WoT: VK 45.03 Preview

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Source: Capt Canada

Reliable, quick aiming and nice gun handling weapon combined with decent heavy mobility and usable armour combine to make a surprisingly good vehicle.


  1. Why would anyone want this pile of shit?

  2. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    2:25 7.8 seconds aimtime? Ouch…

  3. i get those camera glitches as well when close to a building…my main
    reason not enjoying town maps

  4. It is on EU server……and its a piece of shit. He can nothing,like the
    other german tanks. In every battle you get a hit into ammorack,in every
    batlle 2 crew member die,in every battle the canon was damaged ……this
    tank is painfull crap….dont buy i

  5. I played the rental and actually thought the VK was pretty good. Don’t
    really need a tier VII prem heavy though; I mean, I already have the mighty
    A45 :)

  6. Ammo rack in the back

  7. Nice review old buddy, I love the clean lines & purity of the German
    Heavies, your take on thinks is always good to see :)

  8. this tank armor suck l pen that whit a light t 5 on the front

  9. The lower plate is much stronger then the upper plate, especially from up
    clos (steeper angle) so why did you try tot hoot the enemy VK45.03 serveral
    times in the lower plate?

  10. does someone know when this tank wil be in the premium shop

  11. Vertical Stabilizer – Available for American Lights at tier 5, Mediums at
    tier 6, and Heavies at tier 7. Available for all British medium and heavy
    tanks at tier 7. Available for all other nations starting at tier 8, with
    the exception of the French AMX 13 90, German Spähpanzer SP I C and the
    Chinese WZ-131.

  12. Sup captain

  13. Awesome review, any word on the is-7?

  14. So far a couple of games and I really liked it . has a little bite

  15. Nice review – stock tiger II that’s @ tier vii sweet. About time there is a
    German heavy that can grind credits as opposed to another Russian premium.

  16. tier 7*

  17. from recent experience in the srurer emil even though i never shot one of
    these i can say that 128 will go through this thing like a hot knife
    through butter that gun challenges e75s its just a shame that amazing 128
    is mounted on a crap tank

  18. i think as a rule anything in the ww2 era of german vehicles doesnt get
    vert stabs unless its at least tier 8 so before that none of them get vert

  19. Great review but I can’t tell is it a panther hull?

  20. tier 8 heavy premium tank… wat

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