WOT – Double Trouble | World of Tanks

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Source: Claus Kellerman

Thanks to everyone who helps out. I really appreciate it!



  1. Jarrod Billenwillms

    So what’s up with the Canadian and the Brits thinking alike today. Claus and Jingles who would of thought that those 2 shared a brain.

    MAD Love Claus No Homo well maybe a little homo but any way

  2. Hey Claus – yup, keep showing your own pathetic not great gameplay; We Like It Like That! It feels so comfortable and homelike, slurp, slurp.


  4. Good one.. Thumb Up

  5. I wake up every day to tune in to my favorite content maker. Every day he brings us joy with brilliant commentary and for that we thank you Claus!

  6. not to bad claus

  7. Tell you everything you did wrong? Should we start in elementary school or earlier?

  8. Copyright strike for you!

  9. Jingles & Claus…….we now have a proff that it`s the same person……
    Jingles……he finaly lost his minde and found out new friend in his head….Claus

  10. Personally, I liked my T25/2 and I LOVE my T30 that resulted from playing it.

  11. Also, you did well, all things considered. Don’t sell yourself short. (because I have results like these and you make me feel bad when you say that. xD)

  12. Clause, outdone by The Mighty Jingles. 2 videos, same title, The Mighty Jingles has struck a homerun. and poor Clause, has struck out.

  13. Jingles and CK doing the same video? Awesome!

  14. Claus is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get. Sometimes salty, most times truthful, humble as in Humbolt tragedy, but most of all entertaining.

  15. Stephanie Kawadias

    Hey Claus can you do a video on the EBR tanks where you just show them dying, as I think it would be funny to see a video of just the EBR tanks dying all the time.

  16. More, more, more, such fun!??????

  17. Hei Claus. I love to follow your thoughts and planning while playing yourself. Not so much when you talk about anything ALL the time during a replay. To hear pieces of your life is interesting….

  18. Claus in HEAT 54 Russian medium tank

  19. Enjoy the double look, I also like my T25-2 American TD. It’s a good tank killer…..Shout out to you Claus!

  20. This gives me hope. I have never fired a premium round, and I have no premium tanks other than the ones I’ve earned. I’m just the average “Shmoe” with no clan, but now I know I can do great things! Thanks Claus!

  21. I like the double-play commentary. Also, as you were shooting the T25, I thought ‘hes too low, hes aiming at the ground’. Yep, the shells drop and hit the dirt. Of course they do, they’re Merican. German shells go straight but bounce.

  22. Jingles is copying you, should we bomb him and let him know we noticed?

  23. You say that half the time they don’t shoot what you spot when you’re playing a light. Which means you’re suggesting that half the time they actually do? Shit, I’d take those odds. lol

  24. You are for me very great. Love you man! However that said I am not native American English speaker so sorry to miss out the fun if it’s intended to be with the shouting of ‘shut up to you guys’ when presenting the clan name. What is that exclamation reference to?

  25. I’ve found the T28 to be the best American TD. Once you figure out how not to get tanks at your sides you’re gtg. You get a lot of matches where it’s you versus a T95 at the end and with a good crew you’ll have no problems with taking out a T95.

  26. Lovely to see two really entertaining YouTubers having a laugh and some banter, we need more people like you guys to be supporting each other, spread the love, no homo!

  27. Saeed dude deserved more wasnt in rrrrrasha

  28. I want more game play by Miss Smooch, not you.

  29. I got zero fire support today trying to passive spot. Lots of enemies lit but my team sat on their asses and wasted it. Tried a few battles same problem lol

  30. I was sure Claus is trolling Jingles

  31. Iron Soul Stealer

    Well Claus, Spring is finally here. The sun is shining, and my troubles are melting away. I might check in to your channel, once in a while, but summer is coming. So, until then…see ya next fall. Enjoy the game everyone 🙂

  32. That’s a good example of what I think could be a good series. The play by the AMX 13 105 saved the game but he didn’t get a lot of xp for it. So my idea is to highlight examples where a player made a play which turned the game or had a major influence on it, even though that player might not end up with great results.

  33. Claus, I too like the T-25/2 – it works well and has some armor, unlike the Hellcat.

  34. Shout out! Woohoo 😀

  35. The T25/2 is a massive piece of shit. It’s underwhelming in every way but I still had good stats with mine. I unlocked the T28 Proto ans gosh I’m not impressed at all…

  36. I do my best to check in every day just to see the intro for the best channel on youtube. I do my best. It’s all you can ask.

  37. @Claus, I ashamed to admit that was my muppetry pathetic not great gameplay in the other bush. I sent you a message after the game asking if you were the “Real” Claus.

  38. I’d LOVE to see Claus play the T95, even though people only have that occasional Great game, when it happens its usually epic..
    Come on Bro, I know you have one on your sheriffs account, with a Boss crew, do it, do it for all of us scrubs that LOVE the T95,

  39. anotherrandomtexan25

    Prepare for trouble!

  40. Why doesn’t amx have camo skin from your perspective ?

  41. Believe it or not when the T25/2 first came out it was even worse. Poor gun, weak armor, and bad camo. Its been buffed some since it came out. I remember grinding that crap tank back in the day. Terrible TD.

  42. bravo another great video


  44. I love his vids and im not sure why…. But thank you Claus you asshole 🙂 j/k or not // your vids are fun ty

  45. Good job, had me on the edge of my seat lol

  46. You should proud of almost great. I’m almost good. You’ve got me beat.

  47. Jingles

  48. I am not having fun, I think in the last month I may have had one or two good games. I have just deleted my account, its no fun losing almost every game. Enjoyed your vids, but the bell tolls and I wont be back.

  49. Samecway i decide where to go

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