WoT – Monday Annihilation 02 – The Awesome Pershing

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I came up with the title all by myself! I deserve a cookie, right?! *goes to grab a cookie!*
Short battle, but a GREAT position you guys can now take super advantage of 🙂

Locastan’s Mod Pack

GME(Generic Mod Enabler)

Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sound mod


  1. Great replay! Some very good plays from the pershing, especially because
    the pershing is a somewhat underrated tank, so it’s nice to see it do so
    good in the right hands.

  2. This certainly shows how using 3rd person mode is the key becoming a top
    player. I’m not sure if the replay was laggy or not but some of those hits
    were so fast I didn’t see the reticle change color.

  3. His name is Niall!

  4. A-ZProductions102

    Anyone know what the Pershing gets way worse match making than other tier 8
    mediums? The tanks with way more pen and are way more capable get a more
    even match up such as the centurion, but when it comes to a Pershing I
    always get up the middle of the list at best. Tier 9 and 10s. I know that
    the tanks like the t44 has a worse gun but it is way faster and better
    armored on the hull. Since there are not as many people playing it, WG
    won’t change its mm or gun. I feel sad and left out as a Pershing player.


  6. 2:37 He doesn’t have the crosshair on the AMX 50 100 but activated auto-aim
    anyway. I presume he’s using the Autoaim indication+snapping mod, I use it.
    With it you can activate auto-aim on a tank without directly aiming at it.
    It super useful to get those snap shots in without having to accurately aim
    at a fast moving target.

    3:52 Probably some kind of a replay bug. If it was his track getting
    damaged it should say “Enemy so and so damaged left track” and it said
    “injured” instead. So some crew member died actually. Very odd, though.

    • Great…another “assist” mod to lower the skill required to play this
      game…any other “assists” you would like to share/admit?

    • +NinjaMonkeyPrime you don’t have to have your crosshair on the enemy tank
      to activate the auto-aim. Holding down right mouse button and looking
      around is enough. Whenever you activate auto-aim, the replay will bug out
      and just keep the crosshair stuck to the ground.
      It happens to all replays and is quite annoying. Especially if you work
      with replays as much as I have to, in some cases.

    • +xiaobaozha it’s not a mod. You can turn auto-aim on anytime you want
      yourself as it’s in the game, for everyone to use.

    • +TheRiisingSun Really? Then maybe my key bindings are messed up. I have it
      set to RMB and it only locks on to a tank that I have highlighted in my
      reticle. I’m not sure how it would know which target to lock on to

    • +NinjaMonkeyPrime I mean the tank “crosshair” wouldn’t have to point, as in
      the gun pointing towards the enemy isn’t needed. You have to point at the
      tank, of course. Sorry if I sounded confusing :/

  7. epic again

  8. A good player in a top-tier fast medium with trollish armor against a team
    of lemmings… *yawn*

    • +ErebosGR a team of lemmings swarming around him. They could easily dealt
      with him, but instead he dismantled the team like a good player should be
      able to.

    • +TheRiisingSun I’m not denying his skill but his luck played a bigger role.
      The enemy team grossly underestimated him and threw away the match.

    • +ErebosGR I’d agree. Yes he did a great job taking advantage of the enemy
      team’s hesitation, but while watching streams there are so many players who
      tried what he did but were unfortunate to face a somewhat competent team
      that picked them apart quickly. Still, great replay!

  9. The reason why there are not that many Pershings:

    Pershing doesn’t lead to Object 140, T-62A or B-C 25t.

  10. I play with IS-3 and i see alot of M26 Pershings. All most in every battle
    there is atleast 1 M26 Pershing

  11. OMG, he got fire for affect, MOST IMPORTANT MEDAL

  12. This made me want to buy back Pershing. There’s too much good tanks that I
    need to hoard but not enough decent crews to put in them xD

  13. Alexis LEGRAND (LEGRAND73)

    Pershing is the best medium tier 8: good mobility + op magic2 + good
    I don’t know why Pershing is so rare in battlefield :/

    • only the t44 has less penetration so it is not funny to fight with tier 10
      heavys without spaming gold…

    • Alexis LEGRAND (LEGRAND73)

      Yes,t44 Need to be played almost full gold against tier 10 :/
      Imagine with the t54 XD
      I have 20 golds on It to grind It…

    • +Alexis LEGRAND no it isnt.
      DMG = avaragemobility = avarage
      pen = under avarage
      accuracy = low
      alpha = 240, meh
      armor 4th best

    • Alexis LEGRAND (LEGRAND73)

      +Andy Vanellus
      Mobility isn’t the best but still verry good,it’s a bit like the t62a,It
      turns verry fast but can’t go verry fast,it still verry better than

      It’s damage per shot is the same as every tier 8 medium (they are all
      around 240 in tier 8 exept the 416)

      It’s gun penetration isn’t soo Low,180 is enouth for top tier battles and
      we don’t care: goldammos are apcr with 268 penetration

      Acuracy is bad? Only in paper…
      Pershing has an amazing acuracy when you move and the focus time is verry
      short,you are full focus in less than 1.5s

      It’s armor isn’t the best in paper but in game it’s the best!
      Hull armor is OK,It can make bonces from tier 6/7 if we angle It,the best
      Hull armor of any medium tier 8 is t44 Hull and It isn’t that much good
      compared to pershing’s.
      But in fact we don’t care about Hull armor because you can hide It if you
      play well.
      The only thing what you have to expose everytime when you shot at someone
      is your turet where is your gun and Pershing has the best turet of any
      medium tier 8,It can bonce tier 10 heavy guns verry easily.
      And It can make work It verry easily with it’s -10 gun depression

      For me the Pershing is the BEST medium tier 8 because it’s verry sweet to
      play and you can do everything with it.
      The 2nd best medium tier 8 is the t44

    • +Alexis LEGRAND humm t54 is the most balanced 😀 i prefer the t54

  14. what ingame wn8 mod you use, mine have onlie damage and WN8 thing but like

  15. this is an awsome replay and I learned a lot of it.

  16. Glad to see that you installed xvm Christian :))

  17. Anialator, do you play all your tanks with premium food ? (in this case

    • +karnage59 He does on most of his tanks as far as I know, gives you a
      really nice overall boost if you can afford it

  18. Jean-Sébastien Poirier

    Hi Riising, can you plz just make a little video on how/where to get and
    install that addon for ingame instant WN8 ? I’ve found it( I think ) on a
    russian website but my russian is kindda “poor”… thanks!

    • Alexis LEGRAND (LEGRAND73)

      To have xvm + wn8 the easiest solution is to install aslains or OMC
      modpack,here you have everything what you want and you can even choise
      between wn8/wn7 or er…
      You can customise everything what you want in 5 minutes.

      The only thing what you have to wath out is where you want to download your
      mods if you ever transfert Wot in anorther place

    • Indeed, OMC modpack will install for you. It’s the easiest way. And you
      have lots of choice!

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