WOT – Lansen C Live Review | World of Tanks

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Source: Claus Kellerman

Thanks to everyone who helps out. I really appreciate it!


  1. I hope you guys enjoyed that. I even combed my hair for you. And it’s the weekend!

  2. thumbs up for +/-1 MM

  3. Yes Claus, please. Stream more.

  4. Do these live commentaries more often please. Great to watch and listen to.

  5. Best part of this ? Claus’s “Tank Face “. O! O! O!

  6. 1 Line review: If you’ve played the Leo with the big damage gun, it’s like that.

  7. Funny watching the guy that gets all the free shit Ripping the game a new asshole. Just goes to show how bad game has gotten

  8. U PRICK !!!! lol

  9. Precisely why I don’t play anymore is the !@#$%^&*()_ broken match making. SCREW WoT

  10. “Lansen” translates to “The Lance”. There are also a Swedish fighter (or attack or reconnaissance depending on model) airplane that was called SAAB 32 “Lansen”.

  11. The LVL of stupidity of WOT players must by so fucking high if thei still put money in this scam game.Amazing!

  12. 4 2 say. Equipment on this tank: Optics, Vert Stab, & Vents. No Rammer, it loads fast enough, since this tank seems to be great at SSS (“Spot, Shoot n Scoot”), who cares about the 2nd round loading faster, but needs to hit target! Whaa Hoo! Light em up bois, (& 10% goils). Combed my hair 4 this comment. No Homo.

  13. Why World of Tanks is totally broken in one statement, the stats of the tank don’t matter, if you’re shooting at Tier X and they’re shooting at you… your stats suck. If you’re shooting at Tier 6 and they’re shooting at you… your stats are great. Match making is still the biggest problem with this game and they can’t fix it. So basically, the tank itself doesn’t matter (unless you’re looking at Russian tanks vs. another nation), you just need top tier match making to farm lowbies. Fun! That’s why we like Frontlines. Hey! Love the live commentary! Must do more.

  14. You used a comb, or a raccoon with blunt claws? No pun intended…

  15. Good job Claus, team of muppets you had….but thanks for the no shame live review…..Hero_or_Zero….B_ALS clan

  16. ‘This is good that is shit’ love the no nonsense review Claus!

  17. Second battle was very informative…you are humble, youre a good player, and I learned something today..thx……Hero_or_Zero….B_ALS clan

  18. I like to call those wheeled vehicles rocket powered coffins on wheels because most players in them seem to be in a race to commit suicide.

  19. now make a video on why they should just remove arty completely because it’s worthless can’t even one shot a light tank makes total sense

  20. Great Idea Claus, Live review first battle is a winner. As for MM …….(sigh)

  21. I dont think YouTube realizes your target audience clause kellerman, I continually see adds for Notleys NDP on your videos


  23. Jan R. Schellekens

    It looks like the T7 leo


  25. 678 YEARS IN BITE ME


  27. Hi Claus!

  28. PickelJars ForHillary

    The SIMPleton expect you and the 430 to yolo against a 4 tanks on the other side of the hill.

  29. In most cases you will be top tier in your very 1st play in your new tank

  30. Hardest I have laughed in a while, thanks Claus.

  31. LorexGaming-WOT, Fortnite ect.

    I’m surprised claus didn’t get the skin for the Lansen. Maybe he got demonetized for showing us TDs having mating rituals.

  32. Best review ever.

  33. Best tank review!

  34. shigeolincolntaco

    Whats the point of this tank if it does not look or play like the tech tree variants???

  35. Claus! It came with Odins Wolves special skin. That’s why Exterior on your screen has an ! on it. 🙂

  36. It does twice as good with the Viking Outfit on .. and if tank get destroyed you can jump out put on a helm grab a sword and shield and slash the tires on a wheeled tank 🙂

  37. Do something on the VK-100-01P Clausy.

  38. Is the mission 101 available on US server only?

  39. Claus- REALLY????? it’s mork! mork! mork!

  40. Claus ty for the video, i enjoyed and subscribed like a bitch :v

  41. California, United States of America

    *wargaming really needs to get with it and screw this bullshit match making and go tier only battles. Screw this getting beat the shit out of by a tank 1 or 2 tiers higher.*

  42. Thanks for the review claus! I liked seeing the two play styles. I am thinking most tier 8’s only come out in frontlines. Stupid wargaming

  43. Normally, another tier 8 premium tank wouldn’t even get my attention, but man. I might actually like this better then my IS-3A. It might be because the play style fits me like a glove, but idk. Anyone else feel like the Lansen is a great BALANCED Tier 8 for once?

  44. Its nice to see you on this “Special Occasion”. 😀

  45. @ 9:15 your teammate was an early warning that the progetto was coming around on you. Teammates spazing like that are usually an early warning system.

  46. More live commentary Claus please! 😀

  47. So hilarious that you called being bottom tiered the very next game… ffs… lol.
    God damn the MM sucks just so hard… lol!
    I havent bought anything in a while (actually just havent played in over a year) not just tier 8 MM is F’d, also but just because the economy works around playing tier-8 prem tanks, so why even play the game when you cant afford credits too progress…. and no FL doesnt fix that problem for me. FL is cool, but thats just a bandaid around the core problem with this game.

  48. Just waiting for Claus post a rant on the cry baby whinge wagon with Wargaming “buffing SPG” after down grading the stun mechanic, lmao I was like YaY SPG players get more accuracy reduced aim time and decreased dispersion while down grading stun bawhahahahaha see what when you moan too much it back fires…….

  49. 20% chance of fire, I’d be taking fire extinguisher ?

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