WoT: T29 Review, Mastering Hull-Down [“Road to Unicum” Epi 18]

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I review the T29, a tier 7 in World of Tanks (WoT), with a replay of a tier 8 battle.

Stat line: Ace Tanker, 4.1k damage, 4 kills

With its awesome hull-down capability, the T29 is of the strongest heavies at-tier in the game. I found it to be very comfortable to play and enjoyed driving it.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ superb turret
+ superb max gun depression (-10)
+ excellent silver penetration (198)
+ excellent aim time (2.3 sec)
+ good alpha (320)
+ good speed
– relatively weak hull armor
– slow hull traverse / turns sluggishly
– slow reverse speed, which can be problematic versus arty

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help other players improve their gameplay.

FAQs for the “Road to Unicum” series:

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  1. I like world of tanks, but I can’t get myself to play it…

  2. I just got to the T110E5 few days ago and I have to say that tank is a
    beast. I’m averaging 4000 damage on a good game and I’m still around 3000
    damage overall on it. We’ll see how I do after a few more battles in it,
    but this tank is just a beast. I’m platooning with a friend and we’re
    pretty much crushing the opposition in most matches. I’m bouncing E100 HEAT
    shells left and right. I have rammer and VS on it at the moment, thinking
    to also use coated optics. Would something else work better on it?

    • +Phillip Huang I’d prefer to be able to spot the mediums and TDs at long
      range after I’m done brawling rather than make it better at brawling. I
      want to compliment the tank with equipment that helps it be better overall,
      not make it excel at 1 thing only. And vents are pretty much a waste of
      equipment on tier 10s from what I see. And I don’t need GLD, because I have
      a 3 skill crew and Snapshot on gunner and VS.

    • Or enhanced laying drive

    • Tbh I would recommend vents due to you enjoying it’s a brawler and 2nd
      since it already has good view range. So would you rather have 5 % overall
      or 10% more view range. After all the choice is yours

  3. Nguyen Ba Nhat Minh

    Which tank do you think is better: KV-13 or T-43? Looking at the stats they
    both dont seem very good IMO

  4. Nice! I’m considering getting this tank, should I go through Jumbo or M6?

  5. Yes, IS-7 is pretty strong at T7

  6. Do you not think this thing is really op? also the hull is a LOT more troll
    than you’d think from the armour values that sloping makes it very
    annoying. Also the speed is very good for something this size.

    Also it COMPLETELY out performs all of its piers like the AMX M4 in
    comparison in worth lees honestly that thing would be crap at tier 5, its
    armour is about as good as the IS’s and has an invulnerable turret, its
    guns has great handling and great dpm. Its armour is only a bit less
    effective than the Churchill Black Princes with a way better gun and

    Honestly there are ONLY 2 tanks from my experience that can kind of
    challenge this thing at tier 7. There’s the Tiger P but that is only
    possible when the engagement is in a confined area. There’s also the
    Panther but only in certain circumstances when the T29 can’t see the
    Panther’s hull.

    • +Taugrim
      the thing with the tiger 1 is that it may have good dpm but it doesnt have
      much else because the turret is placed in such a way that it cant
      sidescrape very well and its front armour is useless. so in my opinion that
      dpm is justified because thats one of its few strengths. The t29 has so
      many great features as you mentioned like weirdly good gun handling great
      gun dep, decent hull armour, invulnerable turret (also the turret roof is
      only an overmatch zone for 120mm and above guns) when you are shooting down
      at someone. decent mobility and good view range. In my opinion it is good
      enough to be put at tier 8 with just a minor hp buff and it would be fine.

    • +DEANOGTO > Do you not think this thing is really op?

      I think it’s fair to say the T29 is stronger than its peers. Then again,
      the Tiger I has crushing DPM, and the IS is a brawling beast.

      What makes the T29 overpowered, is the fact that most tier 7 tanks either
      lack the accuracy to hit the roof / cupola or lack the pen and alpha to be

      > the hull is a LOT more troll than you’d think from the armour values that
      sloping makes it very annoying

      With angling, yes the T29 hull will bounce some shells. It won’t hold up
      against the guns of tier 8 and tier 9 heavies.

      > AMX M4 in comparison

      The M4 is a crappy tank if you use silver ammo, and it’s the weakest tank
      by far in the French heavy line between tiers 5-10.

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