Would HE Have Won Us the Game?

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Source: LemmingRush

What are your thoughts, if I had carried HE would it have killed him?
Let me know: https://strawpoll.com/7d6sd38


  1. So the 704 who was telling me to shoot HE at the VK was actually so confident in his opinion that he decided to stalk me onto my youtube channel and say this:

    “Can i see the video where you made us lose a game, cos you didnt carry HE… plz plox i wanna see that gameplay video.”

    And although, combined with a quick wotlabs search I’ve confirmed my suspicion that this guy’s a moron, it brings an interesting topic to light. Should you be shooting HE when heavy tanks have 50, 30, hell even 2 HP left?

    Vote in the strawpoll, Ill post the answer on Wednesday!

  2. HE may work if you take a shot to its sides of the hull or turret cheeks (mantlet may absorb the splash i dunno), sometimes firing HE to turret ring will splash to upper deck so it can also work (but not for this case because obj 907 is low profile tank) but firing to the frontal hull probably wont deal any damage. In my case it worked on is7 before but not sure about vk 72 but wasnt working for me against E100. 100 mm he shell is very risky against tanks like such as vk 72, e100, maus etc.

  3. My suggestion you shoud make video when use he where to shoot he and how he works and when not shoot he.

  4. lol i saw this on stream xD

  5. lol so many of my clan mates in this fight must have been when we were time dropping in to fight eachother kinda fun to have some brawls with friends 🙂

  6. Nope, with a 100mm gun you would have done jack shit. A 120mm gun could have potentially done it, but thats still iffy.

  7. hell no he useless on the vk nice fight tho rush

  8. Keep up the great streams lemming. Dont let the trolls drag you down. RNG screwed you. GG.

  9. You never know with this game. Its all up in the air. Your penetration and amount of damage is up to RNG. So if you had several chances to go back and do this in real time……………I expect 50% of time you would win and other 50% of time, you would lose.

    All because of RNG! LMAO! This is why this game no longer gets my money. Nothing is ever concrete and known. Just shoot and pray.

  10. The only way I think HE would have killed him is if you managed to hit somewhere under his gun and it splashed across his engine deck, other wise…I think it would not have done anything. The 100 mm HE is pitiful and that was a German super heavy from the front. If he had a super heavy spall liner (which many are running because of arty and the type 5 derps), i think you would have been screwed either way.

  11. Why don’t you go into a training room, replicate the scenario as close as possible, on the map, and test it. Take 10 – 20 shots and see what the average damage is to see what the likely hood, if any, that it would have made a difference. Should make for an interesting video 🙂

  12. sigh i kind of reach the point that i wish xvm was banned i hate to say it but it harm more then helps. yea even if you throw it in to the tracks his gun really cant do it. you need something like 128mm to do any damage with he vs that thing

  13. Make a video where you test it 🙂

  14. Hey, I noticed you don’t use a mod to see people’s skill rating, is there a specific reason to that? Off topic, I’ve also noticed Circon doesn’t use it either.

  15. I was surprised to see you shoot for the front rather than the weaker triangle along the side, below the turret. Although in that kind of situation, I would have been lucky to hit the tank period. I can imaging my adrenaline would have been peaking. lol

  16. The only skills-based MM that WG needs to make is, once the 30 players are selected for the battle, exchange HT’s, MT’s, LT’s, TD’s and SPG’s between teams to as to make overall player rating as even as possible. It’ll never be perfect (and people would still complain even if it was), but that will prevent those infamous games where multiple blues/purples are facing nothing but tomatoes. That’s a definite improvement.

  17. You were right, it was just bad rng and shot went high, i wouldve done the same. Besides why dafuq would anyone want to carry RNG rounds in a 100mm gun ffs

  18. I feel that personally HE would have killed the VK. But here is how I see it: in order for the HE to kill the VK it would have had to hit the lower plate, with APCR or HEAT it would have also killed him. The VK was backing down a slope flattening his lower plate so the HE would have been more effective. But if we were to just change the round you had loaded to HE and had the round go to the exact same spot as it did in the video, the HE probably would not have done it, the raw armour and the and angling would have mitigated the HE. No round would have killed the VK if it followed the trajectory of the shell in the vid, the only thing that would have saved you was aiming a little more and making sure it hit the lower plate.

  19. Why the hell was he pointed that way. and trolls suck. the end.

  20. That 704 really needs a perm chat ban. If anything that is-7 lost you the game.

  21. Hard to tell, i would say aiming at “barrel” supporting turret would give you higher chance to pen than lfp, but it’s harder to hit. My experience with using HE on 100mm is nonexistent, with T49 hittting ground below tank would kill him, hitting turret close to upper plate as well, hitting some strong armor like front hull would not result in any damage. My experience with desperate use of HE against angled Type4 with Fatton is that it’s random – either 40-60dmg or nothing.

  22. Barni Gesztelyi-Nagy

    I’d say you need two repair kits in the 907

  23. Great game lemming. NVM the negativity. But why did you not rush the 50B when he was reloading. You know just before you killed that E100. You did wait for him to unload and then shot him but did not follow him to kill.

    Also, I think MM can be better. Yesterday, on my new Defender I lost 13 games out of 15. My teams would just melt within 2 min of the game in spite of the fact that I was very aggressive and would do 3000 to 5500 dmg. For the last 10 days my T34 dropped from 54% win to 51%. So how do you really deal with teams or games when your team just melts so fast? Any suggestions ? I even take time off and try it again in a few hours but the same story all over again.

  24. HE wouldn’t have done shit. the 105 on the m48 doesn’t do anything to it. trust me. had the same situation happen.

  25. Right at the end, I realized the enemy Vk who won against both of you was my clan mate 😀

    Sorry for you LemmingRush, but grats GravTech 😀

  26. I agree, HE would not have killed him.

  27. Inclined to agree, Lemming. There may be a few rare players that could maintain a 62% win rate over that many battles _without_ a shit ton of platooning. But if they exist they’re not likely to boast about doing 6k damage with any tier 10.

  28. I think you could have destroyed the vk with HE, not not when hitting it on the front. I would have turned around after you bounced the first shot and try to flank him after getting unspotted. HE on the side would have worked out I think. Still a great game though!

    I guess using HE on his front would only have worked with a bigger gun. Anyway.. HE could still have bounced, as it does in my games a lot of times, even though Wargaming claims HE don’t bounce XD

  29. dude great video… hope u make it big on youtube… u are the best strategist i have ever seen and i have seen alot… nice vid and keep up. Btw how old are u and is youtube a kind of a priority in your life in the moment or?

  30. Maybe just test it out in a training room?

    Experiments aside, I guess a high damage roll with HE on the right spot might have worked, – but on the other hand, you could have been luckier with the RNG on the hit and pen rolls with that HEAT round just as well. 🙂

    Apart from that, getting the VK’s side or rear instead of the front obviously would have helped in either case, think that would have been a sure kill.

    Anyway, you had a really good game there, very well played if I may say so, just some bad luck and a tricky target to pen at the very end. 🙂

  31. I’m a rookie at WoT due to fact I don’t sit analyze stats of tanks, angles etc. Stalking is unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group towards another person. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation. I don’t think highly of 704 player either.

  32. To be fair, you did shoot the now strongest plate on that VK. However, I hasten to add that if you were not aware of its recent buffs to its front I understand why what happened, heppened. But that does not excuse the utter stupidity of the 704; having to deal with players like that myself I understand where you are coming from.

  33. Tristan-Ludovic Perreault

    On 20 matches i get usually 10 games between 30-40% win chances according to xvm, 5 Under and 5 above 50% at best. I don’t think it is balance right now but that’s from a xvmscrub user’s perspective ^^

  34. The new type 5 would have killed him with HE…lol….but definitely NONE of the Russian meds for that matter, the gun calibre is just too small…. Its a Non argument.

  35. Lemming, you’d be amazed at what HE can do end game like that. I was playing in 62A and had only 3 HE left, shot front of E5 and killed him with 61HP

  36. how the fuck this can possibly be “just” a 2nd class mastery badge ….?!??!?!?!?!?

  37. People that say “HE always does at least *some* damage” are misinformed. HE From the 704 might have done the trick…but that guy was dead, so no help there.

  38. Top WoT YouTube channel! Could you do more BatChat videos? I find them them the most entairtaining/informative.

  39. Reading his responses of him blaming you for the loss, did he not see that IS7 camping at the back? I would say the IS7 lost the game by 1: camping at the back, and 2: missing the VK at the end.

  40. Carrying HEAT should’ve been enough to kill him. That RNG.

  41. if you driving 704 yes HE would work, but 907? it wont, small caliber gun wont do anything to that VK

  42. That was an excellent game. You lost because RNG trolled you. All those bounces on those heavies when they were in the middle. If just one of your rounds had penned the VK in the side there you would have won the game. There is just too much RNG in the game. People complain about medium tank guns being too good, well look at this game with multiple bounces on the sides of heavies proves that wrong.

  43. felow, best Clan NA!

  44. My god, how much camo does your tank and crew have? How do you not get spotted?

  45. 6 Defender tanks on 1 team, vs lights and mediums and a top tier 3 man arty platoon = Fail Matchmaker. Wargaming needs to address the rofl stops in city maps.

  46. he’d bounce HE shell

  47. GreaseMonkey Supreme

    I wish I was good enough to give you advice. I am average which is why I watch your channel, and also why you won’t catch me complaining about your skills.

  48. you played well – not your fault – maybe you could have flanked the vk, or did you think that would have been too risky?

  49. dumb ass the lack of balance in tanks on each team is just ridiculous, its horrible the mm, skill doesn’t matter that much when 1 team has a large roster of powerful tanks and your team has mediocre/avg tanks  only the worst players could possibly lose on the powerful/nearly OP team. that kind of shit happens far to often, and good players do get better teams more often than avg and lower players, it is a fact

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