WoT vs Warthunder (Part 2)

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Source: Drawing bug

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  1. Re-uploaded after some corrections due to video information errors! Thank you for viewing

    • @Drawing bug thank you very much drawing bug!

    • @ㅇㅅㅇ 본인 등판 덜덜

    • DJ RAY the femboi furry

      You should look at a game called panzer war you might really enjoy that game because it is a mobile compatible game that is a cross between war thunder and world of tanks and the most perfect blend possible with a really good modding community tbh , the game came out in 2014 a year before world of tanks blitz , and it is only made by one person I believe from Shanghai. It is definitely underrated lol 😂

    • Чукча С Камчатки

      Unrealistic video, WT players don’t know what ‘thank you’ is

  2. WOT got it right on one thing though, Artillery is a menace. Even till today, most tank kills are from artillery not tank vs tanks.

  3. and then that wt t95 respawn with Fully loaded AD 4 😂


  5. That VADS was just straight out of Armored Warfare lmao, where HEI autocannons reigned supreme for a while. The absolute horror of a stealth recon vehicle mag-dumping an MBT with 20-30mm HEI for huge chunks of overall hp.


    The P-47 with two 1000 pound bombs breaking through the heavens: 😈

  7. Now show the GW “interact” with the P-47 with full bomb load that just spawned

  8. its allready exist

  9. Imagine if war thunder had SP arties that worked sameway as in wot

  10. Thats why wot is trash

  11. Probably would be funny seeing the repair speed differences to be honest. Some tanks (in WoT) can repair their track in like 5 seconds. In WT you need 20 secs at least.

    • Wot is more like a MOBA or arcade game, you can just upgrade your crew to repair stuff faster which can get ahead of reality

    • and in reality u need few hours

    • Sergeant Sharkseant

      Honestly having mounted and remounted tracks IRL I can say 20s is too short something like 30s might work if the track is simply opened but if it is a Italy damaged you may need to exchange the correct amount of track parts which requires you to open parts of the track again and also detention and retension the tracks so it’s more like 30min of normal work an experienced crew might do it in 10mins but if they are lucky but that’s why destroyed tracks are in general a mobility/Operation kill where you realistically need some other tanks to drag you away

  12. Its all fun and games until that T95 comes back with a Bearcat with payload.

  13. War thunder+world of tanks

  14. I forgot how good the Scooby-Doo song was

  15. RagerZkingJusthere

    when u play war thunder u just feel like ur tank is gonna de form liek its gonna crumble

  16. Thunder with Muffin

    Your animations are so well done!

  17. the vineboom with the t95 being suddenly rendered in was perfect

  18. sigh Now I do want some of my tier 10 german tanks to be in wt hell the lowe would be an awesome addition.

  19. i cant express how much i actually love this content the artstyle is perfect and funny along with my favorite game whats not to love?!?!

  20. Now we got another scarier tank “at day”

  21. T95 thinks that the apc doesn’t have main gun.But apc have heavy machine gun

  22. Wow……. Perfect description and unexpected end 😂😂😂

  23. This had so many levels of confusing yet I understood every part of it.

  24. War thunder is better at realism where Wot is suited for Casual Arcade play

  25. The most inaccurate part of this is that one shot su100p kill

    Only three crew members lit up and for some reason the ammo lit up too

    A side shot to that “turrent” armor doesn’t often lead to a ammo detonation or even major spall against the crew when it does (usually it just passes through me killing one guy or the big open gap having only damaged the gun itself which is indirectly fatal)

    A more realistic depiction wouldve been the round killing the gunner and loader in the “turrent”

    And then u machine gunning the commander (or radio operator) in exposed back seats

    The su100p could still drive so that would have to have been back to back almost simultaneously

    Otherwise, unless u disabled the breech as well, it could accelerate into a u turn or reverse and take a shot into ur side the moment the gunner is replaced

    Always aim for the ammo

    VERY RARELY do I die to a one shot in this td bc ppl always aim at the front engine or through my side and not the ammo. The crew is just too spread out

    But, I get the worst feeling when I see their gun’s aim move slightly back (to my ammo )😞

  26. The SU-130PM shouldn’t disappear lol. The wrecks stay for the duration of the whole battle.

    Sometimes I wonder if these WT players even play WOT with these sorts of videos.

  27. @chems would you look at that …

  28. War thunder is superior in every way

  29. 0:32 me when i see a toxic player:

  30. i hate arty with a passion

  31. then the arty gets a greeting from a p47

  32. No idea for a name

    Would be funny if war thunder has to fight against world of tanks blitz big boss mode which the tanks have different mods being Graviton, Catalyst, Regenerator, or Bomber having different abilities. And one tank is chosen to be the boss which the tank chosen to be the boss but they only have 3 lives while the rest have infinite lives. War Thunder ground players atleast are gonna suffer.

  33. This is so cool!!

  34. Cooking With Saharin


  35. POV: I actually fought with a moonlightuser who has same tank

  36. Armored Axemaster

    This just makes me want better ricochet sounds in War Thunder, like the ones in Post Scriptum

  37. Artillery then got CASed by the T95 player.

  38. Damn i remember G.W.E.100 with AP in the past were such a beast .
    literally erase enemies.

  39. The entire 55 seconds of this video is better than most 10 minute animations out there hands down

  40. Can’t beat artillery

  41. WOT T95: I got your gun.
    WT T95: *uses machinegun to knock out enemy tracks*. I got your tracks.
    WOT T95: *confusion and jealousy set in*

  42. Only thing i kiked from wot was the artillery.

  43. Damn this animation is crazy, good visuals, punchy sounds, and overall funny, it’s perfect

  44. Imagine you just regulary MBTs and Just Face-To-Face with T95 (Tutel using 152mm gun)

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