WoT: T-62A Review, Spotting Hill in Prokhorovka [“Road to Unicum” Epi 17]

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Source: Taugrim

I review the T-62A, a tier 10 Soviet medium tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with a replay of a Prokhorovka battle.

Stat line: Ace Tanker, 4.6k damage, 4 kills, 3 spots, 2.9k assisted damage

I also discuss how to safely spot hill from the north spawn, taking into account flanking fire from enemy tanks in the middle of the map (F5-F6). With the recent changes to view range, the is even stronger now at vision control. The tactics in the video apply to the Fiery Salient variant of the same map.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
+ excellent mobility (speed, acceleration, agility)
+ high DPM gun
+ titanium turret
+ good vision contol
– only -5 degrees of gun depression
– low alpha damage (320)

I talk through how I'm reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help other players improve their gameplay.

FAQs for the “Road to Unicum” series:

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  1. +V-E D When you played the game a lot it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s very
    easy to tell if you can one shot someone or not.

  2. +Florence00pi > Just keep in mind to leave the hill alone if things get
    sour on the other side and support there (in camp+snipestyle).)

    I agree. If there is more action west, I’ll either push aggressively east
    and wipe them, or I’ll flex over towards mid to support.

    > You do have optics on the t62-a?


    On my tier 10 meds I run the trinity of Optics, VS, and Rammer. Nothing
    really compares with it, especially now that lights have higher view range
    and TD view range was nerfed.

  3. +Taugrim Except if you are playing a Leopard 1 like me. I just go with
    vents instead of VS. I mean 0.3/1.9 accuracy? Don’t need VS for that.

  4. +Florence00pi > In this game mode the hill side is pretty much completely
    unimportant (neither can you cap from there, nor defend your cap). The only
    reason to go there is to kill enemys who go there as well (which is
    obviously not bad).

    I believe that you stated the exact reason to go to the hill in this game
    mode. The meta is pretty set: TD’s and some heavies will go to the 8 and 9
    line and camp the road, some heavies and lights will go play the mid ridge,
    and the rest will go hill. While flexing away from this position is
    sometimes necessary, and often ignored by a slow map read, being on the
    hill initially (especially in fast mediums that can get there fast) is a
    good start of game move. The primary mission is to clear the hill, with a
    secondary task of shooting down on the tanks that are lit on the 5 and 6
    lines by the ally lights/meds/heavies. Taugrim wasn’t getting those spots
    from his team, but was fortunate enough to not have his team melt in the
    other areas.

  5. +DEANOGTO > out of all the maps in the game i hate this one the most

    Prokhorovka and Swamp are probably the two worst maps, because they’re very
    campy and the corridors to push are unusually exposed.

  6. +Taugrim
    yeah the issue with prokhorovka is that there are way to many zones for
    crossfire and if there is artillery and your in a heavy then the only thing
    you can do is camp if you do anything else you will just get nuked. ive had
    multiple occasions in my maus where ive ended up on this map with 5 artys
    or a 3 person platoon of the revolver arty you can imagine how much fun
    those games were…

    the thing is they refuse to change prokhorovka they removed north west a
    map which actually allowed aggression and allowed movement on the map and
    they leave prokhorovka where you cant move at all in a lot of matches. they
    even refuse to make it tier 6 max which i thought was the highest tier this
    map still worked at. i dont understand their thinking on this crappy map.

  7. +GARGANCHUA > been wondering about this, and buying the 140

    FWIW, I vastly prefer the 140 to the 62A.

    That extra degree of gun depression is very noticeable, and while the 140
    turret has bigger weak spots they are still hard to hit if you’re wiggling.

  8. +Taugrim yeah ive been playing alot of domination and its my favorite out
    of the three. but. reddit thinks the t-62a is better. i guess its more
    forgiving to noobs? has better accuracy?

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