WoT is This, Invisible Tanks with Crew 2.0 | World of Tanks New Crew Rework Sandbox 2021

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World of Tanks Crew 2.0 Review, New 35 Crew Skills, Ultimate Skills and Crew 2.0 Guide and Overview. Crew Rework in 2021 Sandbox Testing.

Today they finally released more information about Crew 2.0, they have made many changes to it, so let’s take a look what they have to offer now.

What do you think?


  1. Camo and view range on broken LT is getting more broken as people don’t use optics in equipment 2.0

  2. and this is good for the game??

  3. Your first build you only boosted the tank to 136.5% with crew+food+bond equipment+directives? Does seem much better than what you can currently build…

  4. Cesar Villavicencio

    You are using the reverse bush mechanics. Jedi level (broken)ha!

  5. Why fix the fundamental viewing program in the first place??? I’m not tired enough of tanks driving right by my 5 skill crews until lighting as their last pixel goes behind a rock/wall/etc. We get crew 2.0.1 instead!

  6. Remove 50% crews, add 6th sense for free, combined it with the arty sound detection perk and maybe change the radio range perks to something better, add a couple of new skills and you have your new crew 2.0

  7. its supposed to be world of TANKS, not world of crews. seriously WG give this shit up and double down on balancing tanks, making maps, and using some degree of skill based MM.

  8. Nobody wanted our crews reworked into this crew 2.0
    I don’t even have the time to play tanks daily and now I’ll need to learn all these new skills and then figure out the best set ups for each tank? No thanks.

    If 2.0 comes into game WG better introduce technical advisors to set our crews up. I have over 250 tanks and DO NOT AND WILL NOT spend hours setting those crews up for when will I have time to even play the fricken game? Crew 2.0 might just bring the end.

  9. Saw somebody on reddit post their stb-1 with 4.85 second reload and almost 500m of view range

  10. Imagine prokhorovka, with one light tank configured like this on one side and another one configured normally on the other side…it shouldnt be the case that battles are won or lost because of one single tank. What s the point of playing any of the other 14 tanks?

  11. it is now called a “fictional world of tanks”

  12. Bolivar PH Gaming

    damn… this going to break the game 🙁

  13. I see WG are pushing to destroy thd game compketely……..

  14. Ralphy’s Replays

    sniping build or bunker build next?

  15. WHAT



    is this shieeieiettt???

  16. EBR has better cammo than the Manticore, which is bullshit

  17. Anyone else hoping that WG cancel crew 2.0 completely?

  18. if this really goes into the servers, 9 out 10 tier X games are full of LTs. WOT might as well make MM with a game full of LTs

  19. they done f#¤k`d it up !!! 10 years wasted..

  20. Maarten van Roest

    60 meters and not spotted with ELC can be done in the game now aswell.

  21. WoT Players:”Can you please fix bad matchmaking so we get balanced games, not this 15:2 shitshow…”
    Wargaming:”We thought you want new crew skill mechanics…”
    WoT Players:”…(sigh)…”

  22. Honest Gaming has got this down to a fine art, 50m is the limit

  23. looks like the braindamage hit WG…time to drop this game in the toilet….were all shit go’s….new players have no chance to play this game….they wil be dead in sec’s

  24. Time to quit the game guys.

  25. james andrew luego

    Its not next level, its WG breaking the game…and they’ll regret it soon after crew 2.0 goes live.

  26. New cree skill: it requries gold and it automaticly wins u games
    I fixed the game 🙂

  27. Who is going to start playing war thunder now?

  28. Who need all these changes? 1.13 update, HE changes, now crew 2.0. They wanna get rid of the players? Because i will be the next one after playing it 9 years!

  29. NotYourAverageBelgian

    I bet you never expected to say that aloud, right? “I’m betting on my smallness, I’m betting on my small size”.

    But on a serious note, this is getting ridiculous. Now we’ll have EBR’s with Klingon cloaking devices racing around the map and no way to know where they are. Great.

  30. Hi Dez! I am interested in 2 things… 1st – Have you tried to maximize crew conversion like in the previous sandbox – via Manticore? 2nd – Is there still an option to make 1 commander for 2 or 3 vehicles like in the previous sandbox?

  31. It was such a nice game back in the day when you still had to at least think where to shoot a tank. Many people in other comment sections already said it. This snowball started since the moment they started the massive armor buffs of every tank. Now it can’t be stopped anymore and I feel like this will be the last but biggest nail in the already prepared coffin… I hate to admit it after playing since 2013

  32. I see time to sell an email , f..ck WG and their ideas

  33. An overimbalanced game becomes even more overimbalanced, right!

  34. Even without crew 2.0, the spotting mechanics are broken

  35. So effectively team spirit and other modifications make the winning team even stronger…RIP comebacks and close battles (which are already not happening often).

  36. *this is fine*

  37. meep, meep, meep

  38. This is why I’ll never return to the game. The introduction of bond gear and changing all the maps at the same time instead of doing it a couple of them at a time drove me away. This is WGs way of saying we no longer want nor need filthy casuals.

  39. AnimeDream Network

    The spotting system needs a complete rework. It’s one of the system that was never really changed much since day one.

  40. Are they trying to make wot into an rpg?

  41. Balc0ra's Gaming

    Tbh equipment 2.0 already did that. CVS and low noise exhaust have made it easier to push down that 2 lane right up to the double bush campers as is if there are no 1 lane spotters. Camo is capped at 80% even on sandbox. So it’s no difference there… In the open, however, with camo pushed even higher with instructors and directives? That’s going to be different indeed. As my E25 has 30% camo when firing, and when you’re close to 20% from the max cap as is in the open? Well.

  42. Now it’s enough. Stop playing this game!!!

  43. WG dont touch my crews or you lose me and i think thousands of other players

  44. Koje je ovo sranje

  45. Just played in a defender with level 61 crew skills and maxed gunnery path. Conclusion is to not play heavy tanks from now on. You must play light tanks, med, spg and any non class heavy tanks in order to enjoy the new crew 2.0. Heavies are absolutely useless.

  46. Day 26 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  47. This is why I have stopped playing WoT. Don’t make a super heavy OP, but a light tank. Just what this game needs invisible EBRs.

  48. If this and field modifications go into the game i think it will be the time for me to move on from this game!

  49. Playing in tier 8 against tier 10 is gonna be really rough.

  50. The reason I stopped spending money on the game. I am too afraid I will not be playing this game for long anymore.

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