WoT KV-85 Review!

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Source: Capt Canada

The reincarnated KV-85 proves to be a worthy successor to the woefully unbalanced tier vi KV1S. A good blend of firepower, rate of fire good mobility and sometimes adequate armour make the KV-85 a solid performer.


  1. us the 122mm

  2. Kv-85 is sooooo bad, no speed, armor, gun depression, view range, turret
    traverse, and can’t hit anything

  3. The t150 has 880 hp which is more than the kv85 (this is probably before
    the t150 was added so if I’m wrong tell me)

  4. good vid ?

  5. @Matthew Sowersyeah..

  6. thumbs up man good video

  7. gun depression fucking sucks

  8. I just got mine a few days ago but the 85mm is average at best, although it
    does perform decently when it’s top tier or tier 6 but I also am grinding a
    bunch of other tank lines and I want to know if I should only focus on one,
    a few, or all the lines.

  9. This guy is so full of himself.

  10. love it how how crybabies got a name for everything once they get owned by
    it… If he gets owned by someone with gold ammo….ur a goldnoob…If ur
    killed by arty,you are a clicker noob….One thing that makes those persons
    an expert in (the people calling names) is CRYING.. Crying like a little
    bitch everytime they get owned!!! Love it!!! Thats why i have gold ammo on
    all my tanks :)

  11. 10 more dmg and faster rof than superpershing witch will watch tiers 8 and
    9 24/7,this tank fights tiers 6,7 and ocassionaly 8.Just rofl I will rebuy
    this op shit now and do ace every second battle.

  12. What made me go away from that line of heavy tanks was WG stupid decision
    to force you grind through another tank the kv1s,wich I find useless and
    then start to grind the xp for the kv85 itself.
    Stupid decision,so the T150 is the way to go for me and that tank kicks

  13. Harder Stylers (HarderStyler)

    kv85 are now really bad imo, they get 1 hit killed by tier 7 tanks mostly
    when they hit you on the right or left side.

  14. The KV-85 is characterised by its poor armour, excellent guns and its
    above-average mobility for a heavy tank. Coming right out of the KV-1S,
    players will be right at home playing the KV-85 as they are virtually the
    same tank. However, the KV-85 has one of the poorest non-SPG gun depression
    of only -3 degrees, making the tactic of “ridge popping” something to
    definitely avoid.

    When fully stock, the KV-85 is very frustrating and difficult to play. The
    stock 85mm D-5T gun is wholly inadequate for its tier and will fail to
    penetrate a KV-1 most of the time. The tank’s main advantage, its speed,
    can only be found in the upgraded engine, meaning that a stock KV-85 is
    very sluggish, and with the stock suspension, the tank is very difficult to
    manoeuvre. The weak armour, slow speed, and poor penetration of the 85mm
    D-5T gun would mean that it is very hard tank to grind, not the mention
    that an upgraded gun requires both the turret and the new suspension.
    However, the difficult grind is well worth the effort, as the KV-85 has
    impressive selections of guns, as well as being very manoeuvrable for a
    heavy tank.

    When armed with the 100mm S-34 gun, the better penetration and damage
    should make driving the KV-85 considerably more enjoyable. With a reload
    time of around 7 seconds or more, an average alpha damage of 250 and an
    accuracy of 0.38, the tank is well equipped for dealing with tanks of tiers
    7 and 8. The low alpha means that this gun is suited as a gun much like the
    E-25’s or the Cromwell’s, where DPM is its main advantage, where its good
    rate of fire coupled with respectable penetration and damage can lay waste
    to enemies in minutes. With the upgraded engine, the KV-85 essentially
    become a slower but better armoured medium tank that can flank slower heavy
    tanks and target their sides and weaker rear armour, as well as aid team
    mates who are attempting a push from the front. That being said, the poor
    alpha of the 100mm S-34 gun means that trying to “slug it out” with other
    heavies is a death sentence, in particular against tier 8s where the gun’s
    accuracy and DPM is near useless due to your lack of hitpoints against
    them. Use it as an impromptu sniper or flanker and this tank can be very
    useful to the team. However, it is worthy of noting that if you are able to
    weave your way through enemy groups with this tank, deal damage to a
    multitude of opponents while using the 100mm S-34, while making yourself as
    difficult to pen or even hit as possible, chances are you may not only walk
    out with a fat payout, but also potentially an ace tanker mastery badge.

    When equipped with the 122mm D-2-5T, the tank changes drastically from a
    flanker into an opportunistic brawler. The 20 sec long reload, poor
    accuracy of 0.50 and an aiming time of 3.6 seconds mean that this gun is
    best suited for close to point blank combat, where the gun’s impressive
    damage of 390 will send medium and light tanks flying off the map and leave
    gaping holes in heavies; literally halving the hit points of most tier 6
    heavy tanks. However, the inaccuracy of the gun mean that the tank must get
    close to the enemy, where its weak hull armour can easily be penetrated. As
    such, it would be wise to follow another heavy tank for supporting fire and
    when they are shot by the opposing enemy and they are reloading, you can
    “pop out” and cripple enemies standing in your way with 390 average damage
    without fear of retaliation. In the right hand, this gun can easily cause
    the most damage, just watch out for misses and non-penetrations, as a
    single AP shell costs 1025 credits.

    All in all, the KV-85 is a very versatile tank, able to a flanker and a
    brawler. The frustratingly terrible gun depression, armour, and sometimes
    even the inaccuracy of guns of the tank may be and often will be a great
    disadvantage, but is more than made up for by the KV-85’s mobility and good
    gun damage. Play this tank cautiously and patiently to have the best

  15. I read of this tank a while ago. I thought it was in WoT as the KV-IS.
    Sadly this vehicle was beaten by the T-34-85 since both were kind of
    similar. It was the last try to save the KV-1 to keep it in production. But
    it failed, and the IS Series
    Won out.

  16. Thanks for the review! 

  17. The dpm of the KV-1S was terrible the reload wasnt 8-9 sec it was arround

  18. My only problem with this tank is the bad gun depression

  19. Excellent video as usual. Every point you made about the KV-85 was dead on.
    I suffered loss after loss with the KV-1S with the 122mm, not because the
    gun was over powered, but because of the incredibly slow reload (even with
    a rammer, gun laying drive, vents and a 100% plus crew). I dropped back to
    the 85mm and while the rate of fire was higher it bounced a lot when I
    found myself in tier 7 matches. I rarely had the good fortune, in the
    KV-1S, to get top tier. Instead I was usually, no matter which gun I used,
    slotted at lower mid to bottom tier and like many other KV-1S players I
    observed in game, killed early and easily by higher tier tanks and some
    lower tier ones too. In the KV-85, with the same crew and the 100mm I’m
    having a lot of fun. It reloads faster and I can live with less pen due to
    the higher DPM output. The “original” KV-1S would have been a MUCH better
    tank and more fun to play if it had had the 100mm main gun as an option.
    Keep up the great work and I hope your back gets better ( I suffer from the
    same problem) soon.

  20. Tried it with the 122, but the 100 mm is so much better.

  21. The kv1s was not op

  22. Good job Cap! As always a nicely done review with a pinch of humour :-)

  23. kv85 is a big pile of shit with a stupid turret and no gunn depresion 

  24. Great review but damn I miss the old T6 KV-1S. It was hilarious. Pop out
    around a corner and BOOM!! It was OP. The KV-85 has a hard act to follow
    and that gun depression is well – depressing.

    Totally agree with your choice of gun. The 122’s reload is just too slow.

    Should revisit this tank

  25. Top tip: If you are not using automatic fire extinguishers, then put your
    manual extinguishers in the same slot on every tank, and then rebind that
    key to the space bar! I also bind my repair kit to “R”. No more
    struggling to find the right button!

  26. That ELC have dead crew… verry rare thing on tier 4+ tanks…

  27. Kv85 suck tank whenever im driving vk30.01d or p i just simply auto aim and

  28. Realy 360p

  29. 360p ? i cant read a single word. other than that.. solid vid. keep it up
    bro. and what are u doing up at 5 am? or is that a pre determined time?

  30. Nice review!! btw what mod do you use for engine sounds?

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