WoT: [Tiger I]

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Source: PsionicArrow

in the Tier VII German tank the Pz. VI Tiger I


  1. AlphaFalcon Falcon

    Makes my day to finally start watching my Fav wot tuber play again. keep it
    up man. kv13

  2. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    He’s BACK! He’s on Camera! We should immediately get together and start to
    revive this place! And maybe even get me back into stream tanks, what do
    you say Psionic? Can you tell I missed you?

  3. Well done tanker! By the way, you enjoy your new built pc?

  4. Balc0ra's Gaming

    I play my Tiger way to little. I bought it back as it was my first HT ever
    and my first tier 7 “VK 3601 was still a medium back then” to work on that
    WR as I had 30K games more under my belt. But after I got it past 50%
    again, it’s been rather idle sadly. It’s actually good fun when you get a
    good spot to get that ROF going.

  5. nice game ! and yeah the t7 vk seems good for tank collecters also looks
    pretty fun if you already have a t8 preium medium

  6. sry if its a stupid question..:P but do you accept replays? Im only an
    average player sooo…

  7. nice video!

  8. tiger 1 was pure heaven! That 5.5 reload ?

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