WoT: T32 Review, 5k Damage Blocked FTW [“Road to Unicum” Epi 19]

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Source: Taugrim

I review the T32, a tier 8 American heavy tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with a replay of a tier 8 El Halluf battle.

Stat line: Ace Tanker, 4.2k damage, 1.1k assisted damage, 2 kills, 5k blocked damage

In this battle, we have to overcome two notable issues:
1. the other team is stacked with tanks that can hull-down effectively, which is critical for the fighting in the northwest corner of this map
2. over half of my team is camping east or pushing south, leaving us thin northwest

For meaningful stretches of the battle, I’m able to hold my ground against multiple enemy tanks by using terrain and playing hull-down, and this enables us to overcome being outnumbered northwest.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ of the strongest turrets at-tier in the game
+ superb max gun depression (-10)
+ excellent aim time (2.3 sec)
+ excellent gold round (ACPR with 245 pen)
+ good front hull armor, which can be further protected with hull angling
+ good speed
– lackluster silver penetration (198)
– neck area beneath the turret is very soft (80mm)
– slow reverse speed, which can be problematic versus arty

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help other players improve their gameplay.

FAQs for the “Road to Unicum” series:

Next episode: M103 Review, Recovering From Early Mistakes
Previous episode: T29 Review, Hull-Down King

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  1. Thank you for this video. That is good info for a map with lots of cover
    and sharp rolling terrain. Your strategy would have to be much different
    if this was on an open map. The city maps have more and more places to
    find cover and hunt from in a heavy or even medium tank, however, WG’s
    strategy of nerfing maps for TDs and TD nerfs makes those vehicles no fun
    to play. It is also easier for fast tanks to find artillery on “country”
    maps because of players getting tunnel vision and forget the most logical
    path for fast movers to get in the rear.

  2. Bjørnar Magnussen

    Really entertaining video! Especially loved that ram attempt 😛
    I can’t quite point out why, but I feel your videos have improved lately! 🙂
    Really looking forward to the M103 next video.

  3. I think I’m one of those people incorrectly playing m103 😛 , just come
    back after 11 month break and I suddenly suck in it

    • 😀 true, i’ve remastered other tanks still seem to be failing in that
      though haha, think im confusing it with how i played t32

    • +Tejmaster1 > just come back after 11 month break

      Well, your sucking it in may simply be shaking off rust. That’s a pretty
      long layoff.

  4. I have around 50k experience left for M103. I stopped playing this tank
    because it has 198 mm pen only… any tips for that?

    • +Tank Troll well, I play all my tanks with silver ammo only.

      Against tier 8 tanks, you can pen most of the tanks you face with 198 pen,
      as long as you aim at weak spots.

      In tier 9 and especially in tier 10 battles, you need to not pick lanes
      where you can expect to run into very hard targets, such as E-100/Maus/IS-7.

      E.g. going 8 line in Himmelsdorf in a tier 10 battle is probably not the
      best place to go.

  5. What GPU and CPU do you use on your computer?

    • +Shahzad Khan here are my Sager gaming laptop’s specs:

      Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M GPU with 6GB GDDR5 Video Memory4th Generation
      Intel® Core™ i7-4710MQ Processor (6MB L3 Cache, 2.50GHz)8GB DDR3 SDRAM at
      1600MHz – 1 X 8GB

  6. Another nice vid. I am still on M6, way more to grind but got all my
    upgrades, just grinding to unlock T29.

  7. This gets 205mm of pen with the almighty ‘pen nerf’ 

    • +Shahzad Khan If the pen changes for the next patch are going to roll out
      like this, as a certain streamer said – which I agree with btw – the 121
      and the E50M are going to be beasts. Just my opinion though. I’m at the
      tier 8, almost 9 in the Chinese mediums right now and a friend is at the
      Panther 2. We’ll have both of them probably by the next patch. We’ll see
      how it goes. Keep in mind that the Chinese mediums aren’t exactly for
      beginners if you plan on getting one. And even experienced players could
      have trouble in them at first, as did I.

    • +Josh Went > Russian mediums are really good as are the heavies

      I liked the Russian meds but the IS-7 has awful gun handling and the IS-4
      has weak hull armor.

    • +Shahzad Khan the American heavies are very good IMO. Their silver pen
      isn’t getting touched in the 9.9 proposed pen changes.

    • Russian mediums are really good as are the heavies. Leopard 1 and E50m are
      fun tanks. also recommend the american heavy and light tank lines they’re
      really good

    • +Josh Went What tanks should i grind that will be really good now, because
      i just got my BatChat?

  8. can you show some town game play with T32,when you cant go all game
    hulldown? :)

  9. That was a hell of a match. You basically single-handedly won that entire
    side of the map.

    • +Brandon Woods > You basically single-handedly won that entire side of the

      I think our team would have been overrun had I not bottlenecked their tanks
      long enough for our tanks to win south.

      That said, I did miss 2 shots that would have been easy pens, had I taken a
      bit more time aiming. Although I remember kind of rushing shots because I
      wanted to limit my exposure.

  10. Wow, people are so polite on the NA servers.
    Instead of people saying you did great, you get “F**k you hacker scum, die
    of cancer”.

  11. i blocked 5k damage in the at 2

  12. the best is 😀 there will be likely a buff for the gun 😉
    ” Penetration of the AP T32 shell for the 105 mm Gun T5E1 increased from
    198 to 205 mm.” Its better then nothing ;)

    • +Simon Scheidt yep!

      An increase of 7mm of pen may seem like a little but it will help. Anything
      to shift the penetration probability is a good thing.

  13. NA: “You did great T32.” + funny comments at the start of the match. EU:
    “driska piska”, “debils”, “dement wargaming”, and a classic one I saw
    recently on a stream “suck red pigs”. Seems legit. I’m not saying every
    match in EU servers is like this, but…it kind of is. I disabled chat
    recently, because it just doesn’t offer anything to the game whatsoever and
    I’m not planning on putting it back on any time soon.
    Edit: E5 is a beast though, looking forward to the review.

    • +Lucas Pintilie on NA, there is a fair amount of humorous / constructive
      dialogue in chat.

      E.g. I got clicked by arty about 20 sec after I had dropped from being lit,
      so I asked the arty if he did a blind shot, and he said yes. It was a
      heckuva guess on his part.

  14. Definitely makes me wish I still had my T32

  15. More videos more more more

  16. Great game as always, but that was near ideal conditions (top tier and map)
    for that tank. Yet i hear lots of people complaining about the T32 having
    the same gun as the T29 making it a tier 8 tank with less “bite”. I like
    your series a lot, keep going.

    • +Cpt Fubar > that was near ideal conditions (top tier and map) for that tank

      Ideal for my tank, but definitely not ideal from a team perspective
      considering the relative compositions, and the fact that a lot of my team
      was camping east/south.

      My team should have lost based on the deployments by both teams and the
      fact that we were down 0-2 almost immediately.

      If I hadn’t gone northwest and locked up a bunch of their tanks and bounced
      an asston of damage, my team would have lost badly IMO.

      Keep in mind the other team IIRC had 8 American tanks, which all have great
      gun depression.

      To say it another way:
      T34 + T32 + T29 > me in T32

      > people complaining about the T32 having the same gun as the T29 making it
      a tier 8 tank with less “bite”

      I’m fine with the 320 alpha, but the silver pen of 198 is lackluster for
      tier 8.

      The T32 is playable with silver ammo – by comparison I grinded on the T-44
      with 175 pen and got used to that. The odd thing about the T32 is that with
      gold ammo, it’s ridiculously strong.

  17. Wow I didn’t know there is this thin armour plate across the top of the T32

    Currently Grinding the T32 myself and it really is an awesome tank, for me
    the gun depression really is the best point about it.

    • +Vacras > Wow I didn’t know there is this thin armour plate across the top
      of the T32 hull

      This was news to me too. It explains why my 2nd shot on the T32 from my T29
      penetrated that T32 in the previous video. The only non-turret area I could
      shoot at was the neck area which is soft

      > the gun depression really is the best point about it.

      Don’t get too used to it – you lose 2 degrees of gun depression when you
      move up to the M103 and E5. Don’t get me wrong, -8 degrees is excellent,
      but it’s not the nutty good that -10 is.

  18. fist pump, 1st….

    I’m sttill on the T29, about 15k left until the T32.

    • +matt34003434 > about 15k left until the T32

      I’ll probably have the first of two videos on the M103 up before you unlock
      the M103.

      So your timing on that tree is lined up nicely with my upcoming videos.

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