WOT – How To Make Lots of Credits in Frontline | World of Tanks

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Thanks to everyone who helps out. I really appreciate it!


  1. I din’t show the end screen but that game was about 150,000 credits. Also you get credits for moving up levels – on the order of 50,000. Just try it for yourself. Happy weekend tanking everyone!

    • Claus, if it has wheels it’s a fucking ARMORED CAR. Write that on yer forehead so you won’t forget.

    • So true to that frustration is due to longer as players don’t have clues what to do. But please claus, could you have a competition for us viewers about what for you to exchange the bad language for instance “it’s a big clusterduck”. I am not sensitive to bad language use but you seem to be an academic as you previously had episodes very scientific and intelligent. Please rid the bad swearing.

    • +Richard Vail I call them Jeeps 🙂 I’ve learned I don’t know how to drive one yet, but getting better. I can drive or shoot it seems 🙂

    • Great video Claus! Yup its the recon flight for the being detected problem but I had a case where objective 4 was under attack. After driving complete circles around it 2 or 3 times it was destroyed, I never spotted the tank shooting it..WTF? Also who gives a shit if you swear!!! I find your videos comical and refreshing from the everyday bullshit!!! Keep up the good work!! charlie21gunner

    • FL was a great mode then DUH BUH YUH GEE fucked it up by:
      1. not fixing C it’s still biased towards the defending side
      2. introducing the EBR w/Engineering spam
      side note: i’ve seen many cases of people going AFK

  2. Claus, that is the most pathetic gameplay and advice I’ve ever seen!!!
    Go play arty or do decaps and progress faster to the ranks and u’ll see how much credits u make.

  3. At least you can replace your damaged tire while driving around all the time so I wouldn’t be complaining. Yes, tier VI would be nice, not all of us are comfortable about playing at tier VIII.

  4. Progetto has to be overall the beat tank for frontlines Imo, ammo costs nothing, its mobile, great gun, great viewrange, so easy to consistantly farm over 10k damage per game and general with objectives with only that.

  5. I made some general five times by using my Artie my m40 and that’s how I do it and I always bomb the like tanks first soon as you’re spotted

  6. Alexandar Grubeša

    After first two minutes in Frontline asume that you are always spoted, because of those spoter planes… and play like you are spoted all the time…:)

  7. you’ve narrowed down the hack list where the weird is happening with the area list:-)

  8. So in review, how to make money in frontlines.
    1. Play in premium tanks if possible or in tanks that you know you can make credits in. 2. don’t use premium ammo. 3. don’t use premium consumables and try not to use your consumables if you can. 4. try your very hardest not to die. 5. do as much damage as you can both with your tank and with the combat reserves. 6. If you have any credit boosters, use them.

  9. I don’t understand the bunker guns. I get behind one and shoot it a bunch of times and it dies. an ELC goes to another one, shoots it twice and it blows up. I just don’t get how this works.

  10. David Quackenbush

    it’s a recon flite Claus

  11. Claus, I’m one of those retarded fucks who have no fucking clue how to play this mode, but even I know about the recon flights that can spot your arse EVERYWHERE on the map. Anyway, thanks for this video, it clears up a few of my questions ( I’ll still suck), keep up the good work.

  12. there is good reason for a ‘play book’ in the game. What’s the purpose of having ranks if they have no orders to give?! & re spotting; you do see the planes flying over head don’t you?

  13. 1. Play front line.
    2. Play premium tanks.
    3. Dont shoot straight premium rounds
    4. Run credit boosters.

    Results: 6 million credits in 5 days

  14. I love the monthly Frontlines,, but if WG could run it Saturday to next weeks Sunday instead of Monday to Sunday it would help the working people obtain higher levels.. just a thought,,

  15. Done lvl 30 yesterday and my favourite tank picks were: Progetto, Loraine 40t, defender, scorpion and picked few times alpine tiger and type59

  16. Is the VK-100-01P good for Frontline, its what I am researching at the moment.

  17. Hes using ‘recon,’ professional gamer.

  18. Klaus you don’t understand the spotting mechanics of frontline they can spot you sometime even just after you spawn because there are apart from artillery the so called “reckon flight” where you can spot enemies anywhere outside view range even hidden in bushes

  19. I can see how it would make alittle bit of time changing a wheel, while you’re driving.

  20. Hi Claus,
    About the wierd spotting

    Did you know that there are spionage planes in Frontline …
    Shout out to you;)

    Eligos the Great

  21. Might have to change your name to “Noobybaby” after missing that recon flight Claus! ;0)

  22. its crap too many cheats

  23. Haaaaaa . Love it. Have a banana claus .enjoy

  24. Recon flight!… ? I had wondered the same thing too. Getting spotted when I know damn well nothing is near me. Only thing I can figure.

  25. if you are in the defending team, you should let them cap all objectives so you have a lot of time to get to General and fight at the cannons which is the most fun

  26. I almost always drop artillery strike in another zone to help out the most endangered cap or objective.

  27. Yes, i get spotted often by… i dont know whom. They definitely should fix IT.

  28. Only Claus could get through a whole video devoted to the subject of earning credits, and forget to show us how many credits he earned. Nonstop talking, stories, digressions, great for keeping us entertained. Not so great at accomplishing his own stated objective for the video 😉

  29. prolly shoulda uploaded this at the start of this weeks frontline lolololol not the last day

  30. *Claus rants about getting spotted* everyone watching: ITS A RECON PLANE ITS A RECON PLANE

  31. Batbayar Batdelger

    It is a recon airplanes are spotting you. Also there are artys with machine guns in the game 😉

  32. I’ve really been enjoying Front Line a lot. It has made me a better player in many ways. I don’t play my arty which is my favorite because I’m a Muppet, lol. I have been playing my mediums, heavies and TD’s a lot. TD’s and mediums are becoming my favorites.

  33. Nice, sits and camps at beginning in EBR with 0 spotting damage. Very useful.

  34. Blindfire luck ok. Spotted not ok…..

  35. They used a recon flight to spot

  36. I played in s game with you earlier today you were in your progetto 46 and I was on the enemy side we ended up winning.Had fun keep up the videos.

  37. Enemy team can send in scout flights . so you will get spotted at any range .

  38. Decided to quit this game.. 4 wheeled vehicles ruined it.

  39. Claus… My no bs opinion… READ THE DESCRIPTION OF THIS GAME MODE!!!!!! Artillery is good, especially for reset! If you are in the attacking team, cap the bases, and DO NOT SHOOT THE TOWERS ASAP. If you are deffending, make the capping hard, but after a while, LET ENEMY CAP!!! Use the time to grind ranks, as that is the most important thing! More rank more FL xp, and makes your grind faster for the higher levels… And maybe in the end you will get premium tanks!

  40. Yeah people don’t seem to care about saving credits – all that gets fired at me seems to be gold ammo. In my Skorpion G.

  41. This video is like 4 days too late but thanks for nothing. What is this video even aboot? It’s not aboot stats, it’s not aboot how to win or aboot how to become a better player. WTH Claus Kellerman?

  42. if you die you have to wait 300 seconds. have fun

  43. if they throw the ‘recon flight’ your spotted for 22 seconds, keep that in mind. Might explain the ghost spotting 😛

  44. I play nothing but Premium Tanks in FL

  45. So how much did you make? Where’s the result screen Mr Claus?

  46. 500 000 in one battle but mostly only 150 to 300 000 credits…

  47. Not to be an asshole, but almost everything you said was wrong, Klaus. Winning doesn’t matter. The entire point is to rank up, and playing the objective is by far the most effective way as long as you STOP playing the objective occasionally to prolong the game. Everybody loses in short games. You made it a point to emphasize attacking on attack, but didn’t even attempt to capture a point in the fastest tank in the tier. Engineering, not the artillery strikes, is far and away the most important combat reserve, as it makes every interaction with the capture points more effective; as a bonus, it makes the resupply points available more often as well. Basically: capture on attack, de-cap on defense, only play 2-3 tanks to save on repairs, don’t shoot gold. Getting lieutenant every battle is a waste of time. Cheers. NA purplefrsh

  48. No more Mario Karts pleae

  49. my bigest issue in frontline is how to make the map spammers disappear with one button ..that useless information make me nuts , most time im blocking one by one but that takes time …

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