WoT: [FV 214 Conqueror]

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Source: PsionicArrow

of Tanks gameplay in the British Tier IX tank the Conqueror

9.9 ModPack:

Intro music from:
“Exit the Premises” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


  1. As you said “no shots has come this way you drove over where the artillery
    shot. Such situational awareness. :P

  2. Balc0ra's Gaming

    I really started playing this more after the HD model came. The buffs did
    treat the old gal rather well, as it’s a rather good hull down brawler now.

  3. While looking through the battle results i noticed you have a vk 4502 a in
    your garage. Are you grinding to the maus while the op vk 4502 b is still
    there? or are you waiting for the mauschen?

    • +DEANOGTO Thanks for the tips.

    • +PsionicArrow
      the vk a is a great machine i enjoyed it a lot but the cupola is weaker
      than the tigers 2s and the gun depression is a little worse but it makes up
      for it in terms of the medium tank like mobility and the surprisingly good
      gun handling and rof. although i never played it with the stock engine
      because i had it from the ferdinand.

      oh and a warning about the maus i guess you likely already know about it
      but anyway it cant be angled as much as you would think because the front
      drive wheel has an 80mm strip of armour behind it so you either need to
      sidescrape or bait shots at the turret to make the armour work if your
      playing aggressive. the worst thing about that weak point being right there
      is thats the area everybody instinctively aims for in tier 10 games when a
      big slow target is coming towards them. just something to be aware of also
      im curious to see if the mauschen inherits this weak point too.

      dont get me wrong the maus can be a lot of fun its just that weak point can
      catch you out.

    • +DEANOGTO It really depends on when the Mauschen is going to be introduced,
      I’m not sure how fast I can grind through the VK A

  4. I hated the caernarvon so much that i was considering not even bothering to
    get the conqerour. I think it will be one of the next tanks i try to grind
    and if i can get cheaper during the wg eu anniversary thing then i likely

    • +PsionicArrow
      yeah but the grind actually looks like its worth it now thanks to the
      turret buffs. just looked at the grind and i didnt realise that the gun was
      so expensive xp wise and i think the tracks as well as the turret are
      needed to mount the 120mm so that like 100k xp so that going to take a
      while. i think ill finish grinding the amx 50 120 from stock first.

    • +DEANOGTO The Caernarvon wasn’t one of my favourites so I was glad the
      Conqueror turned out differently however you’ll have to grind for that
      120mm cannon with the type B cannon for awhile.

  5. its great to see brit heavy play, I really feel like they are way under

    • +galeforce21 Hopefully with this upgrade and the Chieftain coming in at
      tier 10 more British heavies will show up.

  6. Great Intro. and ty for the video.

  7. Conqueror in HD and it gets a turret upgrade

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