WoT Officially Turned Stupid :D | Ice Age Arcade Mode

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Holiday Ops Arcade Cabinet, Ice Age with Drifting Heavy Tanks. World of Tanks FV215b , VK 168.01P, JagdPanzer E-100.

Second iteration of the Holiday Ops Arcade Cabinet and this time it is called Ice Age… I gotta say, this might be the most fun mode I have played in World of Tanks.

What do you think?


  1. Have you tried this mode yet, how did you like it?!
    Wish you all a happy ending for 2022 and all the best in 2023!

    • Very good mode for having fun. Ramming with a Mause at 45km/h driving backwards was so hilarious jajajaja

    • Couldn’t tell you, since it’s restricted to T8, and don’t I have any tanks in that tier. Right now I’d have to grind through 2 tiers before I could even buy one. Pretty stupid of the devs to restrict the game mode to a single tier, and an upper tier at that! 😛

    • Tried k91 and it had 2500 shell velocity

    • did you feel it? its good way to learn map, constantly looking around zoom in/ out , and get away from tunel vission in match, while focusing and don’t taking atention around? 😀 i feel that, seems helping to improve my gaming experience :))

    • the swedish tank destroyers have pretty good grip in the arcade mode

  2. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Finally, Grille 15 has a decent mobility. Now it is fun to play, it is decent. Now this piece of shit is really fun, it is really playable. Now I’m very happy with this vehicle dynamics. What a joy play this new mode.

  3. Wel that for sure is the most cheerful i ever heard you 😀 sadly no time to play atm.. 🙁

  4. Both arcade modes were fun, those who say otherwise are sour apples

  5. the Leopard 1 was waaayyy too fast. it was impossible to control it. 122 TM was perfect

  6. What a BS gaming mode! Just as useless as tank racing and Tank soccer!

  7. So it is War Thunder using the WoT engine?
    I quite playing War Thunder partially because every tank was Tokyo Drift.

  8. Trying to appeal to a kiddy crowd when it’s the old-timers that keep this game going. A big percentage of people still playing are beta players. I personally have no interest in these game modes, but to each their own.

  9. I feel like it would become complete stupidity and ridiculousness if WG ever implemented the Moon Gravity mode from Blitz over to PC. Especially with the Thruster.

  10. Stupidly fun for a while until this mode vanish

  11. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    i envy ya.

    SEA still kemps in this game move….

  12. Yeah I noticed the capping preference. I think people want the wins so they can get the bond rewards. I played for many battles just for fun and my team lost about 80% of the time no matter how well I played ….it’s very random, so I figure people get frustrated and just cap.

  13. Finally something fun to do in this game…

  14. its fun, lots of yoloing, its a nice break from the regular sweaty nerd vs noob fest. They should have more arcade mode events just to give people a break, throw in a few treats or rewards, make it good for 1 weekend a month.

  15. LOL Dez, 22:08 “Is that an @$$?…… It WAS an @$$!” XDDD PSA: DO NOT PLAY TVP IN THIS GAME MODE! You WILL hate your life lol

  16. KV5 is insane in this.

  17. hello Dez.can I have the intro background music?

  18. Can you play with K91 Dez? I want to see how the shell velocity is

  19. besides all CC for Wot, you are literally my favourite, honest, funny but also interesting content. I wish you and your family the best and Happy New Year!

  20. Arti shotgun?

  21. Actually they made a fun mode but most people can’t break their brainwashed way they play random battles. People were still playing the same way, trying to get max damage, hiding at the back of the map, camping and so on. Players weren’t sliding around and just having fun. It was very sad to see players playing this mode the same as a random battle.

    One player in his cheif/T95 said “I’m not having fun, just here to do 5 battles and quit”… He was at the very back of the map camping. It was soo sad.

    Oh Dez you play the same way as random battle, this mode was wasted on this player base. Well some got the fun factor of it but most didn’t.

  22. This gamemode is a bunch of fun. I loved being in the strv 103b and going almost 40 km/h backwards in the seige mode.

  23. this mode was super fun. even better then the snow ball one. thanx for showing this so I could laugh without getting blowed up.

  24. I love this mode to Play my premium tanks

  25. Try AMX CDA 105

    2.288ms APCR

    Holy molly, now i feel Kajzoo with 100% accuracy

  26. Winter versions of the maps need to stay.

  27. this gamemode was somewhat already in blitz, but as an addition, you could jump, (the gamemode was called Gravity Force where as u can guess, the gravity was lowered, and tanks were more slippery) so you could guess my happiness when something really similar came to wot pc.

  28. Lol play with EBR:)

  29. Edit:This is WOT what we all need i hope they keep this mod active whole year.

  30. And some people shoot gold ammo in this fun mod…

  31. My iron arnie has no power drift on it, it felt like. I wasn’t sliding around much.

  32. When the entire ground is modelled like Wargaming Rocks. Soap everywhere

  33. You should try Sheridan. It has 76 degrees a second rotation

  34. Reverse speed is faster on slow tanks, its so much fun with Badger, Turtle, Jpz, Maus and any other slow tank and ALL STRV TANKS

  35. A joke))

  36. Yesterday I witness my teammate and his enemy dancing, trying to hit each other and all of those shells missed haha

  37. the sheridan is

  38. Why would anyone cap in this fun ramfest mode? Bizarre. I play KV5 with best game 5k damage and some big ram kills…so funny to slide into 2 or 3 enemy tanks at same time. Bonds are a bonus as its quite fun just to play. Best win method i found is a mass rush into them and mix it.

  39. Ice age is a great fun

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