WoT: M103 Review, Creating Isolations When Outnumbered [“Road to Unicum” Epi 21]

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Source: Taugrim

I take a 2nd look at the M103, the tier 9 American heavy tank in World of (WoT), with a of a tier 9 Himmelsdorf battle.

Stat line: Ace Tanker, 5.4k damage, 7 kills, 2.6k blocked

I make several consecutive critical decisions that help our team pull out a victory, despite our being outnumbered and the other team having map control.

Key Takeaways
1. IMO 80% of the time when a team tries to cap ( calls in chat), it’s tactically the wrong thing to do, because either it won’t be possible to reach 100 points (e.g. the map is too small as is the case in most city battles, or cappers are very exposed to resets), or the better thing to do when you have a meaningful numbers advantage is to continue flanking the enemy.

I’m not saying you should never cap. Obviously if they are wrecking your team on the other side of the map, sometimes a miracle cap is the only way to win. Capping can put pressure on the opposing team or provide insurance.

It’s noteworthy that the WN crew found a correlation between defense points and win rate, which is why it’s included in the WN8 formula, but not between cap points and win rate.

2. on the flip side, if your team is losing and the opposing team is capping, often the best thing to do is defend your base, instead of continuing to push forward toward their base. This will take any of their base campers out of the fight and allow you to their isolated cappers.

Comments / Errata
a. the opposing Tiger I in tank alley was firing HE at me, which makes no mechanical sense.

HE only provides value in 3 situations: to destroy buildings, for higher damage on targets without meaningful armor such as Waffentrager TDs and American arties, and to finish off low-HP tanks that have strong armor (e.g. hull-down IS-7).

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help other players improve their gameplay.

FAQs for the “Road to Unicum” series:

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  1. stoica sebastian

    How do you get 3 marks of excellence so fast?

  2. one of my favorite tanks

  3. Snapshotting is as effective as the ping

  4. Nice game as always! 🙂
    One thing that I am wondering: wasn’t the snapshot on the ISU-152 rather
    risky? He just sat there and probably was aimed completely and if he had
    reacted faster in that situation he would have been able of killing you. He
    just needed to put in the shot threw your drive wheel.


    • +Vacras > wasn’t the snapshot on the ISU-152 rather risky

      Yes, it was a 50/50 situation.

      If I were willing to take more time, I could have tried sidescraping and
      trying to bait a shot into my tracks.

      Granted, if I had properly angled earlier vs the Super Pershing and bounced
      his 2nd penetrating shot, I wouldn’t have been 1-shottable by the 152
      regardless, so I put myself in that situation to begin with.

  5. Taugrim out of curiousity whats your opinion on the german super heavies?
    Do you think they are still relevant? Or do you think they have lost their
    place in the game due to arty and prem spam?

    • +DEANOGTO > honestly i can say i hate fighting jpz e100s more than fighting
      either of the other 2

      That makes sense. The WTE100 and 183 are much easier to penetrate.

    • +Taugrim
      im just going by personal experience because the maus gets focused by arty
      much more than the is4 plus the is4 is one of those tanks which ive noticed
      gets underestimated a lot people seem to be oddly cocky when fighting it
      and seem way to confident that they can easily kill it. gold spammers
      because they are used to just penning turrets like butter just seem to snap
      shot at the is4 which is a huge mistake and i punish them so hard everytime
      they try that crap.

      people say the jpz lost its fear factor when the 183 and the wtf 100 got
      introduced but honestly i can say i hate fighting jpz e100s more than
      fighting either of the other 2. also because people dont give it the
      respect it deserves a lot of the time people will sit and aim at it for
      longer practically guaranteeing that youll get a shot off at them in return
      providing your guns loaded.

    • +DEANOGTO the IS-4 front hull is very vulnerable to goldspam, whereas a
      properly-angled Maus IMO is harder target to penetrate.

      The IS-4 side hull armor is fantastic and trolly, but with the front hull
      armor either the shoulder or the front plate is 250mm or lower, which is
      50% or less for bouncing incoming shells.

      > the only german superheavy i could honestly recommend to anyone would be
      the jpz e100 because at least you can make people pay for firing heat at
      you with that 1000 alpha cannon

      Yup, the JPE100, especially hull-down, is very scary to run into.

    • +Taugrim
      after playing the is4 for a while i cant really see why anyone would go
      through the grind for the maus because honestly the is4s armour just feels
      stronger thanks to the insane amount that tank can be angled at along with
      the armour sloping and the better gun. the only german superheavy i could
      honestly recommend to anyone would be the jpz e100 because at least you can
      make people pay for firing heat at you with that 1000 alpha cannon.

    • +DEANOGTO E-100 is incredibly relevant. It has a great combo of high alpha
      (750) and strong armor with good protection against HEAT on the side hull
      because of the skirts and track.

      Maus is not as relevant. It lacks alpha and DPM, and it’s slower than the

      That said, both the E-100 and Maus are pen’able with medium tank HEAT
      rounds (330-340+) in their turret face, which kind of makes all that armor
      not as valuable.

  6. Bjørnar Magnussen

    Am I hearing things or was there some kind of metal music near the end? 😛

    Great match and very entertaining! Looking forward to seeing what you can
    do with the E5 since so many seem to hate it.

    • Bjørnar Magnussen

      >It’s a solid tank but the tumor has to be carefully managed.

      Yeah… The E3 and E5 should swap cupolas in my opinion. It might make them
      both balanced!

    • +Bjørnar Magnussen > some kind of metal music near the end?

      That may be my wife in the kitchen. LOL.

      > Looking forward to seeing what you can do with the E5 since so many seem
      to hate it

      It’s a solid tank but the tumor has to be carefully managed.

  7. So Taugrim, have you tried out World of Warships as yet? What are your
    thoughts? I’ve tried it out and it’s been pretty fun so far.

    • +MiChUV5 > can I ask you about your opinion about X – Jagd.Pz. E100

      Soft lower plate, but strong superstructure. Terrific alpha.

      It’s much weaker than the WTE100, but then again, isn’t everything?

      I hate running into a hull-down JPE100 in a corridor.

    • Yeah, but still same engine :/ The could do something with WoT, I mean I`m
      playing on 40-60 fps but That getting annoying when I HAVE to play on low
      little settings when rest of my games can be on high.. At least 😉
      Also.. I`m playing on JagdTiger, And can I ask you about your opinion about
      X – Jagd.Pz. E100?

    • +MiChUV5 WoWS was built later, so it’s not surprising if it runs much

      I bought a new gaming laptop (Sager NP8268-S) earlier this year and WoT
      runs great on max settings.

    • +carnifex2005 Haven’t tried WoWS. It doesn’t look interesting enough to me.

      People say it’s like a slower WoT, with more opportunities to hit
      friendlies because of the long travel time for torpedoes. I doubt I’ll pick
      it up.

    • +carnifex2005 I don`t know how WG fucked up so much optimalization on WoT
      but in WoWs it is done so well xD

  8. Nice vid and GG!
    Could u pls make a vid about the STB?
    Idk what I’m doing wrong:(. Everybody says the turret is sooooo strong but
    mine seems to be made out of butter :/ . Thanks and sry for my bad english

    • +El_Maginio > Could u pls make a vid about the STB?

      I haven’t played the Japanese med line yet. I’ve been curious about the STB
      – it has great DPM, good alpha, and great gun depression. I’d have to grind
      from the low tiers to 10 to be able to play it.

  9. Christian Henke

    Do a batchat vid

    • +Christian Henke I know the AMX is a scout 🙂

      It’s just that scouts need to be able to penetrate targets too, and 144 pen
      is pretty laughable against anything but arties, lights, and a couple other

    • Christian Henke

      You may still forgot that AMx is mainly a scout. Besides that, if you plan
      to deal damage, you will go on medium lines where tanks as object 140(easy
      pen) and stuff appears. Otherwise get in sideshots or stuff like that. If
      nothing works you often can pick off like 800 dmg by killing artiest.

    • +Christian Henke I’m actually most worried about the AMX 13 75, because it
      has very low silver pen (144) for a tank that gets tier 8-10 matchmaking.

      All of the other tanks in the line look playable IMO, although people
      complain about the Lorr 40t.

    • Christian Henke

      besides the lorraine (in my opinion) and the amx 12t the grind is awesome +
      you can get amx 30b too

    • +Christian Henke funny you should mention that.

      I’ve been trying over the past 150 battles on my ELC to complete LT-15 –
      haven’t been able to do it yet, I’m bad – so I started to think about light
      tank lines I might want to work up.
      Yesterday I bought the AMX 12t.

      It’s a longggg grind to get to the BatChat, but that’s a tank I’ve always
      wanted to play.

      I have about 400k tank-specific XP saved up but less than 1k gold atm, so I
      can’t convert much of that to Free XP to shorten the grind.

  10. Keep them coming, awesome vid. Your analytics skills are top notch ^^

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