WoT: E25 Review, 4k Damage and 8 Spots in Fisherman’s Bay [“Road to Unicum” Epi 28]

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Source: Taugrim

I the E25, a tier 7 German premium destroyer in World of Tanks (WoT), with a replay of a tier Fisherman’s Bay battle.

Stat line: Ace Tanker, 4k damage, spots, 3 kills

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ superb DPM (2700)
+ superb accuracy (0.3)
+ superb aim time (1.5)
+ superb camouflage values
+ excellent top speed
+ excellent acceleration
+ good view range (360)
+ small profile
+ high rate of fire creates lots of opportunities for module and crew
+ preferential matchmaking – never sees tier 9 tanks
– low alpha per shot (135)
– armor is relatively weak (but just high enough so that HE doesn’t consistently penetrate)

The term “overpowered” tends to get thrown around a lot in online games, but the E-25 is truly an overpowered when played correctly, given how meaningfully the strengths outweigh the weaknesses.

It’s also an excellent money maker.

Recommended Equipment
– Rammer
– Binoculars
– Optics

Aim-time reducing equipment is not needed given the excellent base aim time and high accuracy.

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help other players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

If you want to support my WoT habit (thanks that’s generous of you), you can send me gold in-game, or you can donate via PayPal or by shopping on Amazon:



  1. more video’s pls

  2. You joined Relic? Gonna do some clan wars?

  3. I just won this td & free garage slot a few days ago with 14 hunter tokens.
    It is indeed sa-weeet :)

  4. Awesome review Taugrim! Keep the good work up!

  5. The mission “A Hidden Menace” perfectly describes this tank. I recently got
    the credits for earning this tank in missions since I already owned it, and
    I used those credits to buy ANOTHER stealthy menace…the Object 416.

  6. Strange battle. It’s really unusual for the enemy team to completely cede
    control of the center ridge like that. Suicidal on their part really.

  7. No apcr and 12 HE? Wtf :P

  8. I still struggle to understand why they nerfed the Super Pershing, but not
    this OP beast!

    Why do you run with so much HE btw? Isn’t it rather useless with that
    calibre? Seems to me it would be better to have more AP considering the
    fire rate!

  9. I hate facing the E25… I don’t own one which ads to my hatred towards the
    tank… such an OP POS invis ninja tonk:P

  10. I’ve been really enjoying my free e25

  11. Keep up the good work!

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