

    Dear MakersMike
    “Our developers are aware of an issue where some of the directives are not complying with its effects. Once the issue has been properly diagnosed our dev team will release a fix in an upcoming patch.
    We shall contact you for additional information if needed, and we sincerely appreciate your interest in the improvement of World Of Tanks.”

    It is alarming to me that they are still encouraging players to spend money on these directives when they know there is an issue, and they have yet to post a notice on their web site. They should shut down the option to purchase until they fix this. Thank you Claus. I look forward to your thoughts and hope you read this and get the word out. NA Server

  48. Martin Waterhouse

    Not all about depression of course! Shooting at targets above or while our tank is down-slope requires enough elevation so I guess we should term limited ability in that department as gun “erectile dysfunction”?

  49. Claus says ” Hey Type 4 move up” Ping,Ping,Ping…… Type 4 says” I AM DIED” and cant move up……. Shout out to you Claus 🙂

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