WOT the… 1 vs 14 – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today we’re going to witness something, just like Christmas, that only happens once a year – Wargaming’s annual free T2 matchmaker mayhem.

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  1. Love the hat!

  2. why doesent the quickybaby replay website not respond?

  3. Seal clubbers! I can’t say anything because I do it too.

  4. lol retards

  5. Quickybaby! Why haven’t you done a tank review of the Tiger 2 yet?

  6. I already watched this match off of World Of tanks Best replays channel

  7. Does anyone know why my game looks blurry when I view my tank from above?
    Everything is maxed out.
    And my system is well above the min requirements.

  8. Someone who played in the old days. Is this what the maus was like before
    premium ammo was available for credits?

  9. Not only 1vs 14, only took 7 minutes. Two kills a minute on average lol

  10. This is the worst type of seal clubbing in the game. Check free tanks pemn
    and pick something that cannot be penned. I’m sure he would have used a
    Panzer J if he had one. Any idiot could get these scores with the match up.
    He should be ashamed to have uploaded this replay.

  11. Did this in my Pz.38H 735f..and i rekt them soo hard this ist

  12. Lol so dirty

  13. Your #Tankbetter series was great ! O no wait, it was only a intro of new
    series, and rest of december was old replays :/

  14. Anyone know where to buy the quickybaby/world of tanks shirts?

  15. Aw man. I wish I’d thought of this. Would’ve given me a damn good reason to
    brush off the 3 feet of dust on my Micro Maus >:D

  16. A (funny) display of how broken WoT is. :)

  17. pure skill

  18. mj1501 random gamer

    lol XD XD that was just amazing 1 vs 14 XD
    so all the shots of his enemies bounced

  19. alfred yap (headboxer12)

    what a troll XD

  20. ofc its an H35 lol

  21. lol can’t stop laughing

  22. He must be the legend 27

  23. do something on the t2 light and how it gets fucking tier 4 matches when
    its only a tier 2

  24. Battle Brick's Lego

    Insane, simply.

  25. This monster stooped below sealclubbing and entered into puppykicking level

  26. Awful lol just the worst and best at the same time

  27. I had a somewhat similar but with an AT-2 with 5 light tanks and a T1
    Heavy. sure i died to the T1 but it was funny having the light tanks pepper
    me with shells everywhere.

  28. Now THAT is how you seal club. I’m not endorsing doing it, since seal
    clubbers are assholes, but damn, if you’re going to do it, do it right.

  29. BigCannon Adventures

    I dont play WOT but this was too funny! Makes me want to start playing lol

  30. m8 2nd vid u copy paste ffs

  31. This was absolute nonsense. I love it!

  32. Here we goes,French Mini Maus

  33. i subscribed to the channel and a great video

  34. that’s how I feel in my At-2 with no artillery

  35. tbh if he didn’t kill all as fast he probably could’ve gotten some insane
    WOT world record or some other insane feat.

  36. You shouldn’t be able to get Kolobanov or Raseiniai at tier two… must be
    the russian server lol

  37. I feel that now will be much of H35 on random :)

  38. I have got a VK 45.02. B, but I can still not complete the HT mission
    “Sturdy Armour” but this tier 2 light tank blocks more damage than 9k

  39. quickybaby is A-43 line good line
    plz answer

  40. this video was already uploaded by another youtuber, world of tanks best

  41. Its normal…14 noobs and tank with “balanced” armor.

  42. Does anyone knows if the j1mbo’s crosshair mod is legal?

  43. How about you do updated reviews on the buffed premium tanks, see if they
    are worth investing in now…cant see anything of much value rewiew wise
    since the buffs. Merry Xmas all.

  44. Hi quicky, do you know what time will be the new personal mision in the
    game?Thank you.

  45. boss mode

  46. I haven’t even blocked 9000 dmg in my E3! And i know how to angle.

  47. The very next time I log onto WOT, first thing i’m going to do is buy this
    Li’l Monster!!

  48. Merry Christmas to you and you’re family also Quickybaby.

  49. When a gift tank is released, I always remember Yoda’s words: “Begun, the
    clone wars has”

  50. I thought you only got epic medals tier 5 and above

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