WoT: Trolling Fascist Box Tanks [“Road to Unicum” Epi 14]

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Source: Taugrim

I demonstrate how to troll big, tall, and slow tanks in a Russian medium in World of Tanks (WoT), with footage of my T-62A facing E-100’s.

This works not only in the T62A but also tanks with a low profile and solid turret, such as the Object 140 and T-54.

The key thing is to time your approach based on either when your target just fired or is facing the other direction, and to use the target as a shield to protect you from other enemy tanks while you whittle the target away.


I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help other players improve their gameplay.

FAQs for the “Road to Unicum” series:

Next episode: IS-8
Previous episode: IS-3 in Tier 10 Battles

Let me know via the following poll replay(s) you’d like to see after the IS-8 video:

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  1. TheBumblebee481

    dude I love your videos. Would love to see one on the IS=7 and how you play
    that as I find its a great shield but struggle to put the damage down
    against other tier x’s

  2. WOT Funpage [PL]

    I really want to see WN8 stats of first dude in E100. I think he was to
    stupid to play in this game and he was easy target to troll for you :).
    Second one had a little more brain ;)

  3. Trolololo

  4. like it, moar

  5. Hurry up with the IS8… I’m shit in it… 

    • +blademansw eh, I’m not so great with it either LOL.

      I eeked out a Unicum WN8 with it barely (2458), but I found that it was not
      a tank that I could carry in with any consistency. It’s not fast enough,
      and the armor is not strong enough. You need one or the other, preferably

      Anyway, I’ll talk about it in the next video.

  6. Bjørnar Magnussen

    Haha! Really funny video! 😀
    Hopefully we can see more short and sweet videos like this :)

    • +Bjørnar Magnussen
      > we can see more short and sweet videos like this

      I personally find videos like this to be hilarious, but I can’t tell
      whether viewers enjoy stuff like this.

      So thanks for the feedback.

    • Bjørnar Magnussen

      +Taugrim I think most people on YouTube enjoy it, that’s why channels like
      PewDiePie are so big. (just don’t end up like him XD)

      Even though this is a funny video it still has the quality and standard
      I’ve come to love from your other videos. I’d say keep it up if you like to
      make them 🙂

  7. Your videos are very helpful!!

  8. The best lesson learned is that BIG-BOX fascist tank drivers don’t respond
    well to being trolled!

  9. We abused the same tactic with the old T54 and the Maus. Without the
    “physics” and deep water as a fixed border the Maus was doomed. Also the
    T54 kinda had a stalinium turret

    • +I tum yes, it works with the T-54. If you spam gold it will take longer
      due to bounces, but eventually silver shells do pen.

  10. Nice choice of music, lol

  11. Lol I thought you would bounce way more often with the huge side skirt of
    spaced armour the E100 provides. But it seems fun to do :D

    • +Vacras agreed re: bouncing.

      I was surprised to see in TankInspector that around the skirt, at a
      penetration angle of zero, the armor is around 200 on the side skirt of the

  12. this is why i now will choose the is4 over the e100 or maus when i feel
    like driving heavy armour and now i only drive the e100 and maus on rare

      > this is why i now will choose the is4 over the e100 or maus

      Well to be honest, the average medium tank driver would not troll you like
      this. It’s somewhat counter-intuitive to close the distance to a brawler
      tank with a bigger gun.

    • +Taugrim
      i actually abuse this technique all the time in lower profile tanks like
      the chinese lights or mediums or the russian higher tier meds its really
      effective with a strong trollish turret or just hby having a low profile or
      very fast accelerating tank like it works surprisingly well in the lttb as
      a n example providing your on level ground. i actually do this in the
      cromwell and the t34 85 a lot too now that i think of it.

  13. I demonstrate how to troll big, tall, and slow turreted tanks in a Russian
    medium tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with footage of my T-62A facing


    Next episode: IS-8 Review

    Let me know via the following poll which replay(s) you’d like to see after
    the IS-8 video:

    • +Der Pfisch
      > How cool must it be to play ona server with one unified language

      It can be entertaining to have conversations with players on both sides.

      And when people swear at me, I know what they’re saying 🙂

      > as always a great video 🙂


    • +Lucas Pintilie
      > I recently discovered that in my leopard, but it’s so much easier to do
      in the Chinese mediums

      Ya, you can do this in any smaller tank, but with ones with a smaller
      turret you have to dance a bit more or your turret will get pen’d.

    • Does it work with stb?:)

    • +El_Maginio It could, but as is the case with also the Leopard you have to
      be a bit more careful. The STB-1 has a bit of turret armour, but you could
      still get penetrated easier than in the Russian/Chinese ones (with the
      round turrets basically).

    • +El_Maginio Not as reliable turret armor as T-62A but it could work.

  14. Poor buggers

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