WoT | Monday Annihilation 01 | Light Tank Onslaught +1800 base xp

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Source: TheRiisingSun

Taking a at some amazing results in WZ-132 and T71 played by Aniallator114
A great way to improve your own gameplay is watching unicums play and observe their playstyle 🙂

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GME(Generic Mod Enabler)

Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sound mod


  1. First, bring the howitzer

  2. I love those chinese meds! :)

  3. the bulldog did hit him earlier

  4. So what happened to those Quickes you promised.. :(

  5. showing them fools that light tanks rock too! Love my M3 stuart. t-21 and

  6. Churchill GC? T28 prot? M3 Lee? surely he can make those most excellent
    tanks work? =D

  7. Hope you guys liked the gameplay 😀
    Thanks for featuring me Highflyer! :D

  8. Make him play the M3 Lee! 😀 

  9. ELC AMX video please. Love that little bugger :)

  10. Nguyễn Trần Anh Đức

    maybe the T34-85 hit him?

  11. Just fyi: his name is ANIALLATOR because his name is Niall IRL. Stronk
    play, I say to you!

  12. t71 and m41 bulldog are not scouts

  13. Not enough “Bayum!”

  14. also with he wz 132 clip has was shooting at a t-54 and not a type 59

  15. G is a dead clan

  16. lol with the t71 clip why do wg hate me so? why get rid of hidden village
    its my fav map :/ thts why i hate wg most of time besides mercy system bs
    and gold ammo spammers everywhere

  17. Actually when coming around corner while autoaiming at the enemy the gun is
    already locked to the target, it’s only when manually aiming with bad zoom
    that makes the gun hop up the wall and out of target causing shot missing
    if not waiting for it to swing back to target.

    Awesome battles. I haven’t played light tanks that much lately as I feel
    there’s not enough maps in rotation where you can actually carry games with
    reasonable reliability. Also when trying to play pure scouting role it
    seems that nobody shoots what I spot.

  18. What is the mod that shows the dmg, avg, wn8 and so on?

  19. omg im on youtube Kappa

  20. The other tank he “duelled” was the Bulldog that hit him accidentally.

  21. I’d love to see some Tiger (P) gameplay. I’ve been having a rough time on

    Those light tank gameplays were super awesome. Really well played.

  22. i think it was the m41 bulldog in the t71 game :)

  23. The wandering sight is a bug with shadowplay. I used to use traps to record
    and recently changed to shadowplay and get the same wandering sights/camera

  24. Its a shame that light tanks are just worse mediums. Still amazing games.

  25. It would be nice to see some obj 263 gameplay, cuz there isn’t very much
    epic games in it on youtube :)

  26. Where are The quickes of The Week?

  27. New series hype!

  28. I lile the sports music at the end as you’re talking. 

  29. monkeystandoffsucks

    Make him play the M3 Lee or the Grant

  30. 113 replays

  31. Come on Christian. Now you’ve turned into yet another replay theater, just
    like QB..
    I can’t speak for all, but I sub’ed you to see you play, not to watch you
    comment on others replays. You’ve become lazy..

  32. HF, time to play your ELC.

  33. ചൊറിയാൻ മാക്രി

    Easy wn8 farming tanks?wat r dey?

  34. HF where was the sunday stream ? 🙁 btw check your twich messages :)

  35. Richard Gustafsson

    3:15 T-54* XD

  36. Next video will probably be upload next tuesday, for tradition sake.. :P

  37. Don’t want to turn this into another of those old “gold” ammo
    rants/arguments but in that first game, the IS-3 should bounce the guy –
    he’s a Tier VIII heavy the WZ is a Tier VIII light. That’s the way it
    should be. But as we saw the WZ could just load up the APCR and negate the
    IS-3’s armour. Don’t you think it skews the whole balance amongst same
    tier tanks?

    EDIT: great games though btw, especially the second one

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