WoT: Got Outskilled by Arty

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Source: Taugrim

Nothing better than getting clicked in 90 seconds of a while driving 60 kph in a relatively small tank.

…but but but arty promotes skilled gameplay and discourages camping, amirite 🙂


  1. not by arty, but by RNG! :P

  2. Christian Dale Pangandoyon

    At least it wasn’t an AP round or ammorack detonation @_@
    I’ve one-shot too many tier 5-9 HTs with 203mm gun on SU-14-1 thanks to
    their predictable or complete lack of movement
    That caliber is also bound to do A LOT of module damage. Good thing it was
    only turret ring and track.
    I don’t have an Object 261 yet but from what I’ve seen its shell velocity
    is very fast for an SPG so making that kind of shot is relatively easy. It
    also has the most accurate arty gun in the game with fast aim time so yeah.

  3. EVERYONE knows Arty prevents camping… you were about to cap i guess.

  4. Arty mission?

  5. What you need to understand is that arty was made to counter campers, says
    Wargaming, and you were clearly camping at 60kph on the frontlines. It’s
    only balanced that you get punished for it!

  6. Can you make a video about the Easy Eight, if you have?
    I have two stars on the barrel of my tank and have a near 52% win rate on
    the thing, but I of course want to get better.

  7. to be fair as arty I’ve made shots like that.. in the blind too.. was is a
    261 that hit you? your movement was obvious (giant circle round building,
    pretty predictable :-/) and what spotted you probably had that +2 second
    skill (forget name).. btw just rewatched it.. didn’t even know they had a
    261, yes they did.. he knew you wanted to keep your speed so he knew you
    were turning at full pelt..

  8. What I disslike with arty is no that it is overpowerd or anything. I just
    hate the gameplay they add. So much RNG and oneshots.
    The game would just be more fun without them…
    You also can’t balance them. You can never balance RNG oneshots in a no
    respawn game wargaming!!!!

  9. That was actually a nice shot from the arty player. Give credit where
    credit is due.

  10. Nothing makes me want to camp behind a house more than getting hit by arty
    [or even splashed] and losing half my health going full speed.

  11. Holy Rngesus Batman!

  12. You drove in a predictable line… or something.. :)

  13. defenetly aimbot

  14. arty is totally fair and balanced xD oh, actually it isn’t :D

  15. Youre lucky that wasnt an AP shell… that would have made your game
    significantly worse…

  16. this type of bs is why i can wait for the arty rebalance and why if they do
    not follow through with it im flat out quitting the game completely because
    0 arty games are so rare these days its insane especially above tier 7 the
    amount of american and german arty is nothing short of ridiculous and for
    some of the more inaccurate arty in the game they seem to be able to pretty
    reliably one shot people way way more often than they should.

  17. Dude, stop camping so much you noob.

    I hate arty so much.

  18. I plead the 5th amendment.

  19. shouldn’t have been camping then lol

  20. such satisfaction when you bounce object261 with ap in your t95…

  21. that what you get camper

  22. I got one-shot in my 1500 HP Tiger 2 last weekend by tier 10 arty within
    the first 2 minutes of battle. Hadn’t even made it to my position yet.
    Bought a new keyboard that day too….

  23. Arty balanced m8. Russian arty has homing shells, no problem.

  24. I wish everyone got a 5 second audiovisual warning both on the minimap and
    in the battlefield as to where an arty shell will land. Can make arty
    pinpoint accurate to compensate.

    I think I’ve played too much Valkyria Chronicles.

  25. That’s what you get for camping (at 65 kph).

  26. It’s realistic bra… that’s how they did it in WW II….

    Not to mention the retarded “not even a prototype was build because tanks
    designed by a 12 year old are stupid” tanks in game now (the Japanese
    heavies I’m looking at you). But heh no sacrifice is to great for
    historical accuracy.

  27. I can take only 3 x 1 click kills by arty when i play, before my bullshit
    meter is filled up. Seriously, arty is not needed or wanted in this game.

  28. James Capers (Nonsense Upon Stilts)

    This is even worse! He wasn’t even aiming at

  29. Well that was either lucky or a pretty good shot. Been playing arty to get
    the missions done, RNG can be a real bitch.

  30. Your own damn fault for driving inside the reach of his gun I say! ^^

  31. The Swedish Tank Driver

    so much skill. stop camping taugrim

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