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Source: Kellerman

Thanks to everyone who helps out. I really appreciate it!


  1. Hey guys. I’m off to do a workout! What do you guys have planned today?

    • Going to get drunk Claus, SHOUT out to None the wiser! Budwieser, ?

    • +fromhelltocell Saying “no disrespect” after saying something which can obviously be construed as an insulting remark seems doubly insulting to me. Lyle doesn’t seem to grasp the facts here but informing him of them would be more constructive.

    • +Robert Vaughn lucky bastard. Lol

    • Thinking of becoming a WOT CC and calling ppl Muppets then an average Shmoo then taking the cunt out of them for entertainment values ,I’m joking I’m not selling shit shirts ?

    • Ahhh go to my work out which is a actual job. Unlike all of you YouTube contributors of privilege I am a slave to my job. Just fuckin with ya. Your the FIRST thing watch everyday. Shout out to you.

  2. MaidenRob……you have been…

  3. There is a counter to it. SPG should blind fire the crap out of the bush at the beginning of the game.

  4. Stephanie Kawadias

    Claus just gift him the 250 gold for helping you, even though you killed him. As the laughing does not indicate you feel bad about killing him, to deny him the 250 gold.

  5. Claus,
    I have been watching your videos for ages… Such a consistency … new video every day?? OMG… What do you do for living ? Where do you get the time from? 🙂
    The quality/content is IMHO one of the best..!! Keep it up man! Good job !

  6. That’s a pretty epic Kennedy impersonation.

  7. Aside from the intro (-2) this video would have been a 7 but due to the sucking impression you gave it is a 4/10. Math, my prerogative.

  8. How far do I gotta skip before I see gameplay?

  9. Thanks a lot interesting video but no gold for you! going to do some on line gaming.

  10. Ich Bin Ein Stinky Finger.

  11. The bush is only “OP” because there are too few interesting bushes on the other side. Make bushes less OP by introducing more.

  12. It wasn’t a bushy bush but the Bushes and a grassy knoll by the 1 % rs puppeteers pulling howdy doodies gubbiment strings NWO UN agendas etc huh lol

  13. Rentarectumclause

  14. Dam that speech lol

  15. Dangerous intro Claus !

  16. Claus, biggest asshole of the week, hahaha

  17. thought i be sneaky and try to burst damage my girlfriend bush but i was out spotted and artied 🙂

  18. “No gold for you” ,that atways get me .

  19. “Magic Bush”. I knew this guy was smoking something good!

  20. I, myself, love bursting in a bush and sometimes I like to bag a beaver.

  21. Workin on my 8oz curls all day n playin WOT…….Shout out to y’all!

  22. Moron send the guy his gold!!!

  23. order master!

  24. President John F Kellerman Awesome!

  25. The Intro sounded like JFK and Bernie
    Sanders love child ??
    Jus’ sayin’…

  26. Claus, What are you talking about??? Almost hit by Arty??? There was no arty in this replay.

    Also, in answer to Claus Kennedy. I bought you a tank and have sent in replays (non of which you have put up)

  27. Claus, you … You lied to him. I’m so disappointed.

  28. Well if you play arty, there is a great spot that you can use to get lots of damage and help your heavies out. if you spawn on the south side, go to K6. great shots on the enemy heavies

  29. I enjoy all your videos of wot. Got afraid that you left us to that pesky water game I don’t want to pronounce from same game house. I like both your instructive learning shows as your funny moments and commentary laughter at regular shmoe . The very interesting show of biggest caseholes I can’t decide whether entertaining, disturbing or teaching materials. But still love all your content. Just continue have your special fun attitude towards these gaming experiences!

  30. Thank you , Prez Claus .

  31. 1st gg for jfk i love it, 2 nd relocate to EU so we can win that gold from your lepricon ass 😀

  32. Awesome intro today!!

  33. B.S.! You don’t feel bad at all for maidenrob.

  34. well lets see mmmmmmmm go to work fix some shit maybe pick some stuff up with the crane…. and then take a dump..

  35. Great to hear a good old shout out Claus. I dont know if anyone else broght this to your attention over the last couple of months but your shout outs have been a little weak lately no offence intended just an observation. Great to hear them back in full force, thanks.

  36. =you show’d…
    going NEAr that south point from the west, is STUPID…better to set back in a group and destroy them from 2 squares away..
    You show that idiots SPLIT UP, trying to hunt 1 tank, is 1/2 stupid. Get to the cap, defend 2 squares away from getting TO CAP.. while 1-2 DO CAP..

  37. Claus you are doing it backwards, first ram then release your load…..

  38. Seriously? Why can’t players just play according to the commentary you’re going to do after the fact?

  39. The moral of the story?… Always play against a team of muppets!!! LOL

  40. How the hell will we learn about lawnmowers if you keep yammering on about tanks?

  41. I can’t do anything for your channel because I am useless. I will continue to watch because I am a internet free loading whore.

  42. I learned of that Bush [said like Booger in Revenge of the nerds] long ago. Now if I’m playing arty I blind fire that BUSH as soon as my first round is loaded. Back in the day you could get the first kill. Now you just stun them. On your second shot you can stun them again. Cue the music.

  43. Claus… that… is not a bush.

  44. Oh OK – JohnF. – now go play with Marilyn.

  45. JackDrinkn2DollarJim

    OK, now I know where to drop my first arty round if I spawn in the south.

  46. Georgios Nestoridis

    Claus F. Kellerdy, … no votes for you! ?

  47. JackDrinkn2DollarJim

    We had better see this elc driving Kellerman guy on that Biggest Asshole series. He’ll have my vote.

  48. Hey Mr Kellerman ..your intro reminds me of my former president here in South Africa. no commas . “I am not a c%unt……try on my own”

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