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Thanks to everyone who helps out. I really appreciate it!

music, Snack Time by the Green Orbs


  1. Morning everyone. Thank you for the corrections and comments. Let the comment section fill with more entertainment for all!

  2. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Same as that idiot skiny russian that just say shit…. perfect… kkkkkkkkkkkk

  3. Strong like Bull. Smart like Coke machine.

  4. ???? The intro..

  5. Easy win for the enemy if they would have just stayed hidden. They must be working on their stats so peaking to shoot for damage is better than a win..

  6. Your commentary and Russian accent were priceless

  7. Well Done…

  8. Thank you , Prez Claus .

  9. Did the similar in a Cromwell B! Without the blocking, but with scouting instead

  10. PickelJars ForHillary

    French tank is best!!!! EVERYBODY KNOW THAT!!!!

  11. Stop being mean to the KV220 everyone. It has feeling too

  12. Rizky indra Pratama

    Right click peasant..

  13. I feel sure I could replicate this in a M4 Improved or an Excelsior (cackles insanely, runs off chasing birds)

  14. youre really funny when you talk like a russian

  15. “You hold vodka… I make game” you really got me there lmao

  16. Well if muppets would shoot it in the turret, it wouldn’t be so STRONK

  17. My screen isn’t wide enough to see all the medals.

  18. Years ago I had a bit lower score with Churchill III. Lend lease soviet version of course… Nobody knew where to shoot Churchills then. It was before Introduction of British tanks and before high penetration guns in lower tiers.

  19. Nikola Jovanović

    You take ‘Murican dollar and buy stronk Ruski tenk to finance Serb’s Moon Base 🙂

  20. I find this tank incredibly annoying to play. The gun is shit and you kind of need to luck into an enemy team of same- or lower-tier muppets who don’t know weak spots to do really well. I enjoy playing against 220-2s more than playing in them.

  21. That is an intense seal clubbing platoon

  22. Games like this are surprisingly common in this tank. You’d think players would know its weak spot by now. It’s not exactly new. But turns out no… I don’t mind. I have one

  23. I heard that wargaming stop drinking vodka , they do cocaine now .

  24. Off subject from the video. I filed a ticket complaining about bad match making. I had a horrible losing streak. I complained because I have at least a 50% wr in some of the tanks. Some over 60% wr. Wargamings response, your in game username is offensive and needs to be changed. I have had the same user name for the 6 years i have played the game. Now, after i complained, my user name is offensive. Wtf? After this I have lost all faith in the game. It is rigged, matches are predetermined, and they keep you from improving wr to protect their unicoms. It is so sad how far this game has fallen. It used to be fun, and you had a chance to contribute and win.

  25. Claus, I currently have a mod to make my crew speak like Minions and it’s pretty funny however if you worked with a mod developer to make a Claus Kellerman crew mod it would be the best mod in the game. you make me laugh every time I watch your videos. Claus as himself as commander, Pierre as Radio operator, Bob as gunner and so on. Please do it, I think I deserve to laugh in game too!

  26. So is this what you do when you’re not team killing and griefing players? Huh, good job I guess.

  27. It’s a kv3 hull with a kv1 turret and a weak gun

  28. 12:43 good one:DDDD

  29. Strongest Russians are is7 and 279 which we can’t buy but your skit was decent

  30. Hey, Claus. Thanks for telling the world of muppets where to shoot me when I’m in my 220. Thanks, A LOT.

  31. great title.

  32. Jarrett IceEarthGuard

    The Hetzers blew it by firing AP……

  33. if that val used premium rounds they could have penned the turret, and possibly the hull
    and if that arty had moved to K1 they could have ended the game.
    but that may be asking for a lot of new players.
    I got 11 Kills With the Alecto back on Pearl River, I also have 10 kills in the M2 Light without the machine gun. 10 with the strv/m38
    So Russian not Best!

  34. All russian tanks need buffs

  35. 10:20 “these players don’t know how to steer the tank destroyer. When they move the mouse around the whole tank moves around. It’s like breakdance” . Claus, you made me laugh! So true to how I was myself in my strv S1 Td.

  36. Great Russian accent Claus. Muppets make this game fun. Had a game like this with my Matilda….last tank to kill was a at2 I could not pen it anywhere lost match. Good game on his part.

  37. pain to watch

  38. This tank is routinely shredded in today’s games. It’s only occasionally that you get to troll someone and their dinky tier two gun.

  39. M Goudsmits 金马桥

    I never encouter the muppets. my kv 220 is the worst ever it does not penetrate equal tiers

  40. Great intro and outro. And so true. BTW, the hull is a tier 7 KV-3 hull with the stock KV-1 turret.

  41. Funnyest intro ever( Claus is asome, state them fac’s how the tanks realy play)

  42. laugh in su-85B

  43. That imitation of russian was nice. Thanks.

  44. See, the thing is

    *skip ad>*

  45. Best tank one on one of WW2 secret is weak, best anti tank gun of WW2 Secret, but secret is weak?

  46. I mean i am not russian or anything claus. But the word is unishtoja not tola.

  47. WE make program, nad wiki, that mean nothing together…This is arcade, nad we change stats all the time to confuse people…
    We make tank, based on What Tank looks like from everywhere, but change its stats so people can not use it.
    We have people in Forum scream that this is ARCADE, so its not real, not simulator… We make tank by swede that has no acceleration nad Drags on ground…Tank made in marshy soil Now run like Limp goat.
    We make French fast Light tank, that has view range that sucks. Even tho all heavy tanks have better vision. then we make Wheeled tanks, with Better lockon, and less damage, great pen, no damage. Get hit and it bounces if they are running away from shot.
    USA have expensive tanks as is capitalist way..

    even when you have Newer tank made in 1970’s its ammo and gun are from 1940.. Even after all improvements from the years.. We make guns Fair.
    We make Short short tanks that are good at spotting, but we make weak points on top so ALL other tanks can kill it.. Even with 10 degrees angle.. Physics be damned, even HE flying past little tank can kill Little tank with 10% off the top..

    • There’s a nad wiki ? Man I gotta take a look at some juicy plums.

    • +shaun griffith fingers arnt working, and an operation in about 1 month..fun isnt it??

    • +Ed ash Well, yes I was trying to make a joke. nads…Gonads. Simple, juvenile and ireverrant, isn’t that why we watch Claus ? I am sorry you have problems with your fingers but I didn’t know that obviously and was having a pop at a spelling mistake for a laugh so yes it can be fun if you allow it to be. I wish you all the best.

    • +shaun griffith i dont care, it was fun/funny/entertaining, weird and strange…go for it.. think Of What i do when my fingers cant figure out HOW to spell a word..SLAP SLAP SLAP…

  48. Why can I never, ever get match making like this?   Whenever I see these on the enemy team I always let my team mates know in chat “SHOOT THE STRONK RUSSIAN TANK IN THE STUPID LITTLE TURRET”

  49. Claus, my friend. You are a no-bullshit showman. (off the f’s and its NOT my fkn mothertone, what’s getting me? : )

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