WoT: Su 101 – Review

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Source: Capt Canada

DPM King Su 101. Хорошо!

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Computer Stats:

Intel i5-4670k CPU @ 3.40 GHz
8GB Ram
nVidia GeForce GTX 770 2GB
Hybrid Drive

MechWarrior Online: www.mwomercs.com/
Armored Warfare: aw.my.com
Fractured Space: https://www.fracturedspace.com/
War Thunder: www.warthunder.com/
Dreadnought Alpha


  1. horray the super toilet review

  2. i am so glad your back

  3. I would love playing this. But. 2 degrees of gun depression are very

  4. Another good video!!!! Keep it up dude!!!

  5. I used the 122mm on this and actually quite liked it, with food and a good
    crew the reload and handling wasn’t bad at all. I found that it was more
    useful having the higher alpha gun since there isn’t much opportunity to
    use the dpm of the other gun in most situations. Hope to see more videos
    from you cap ?

  6. Happy New Year!!

  7. Love this tank
    this thing is a sniper

  8. I was so close to selling this. Then I put the tier 10 gun on it, since I
    had the XP. It’s still insanely frustrating (the lack of gun depression is
    what gets me), but I like it a little better with the bigger alpha and
    higher AP pen. The Jagdpanther II does the same stuff, better. But I
    haven’t sold the 101 yet.

  9. SU-101 with the 100mm is basically a T8 medium,at least that’s how I use it

  10. Its been a while since i watched a video from you.

  11. I love the look of that tank

  12. you deserve so many more subscribers

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