WOT – The Biggest Asshole Episode 47 | World of Tanks

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Source: Claus Kellerman

Thanks everyone who helps out. I really appreciate it!


  1. You keep doing it Claus. How many ‘Ooh, I’m sending this to Claus’ in the chat do you need before you realise that these assholes need starving of oxygen? It’s a cheap series and needs all the down arrows it gets.

  2. I started this vid through comercials and i even watched the whole intro,and then you dont say the name of the map??

  3. Why don’t they just Turn off Team Damage by Default – I mean they can but they “Choose Not To”.

  4. At 18:07 nearly all allied tanks are on the red line, except the Type 5 that maybe did not bother to move to the red line. What a useless team.

  5. There are three things I retain from this video. First, the biggest asshole definitely is the Type5 Heavy player (because he’s dumb as fuck on topof it). Second, I can understand why the M53 TK’ed the useless Type 62. If you play a light tank,play accordingly. This one camped the back all game and deserved to be taken out. Third, NEVER protect arty players, they’re douche 95% of the time.That is why the moronic 261 killed his team mates despite what happened. He’s the real asshole of this clip, not the chieftain (being focused by artyplayers is so annoying I can almost understand why he removed the CGCat the beginning). It’s fine to shoot blue players but only once they have no purpose in the game…

  6. The contestant on the bonus clip should be the Obj 261 IMO. The Chieftain T95 knew what he was doing and didn’t really gripe much about getting tk’d but the 261 showed a glaring lack of situational awareness and showed himself not only to be an asshole but an idiot as well.

  7. Type 62 is tier 6 claus. Please use arabica coffe from now on.

  8. Claus, Claus, Claus, (still tapping him on the sholder) CLAUS the 50TP is already blue, it doesnt matter how many shots he shoots him.(First clip)

  9. As for the T25, I probably would have shot him as well.

  10. any participation in punishing team damagers to me disqualifies the asshole video.

  11. Shooting a blue teammate doesn’t activate the automated system your dumb claus

  12. If you turn blue, you became part of the problem.

  13. lol 2 clip was funny so you get a like

  14. I always enjoy these videos Claus. Every time I think about returning to WOT I just watch one of these classic team matches and stay put.

  15. light tank need 1 up the ass for being so fucking useless and he ran into TD so he would get fine for damage



  18. trakt_2 in the T25/2 is the biggest a$$hole. Low tier dummy interfering with the big guns.

  19. i need to read the comment section in the games

  20. which fucking german noob calls himself Gerhard Reinscheiisen. Literally translated it means to take a shit

  21. Anurag Bhattacharya

    That T25/2 was a complete idiot. He just waltzed infront of a Scorpion who was lined up for a shot. Obviously what SU130PM did was wrong but I would be mad too if some random low tier tank came and parked right infront of my gun.

  22. I love biggest asshole(no homo)

  23. GamingUnlimited [-SPT]

    who puts baby in there name hmmm………QuickBaby LOL

  24. The first video the three-man platoon they should be banned from the game for life it’s just kind of bulshit why I quit playing this stupid game love your videos claus but I’m not digging tanks

  25. yereverluvinuncleber

    Claus, They removed the video link from the NA forum for breaking the naming and shaming rule! No sanction on my account they just removed the post altogether. Can you believe that? I do hope it doesn’t cause you any problems… apologies if it does.

  26. christian paredes

    Hey Claus this is a sad way to be shown here after it was my DREAM to appear on this channel…. I am Bantha_Chris from MUGs and actually we cleard out that situation with one of the guys in the platoon. This is my side of the siuation:

    Last game i was tanking, a toon also went blue very fast and destroyed our every chance. So, as soon as i realized tanks are getting blue i just went on mad rampage and decided to kill blues. Yes, i did not pay attention to the chat and whenever i saw it i read the blues and i replyed. After that battle one of them took a moment to explain me the situation and i felt like a true asshole… also apologized.. So i will be here like one , an ASSHOLE 🙁

    Like once a great man said: “I did not know what i was doing, it all hapend to fast, i was confused!”… well… fuck me!!! hahahaha 🙁

  27. Didn’t have to see more than the first clip, def biggest assholes

  28. there is no fkn way (for me) to choose wtf was the biggest a+hole among these morons.
    But I can surely say that they are all homo.

  29. Fairly sedate baby

    Whats this about having baby in your name?

  30. I vote leather_man(baby) who should have his hide tanned.

  31. Every time I see the biggest asshole vids, I go check to see if these shitbags are still active players. Yep, every single time. Here is the evidence, Wargaming! WTF else do you need?! Get rid of your shit humans that play this game and I might consider playing again.

  32. Clause, cluster fuck man. Of all DJ Vlad is my fav for “field fun”. Thanks for the great vids.

  33. World Of Tanks fix you’re shit.

  34. So glad I stopped playing this game.

  35. Come on Claus wheres the asshole i sent you?

  36. Claus is blind one more time…
    50 TP was blue, give it some time to WATCH the replays…
    NA noob

  37. they are all assholes and deserve to be banned at least a month

  38. Babyninja – gg T95 your mother should have aborted you!

  39. And this, my friends, is why I always have and always will much prefer single player games.

  40. Another episode, another list of people that need a perma ban!

  41. It’s like a commercial for NOT playing at the upper tiers. What a bunch of morons. WG needs to nerf the T95 players out of the game.

  42. im literally sitting here about an hour after my father died. laughing my ass off thank you

  43. Bonus feature – babyninja calls people retarded but can’t spell himself! What a douche.

  44. “Who puts the name ‘baby’ in his name? Sounds dumb to me.”
    Quickybaby: Am I a joke to you?
    *Cries in corner*

  45. They are ALL assholes, they should be put in Wargaming HELL to play exclusively with nothing but other assholes…

  46. In my opinion the biggest ahole is the developer, remove friendly damage

  47. They’ll stun you when you’re on Claus’ channel, and stun you in nearly every battle, they’ll stun you if you’ve got missions to complete, and even stun you when there’s an asshole on your team…

  48. DJVLAD211 (ISU-152) needs to lay off the viagra!

  49. Schenkt mir jmd ein prem panzer… Darf kein Geld ausgeben wegen eltern… Erlauben es net.. Und heimlich will ich es auch nicht machen

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