WoT – Flank Micro and Macro Positioning

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  1. love to help, now you only need 28 more =)

  2. super pershing has the shittest side armor ever so dont angle it

  3. It’s a miracle the enemy arty didn’t start xvm sniping the moment you were
    spotted middle

  4. How is it possible to be out in the open for so long and not get hit by
    arty? If I went there in a slow tank like the spershing, I would be
    hammered non stop.

  5. I bet you can find 29 ppl on EU servers … I would love to help and I
    believe there is many ppl that would love to help too Great video and keep
    up good work Anfield :)

  6. Anfield do you have all the tanks in WoT?

  7. If you need people to fill up training rooms, I’m willing to help

  8. very helpful , thanks

  9. Nice video
    Superpershings side armor is easy pen even if angled:d I always pen angled
    SPs like you did vs Cent. or track them with dmg til finished

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