WoT: Saving the Scouts!

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Source: Capt Canada

My comprehensive list of improvements I would like to see done to the / tank class in


  1. ArcHeavyGunner111097

    Hey Captain, I’m not seeing any video. The audio is fine, but there isnt
    any video

  2. Thank you!!!! I agree with everything you said in this video 😀 I play
    almost only scouts (the wz’ sand the t71, Chaffee ect.) and things are SO
    unbalanced towards scout tanks
    Thank you for making this
    Let’s hope WG see this and take note!!!!

  3. Its sounds like you want to make scout tanks “God Tanks”. Personally I
    think the only thing they need is slightly better match making.

  4. I disagree with this. I think he just wants light tanks to be the best
    tanks in the game. Every idea that he says is just stupid. If you don’t
    like how the Light tanks are, just stop playing. These are just plain
    stupid ideas

  5. Alexander Stephenson

    Good Discussion could be a thought to try and separate the suicide lights
    from true scouting :- if you die in first 2 mins loose half your spotting
    Exp or something a kin

    Cap check out Jingles latest mingles a tribute to Canadian troops in a
    roundabout Way 

  6. lol,
    i agree on the ” economy” they need to make more Credits and EP. for
    re-spotting ( dumb team mates and arty )

  7. I’ve never thought about it but you make valid points about scout tanks.
    They tend to be the fastest, least armored and most under gunned of any
    other type of tank in the game. TDs have many of the same drawbacks while
    having many advantages denied scouts. I don’t play scouts anymore (when I
    play at all) but when I do, one of things that drives me nuts, is non-scout
    tank drivers giving scout drivers hell because they are SCOUTING! In other
    words scouts are damned for scouting and damned if they don’t scout the way
    non-scout drivers think they should. People forget that scouts are intended
    for gathering “intelligence”. In WoTs that means spotting….And scouts
    have to live to spot.

  8. Out of all your ideas I think the best balanced are the last known
    position, better tracks, quicker sixth sense and further view range. Things
    like the engine boost and lighting grid squares would be to advantageous,
    especially for good players. 

  9. I’m not totally agreeing with you but something needs to be done about
    light tanks via some of the points you made. Thanks for Videos Capt :)

  10. scouts need better penetration on the existing guns, better camo rating and
    better view range, thats all i have say about it.
    and i think that tier 7 scouts (like the AMX 13 75) should not get in tier
    X games.

  11. Great ideas Capt. Scouting is a tough thing to learn. I don’t think that
    what your suggesting are huge buffs, but it would fix a lot of the unfair
    treatment that the scout class gets.

  12. Fuck scouting man, only a few take advantage of scouting anyway. Most don’t
    give a fuck if you scout the whole enemy team 100 times, they will stick to
    their standard tactics and laugh at you when you die.

    Scouting is something of the past, when light tanks didn’t have the
    firepower to bring down a medium tank by themselves. It was the only thing
    they could do, but now things have changed a lot.

  13. My advice:
    Pick up a light tank with big damage and actively support your team by
    annoying the fuck out of the enemy. AMX 13/75, AMX 13/90, T71 and these
    chinse ones have very very nice dpm and mobility.

    You can be a massive asset to the team if you jump behind an enemy, take
    more than half his HP away and run away before he even realises what
    happened. Even if you only just draw his attention, your team will jump him
    and kill him.

    The damage these things can do is much more usefull than scouting. When i
    see one or two of these behind me i know i’m fucked.

  14. Sorry but being a scout is a thankless task, td’s have just been nerved
    regarding bushes.So why should scouts get such big buffs! you like to scout
    others don’t

  15. I think wot should sort out the god aweful match making! i am fed up to the
    back teeth being dumped into a team of noobs with no chance of winning.
    I’am not talking about one or two games the last twelve days nothing but
    p–s poor mm not one game over 44% chance. It’s starting to make me hate
    this game. roll on war thunder!

  16. i would like light tanks to have a bit more penetration so u can actually
    do something against the front of an IS 3 with a WZ 132 without gold for
    instance, just like 10 penetration more

  17. i totally agree with you, i got WZ-132 and its really stupid when i spot
    whole enemy team and make some dmg and only few XP for 1st. winning battle
    of the day…

  18. Can understand your anger with scout tanks being so underpowered capt. I’m
    grinding through the chinese line atm and I’m gonna go down the medium tank
    line just because of the fact that scout tanks are just to weak compared to
    the opposition.

  19. I think they (Wargaming) will introduce more high tier tanks and perhaps
    reduce the MM spread for the existing “Scout” tanks (to match all the other
    tanks +2 Tiers instead of +4)

    Also I wish they would give Scout tanks there only line and not be part of
    other branches…really frustrating for new players who get thrust into a
    scout tank without any warning!

  20. Light tanks have good cammo and even if they move the value remain 100%.
    And the tracks can be upgraded with some enchanted torsion bars.

  21. Santiago Jiménez

    economy and matchmaker, after all some light tanks are overpowered and get
    completelly nerfed fighting 4 tiers higer and with a 500% lose of credits

  22. I don’t agree with the “overboost/nitro” idea, that would just make some
    tanks nightmares to face. Especially if it came down to a 1v1 or 2v2
    situation at the end of the game, TDs or tanks with slow turret traverse
    would just be hopelessly screwed.

    Something I think is practical and would help: If two tanks, say a light
    tank and a heavy tank, are spotting the same target and that target takes
    damage, the game should automatically defer the spotting credit to the
    light tank rather than the heavy. It’s not exactly fair, but it gives the
    light tank incentive to stay out and spot while the heavy does the
    peek-a-boo shuffle.

    I do agree they need more view range, in the form of a nerf to other tanks.
    Every tank should take a 10-15meter view range hit from where they
    currently are, while every light tank should get +10/15 more meters. 

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