WoT: Unicum Platoon Tactics

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Have you ever wonder how platoons carry?

Today we review four of my favorite Unicum to wreck the enemy:
1. create 2v1 isolations
2. pinch your foes
3. set over / unders (overwatch)
4. distract FTW

Ofttimes, players in a platoon choose identical lanes and fields of fire (aka “wolf-packing”). Beyond that, Unicums use complementary positioning and setup different angles of fire to gain tactical advantage and map control.

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. finally. thank you. you mad me such a better player

  2. Yyyyeeessss a wot video from Taug!!!

  3. Wouter van den Brink

    Wiew! Finally! been a long time

  4. I’ve wanted to do this video for ages, so I finally went through my saved
    replays to pull together good examples of platoon tactics.

    I hope you enjoy it!

    Please let me know what platoon tactics you use that I didn’t include in
    the video.


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