WoT: Press Account Bonanza!

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Source: Capt Canada

Taking a solid look at some special tanks I’ve always wanted to drive using a WG press account. Thanks WG.
M6A2E1 – 59 – Obj 430 on live NA servers.

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Computer Stats:

Intel i5-4670k CPU @ 3.40 GHz
8GB Ram
nVidia GeForce GTX 770 2GB
Hybrid Drive

War Thunder: www..com/
WoT: www.worldoftanks.com/
GWT: Ground War: Tanks – http://tanks.gamebox.com/


  1. Kinda sad. You were so ambitious back then… Now all you can do is lay
    hate on WGA and WoT.

  2. Please reply, btw great video! i liked and subbed, but second can you
    please explain me how did you get press account? some say that to get press
    account you have to work for wargaming or had many subbs on youtube (more
    than 500.000) is that true? if i missed something tell me what, does anyone
    can get press account?

  3. do you get to keep the account? and how did you get the account?

  4. how do i get a press account?

  5. t question can you add me on skype damien.bell68 or msg me on fb i sent you
    a message ,i just wanna know how get these pressed accounts.

  6. QueenPerrysLeftNipple

    u have a press account and have not played the PZ2 J for ur subs. WOW!! if
    could get a press account i would play that tank for 24 hours strait!

  7. The M6A2E1 was a gift when you pre payed for the 25k gold package from when
    the game went from beta to live. That is y you only see few people with

  8. On the thumb nail for this video there was a Panther/M10, can you do a
    review of it if you got time. I like my Panther/M10, but I feel that is
    just not that strong of a tank.

  9. Congrats on the press account ! If you happen to live in the Mid Vancouver
    Island area, I work at a ” Healing Center “, where we do deep acupressure,
    amongst other things. Let me offer you a free 1/2 hour as appreciation for
    your videos. We deal with things like this often. You may find chiro
    helps, but something I have found from my own experience is that while my
    bones are more aligned, the muscles can continue to spasm, and then pull
    the bones back out. So if you are around and interested let me know.
    Otherwise I suggest you get a couple of neck / back massages somewhere to
    compliment the chiro. They will help the muscles to relax, which can also
    help the chiro guy re-align you easier, and likely with less pain. Cheers

  10. I like your videos but gonna have to dislike for the APCR abuse. And if you
    are reviewing a tank keep in mind not all of us will be using APCR. This is
    not a review this just you driving a tank…

  11. Why did the video suddenly end when you were talking :/

  12. Desert_Fox46 awesomeness

    tell them to send me a type 59 to me too

  13. Desert_Fox46 awesomeness

    tell them to send Desert_Fox46 too

  14. Just try not to pull a Jingles and get your press account taken for team
    killing ;)

  15. Dear Wargaming. Please add me to the list of people who would pay stupid
    amounts of money for a Type 59……

  16. I think the back of the turret on the M6A2E1 is a counter-weight for the
    huge gun. Sort of like the back of the turret on the Wolverine.

  17. Capn, how exactly does on get a press account? I’m sure it would be
    practically impossible :P

  18. could you do a review on some of the more rare tanks also?
    IE the tier 3 American one with the double barrels

  19. cmon dude :c obj and type? D: Why not MTLS or summthing more fun :c

  20. glad to see ya back in action. was wondering what happened.. take it easy
    man and dont stop going to the chiropractor, keep your self from falling
    out of place again. that shit hurts, i know it does. good work on the vid
    and keep em coming!

  21. you bounced because you hit the pike nose wrong if you shoot at the tracks
    on the upperplate of the IS3 you will pen 95% of the time

    i do it all the time in the T32

  22. Also, hope you feel better, yeah?

  23. You should have joined APE. :)

  24. I have been waiting since your last video for your results of the accuracy
    nerf in 9.6 patch… but i guess you didnt play on the test server.

  25. Hey Cap, how’d you get the press account?

  26. Feel sorry for ya

  27. Lucky you Capt! Ive wanted a press account ever since New Years of 2012 :P

  28. No sound during the M10

  29. yes the sound cuts out in the panther/m10 segment

  30. I hear no sound at the end of this video also.

  31. that m10 panther…man that thing is ….. i ammo racked it with my
    cromwelll…cromwell serious…anyways good vid and i suggest u play in the
    east more people on server!!!

  32. Let me know when the Type 59 shipment arrives…I’ll take one off your
    hands. :)

  33. Hey captian I do not know if it is only me but after about 25:50 I hear no
    sound is it just me or?

    Keep on going Greetings from The Netherlands

  34. Here’s a good one for you, bearing in mind this comes from a now long
    retired from APG U.S. Army Veteran and later civilian employee of that
    testing facility, exactly ONE M6 hull was “saved” and used as a test bed
    for the T29 and some later heavy tank turret-gun-fire control mountings. He
    swears his best friend, back in the late 1940s and early 1950s, drove an
    M6/T29 hybrid mounting a British designed 105mm main gun during turret/gun
    testing between 1946 and 1948 and that it came VERY close to being approved
    for front line service with US armored forces in Europe (Note: Apparently
    certain brass beanie types thought it was a “Super Tank” and the equal of
    anything anybody else in the world was fielding at the time) but was
    discarded from consideration due to post war budget cuts and the
    availability of fast light tanks that could be manufactured quickly….Such
    as the Chaffee and the later Walker “Bulldog”…..By the way, did you see
    the news item yesterday about the two Walkers that were found stashed in a
    storage facility in a certain South American country?…..It was a drug
    case, and the government of that country swears that the tanks were
    auctioned off in the 1960s OR 1970s (they don’t seem to be too sure which
    decade it was) after having their engines removed and weapons “disabled”.
    From the photos I saw online, they looked “mint”.

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