Would Scouting Have Won Us The Game?

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. I think that you should have ….
    I can’t decide because you almost always said super pershing instead of t28 prototype so my mind is distracted lol

  2. Super peshing = T28. lol

  3. Great walk through. Very much appreciated.

  4. Has Minecraft, makes music with FL studio, plays war thunder and his name starts with “J” I assume….

  5. u r crazy man 😉
    great game

  6. I would scout the 1 line if I was in a low tier scout. If you are in a high tier scout then play like a medium. I’ve scouted the 1/2 line going up the bushes in my charioteer for 5,000 scouting damage in a tier 10 battle.

  7. 3:49

    Have you seen the Arty Double Kill? lol

  8. Top notch game LR, great insight into your thinking.

  9. Just got this tank training a crew in the 64 for it now. Nice work really smart play.

  10. “Quickybaby level replays” lmao

  11. Gib more videos on youtube! Twitch is a dirty place with thots in it 🙁

  12. Imagine how much more epic an AMX 40 replay would ave been! :p In all honesty, you made pretty much the best plays possible. the only thing you could have done better was the way you dealt with the T-34-85M, but you didn’t know that the thing has crazy DPM at the time, so you made the best play with the information you had, epic to watch, and even more epic to see you play mind games with the “Super Pershing”.

  13. Obviously the correct call in this game, but the team positions was abit weird. Not a typical game this, espescially for that tier

    • Nothing weird about it… I’ve seen likes of Mauschen,Maus,Type 4/5 camping there at the back in Prokhorovka match after match(Asia server) while the Lights scout the middle….Even in a game with no Arty!!

    • +Jit D yes. Usally atleast one side camps at the back even with super heavies, but that the enemy abandoning the middle ridge, 6-7 line and the entire eastern flank like this i dont see that often. Maybe one of those, but rarely all. EU server though

    • +Mr. Sulen yeah, well EU has a much greater population than us SEA server. So you can expect varieties in gameplay and formation style. Whereas in here it has almost become a trend to camp…?

  14. Lemming, you are the best player I have ever watched. However today, well to put it simply, you traded your teammates lives so you could get more damage. You were the ONLY light and you left your team blind when you knew where the enemy was.

    • I’ve noticed a lot of unicum players bitch about players blocking them then doing same thing, also noticed they care too much about padding stats and run in packs of unicums, lemming rush actually is good he is polite and suggests better ways to play

    • You cannot always predict the enemy, I often make the play to the same place to spot heavy tanks crossing, which 90% of the time they do cross to the hill. As it turns out, nobody did and he took advantage of already lit tanks, no point in trying to spot what is already spotted. I do believe a type 64 went to the 1 line, but he screwed up by yolo’ing in and getting destroyed early. You can’t blame LemmingRush for that either, as you can’t always predict what your teammates will do. He played to the situation as it evolved.

    • +john beardshall “I’ve noticed a lot of unicum players bitch about players blocking them then doing same thing”

      I see another streamer do this often and it really gets on my nerves. He decides where he will go before the game starts and then refuses to adjust his strategy if someone else is already there, muscles his way in and then bitches about the other player blocking him. And let’s blame the team for losing it for us.

    • There were an e25 and type 64 over who could’ve done the job just as well so Lem wouldn’t have to sacrifice easy shots on the flanks of enemies while moving in.

    • he plays like that non stop

  15. I’m guessing the T-34-85 wasn’t fooled, because he know you’d be cutting it close to stop the cap if you went the other way.

    And no, scouting probably would have lost the game. The two supports at the back don’t have accurate enough guns with enough DPM to prevent you from getting YOLO’d. The farthest ridge might have been helpful, but then your escape plan would have involved a lot of risk.

  16. Feel like I’ve seen this before for some reason

  17. Sir please live-streaming sir

  18. Spotting only works out if you have a reliable team that shoot at what you spot. More often that not you can’t expect your team to hit all of their shots (if any) and a lot of the time you end up dying for nothing. Personally I have mostly given up on scouting and try to deal damage whenever I can. Only exception is if I really think I can spot the entire enemy team or so safely, but usually I think dealing damage is more consistent since you don’t need to rely on your team as much.

  19. Okay so u stay spotted for approximately 10 seconds right?

  20. Had you gone 1 line your team would have farmed them.. you went mid with terrible spotting range on that tank.. that was a bit daft.. You were both unlucky and lucky so many pushed 1 line in the end .. but to be honest the way you dealt with the T34-85 was some of the best play ever.. overall but by the time u reacted to the 1 line it was too late to bother spotting.. that horse had bolted.. but I suspect they all pushed simply BECAUSE you hadn’t spotted and so conspired to ensure the 1 line falling so fast.. and here is the rub: i do have an issue in general with you (or any player) being a light taking that slot and not being prepared nor set up or equipped to give vision.. you did it with the t54lw a lot.. that is like a sort of crippling thing to do to a team esp if there is 1 light each… even more so now they can have a French wheeled one.. i get your play style I just can’t help wonder if it’s automatically creating more stressful end game scenarios … (I mean the writing is on the wall for ur loadout when a t28 prot with binocs and camo net repeatedly out-spots you while he is a mile from any bush in the open on that map) just cos lights are super great at the end doesn’t mean they aren’t essential all game long on that map.. still ur a great player and luckily their team didn’t play vision well (except that T34-85)

    • Yeah, his commentary at the start about the 1-2 line was pretty cringy.

    • Alpheamus Deathbreeze

      His commentary states that he finds it to generally be a better play to spot out mid as opposed to spotting out the 1-2 line because the 1-2 line is typically a stalemate. A lot of players seem to not realise that this game became a 1 in 1000 scenario with an entire team camping against an entire team pushing the 1-2 line.

    • No. He plays the wz-131 to farm wn8, I’ve even heard him say it on his own stream. He dosen’t play for vision, he plays for damage. Thats why he opened by going straight to play the cross roads to farm the people that get lite on the hill, and maybe steal an early shot of dmg at someone crossing. It just happened this was the 1 in 1000 game where the team distribution was so wonky that this type of play was rewarded. But lets not get this twisted with the bad post hoc reasoning he provided to justify a selfish opening play made to wn8 farm in an otherwise pristine youtube video. There are a lot more plays to make on the 1-2 line than sit in the E-1 bush, all of which are more important to actually winning the game than the opening that he made.

      He’s had a thing for years where he bashes vision play, which is why he picked the title that he did, and why he likes to jam these bad vision lights with punchy guns, that get played like cromwells. And thats fine…until he starts making absurd statements like how you shouldn’t play the 1-2 line on prok because all you can do there is play the e-1 bush or that it only stalemates (which it does…when you have bad lights that play for damage).

    • +Anthony D lemming rush is a very good player.. so he is an asset to any team.. I also don’t think this 1 in 1000 is entirely true: this wasn’t necessarily that unusual at that tier… it’s possible their entire 1 line camped (we’ve all seen that before) the french wheeled vehicle suiscouted .. then this happens: they realise the defenders didn’t have numbers.. i.e. the SU pushed and didn’t get spotted nor shot so they got confident .. the slow tier 8s that were camping then rolled in.. I don’t think they WERE all 1 line at that point.. probably in the bushes.. but the super persh was in the mid remember? the su TD held down W and they mobbed the flank.. had lemming rush been there the suiscout would have run off (still been killed but less deeply into the lines) and it would have made them back off

  21. Wz-131 is surprisingly good in these carry situations, nice to see the love for the tank. The team deployment was very weird from the start, though I get the feeling you’re coming more from a medium player perspective looking to farm dmg, than a light player looking to farm vision. It worked out here though because someone need to take the middle tracks position anyways, their Mt-25 suicided, your type 64 made a sweep by the 1 line bushes to counter any lights there, their other light was a yolo ebr, and no one was pushing the hill anyways, so you didn’t miss out on any of the juicy vision farming you usually get there. Really odd game, and I’m glad you posted it.

  22. Thanks for the explanations. I am using your name after bad matches on the PS4, hoping players will check out educational videos like this and improve their play/make the games more fun.

  23. Nice game. I really like your videos, you explain your train of thought really well which helps a lot for someone like me who try to improve their game. I’ve noticed an almost immediate increase in my WN8 rating in my recent games since I’ve started following your channel. I also like how you are really honest and call it like you see it, without trying to sugarcoat your words.

  24. Looks like Lemming is making some Fruity Loops ;D

  25. Wow that ending was tense. How do you manage to stay calm? I nearly got a heart attack just watching this

  26. Love to see this Light tank commentary! 🙂

  27. Will LemmingRush stop clickbaits?

  28. never scout, Always use your gun

  29. That super pershing got me dead ahahha

  30. TheMightyLemming and forgetting tank names

  31. Keep the LT vids coming, you have helpful advice. I’ve found that you never listen to your team in lights and I’ve had some epic games

  32. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Thats a very odd super pershing lol

  33. Spotting the one line works very well if the enemy lights don’t go there and you have no sneaky enemy td that might out-spot you: in that case you can work the bush line along the street (not those lonely bushes on the red line). Don’t shoot and go slow and steady (I sometimes drive backwards to get away faster, you usually have enough time), in that case, you can light up one enemy tank after the other (occasionally even the lights hiding on the red line). It takes some training as there are nasty holes in the bush line, so you need to time your movement with the enemies on the field. Playing it safely can be very rewarding on a consistent basis. In your case it wouldn’t have worked, as there were far too many enemy tanks, they could have pushed you while taking fire. AAAAAND, the new suicide scout, eh, EBR, would have counter spotted you by running around like a headless chicken (note, the type 64 tried to scout, but was too aggressive going to the red line, the EBR was faster in position and caught him out).

  34. The stream of consciousness narration makes all the difference. What are you thinking, why are you thinking it, what are you going to do because of it. I only wish I played and thought half as well.

  35. By not spotting the enemy push down the west, you basically let your team die so that you could farm them. It worked out because the enemy team (KV, SP, IS, and T28 proto) were all farmable muppets and you got lucky against the T-34-85M, but I think if you ran this strategy again, you are more likely to win more often if you spot the west.

    Also, I completely disagree with you that the west is a stalemate. I think the west is decidedly won by the best scout. That could have been you.

    • The west is only won once you win the mid (usually by winning the east) unless the enemy team pushes into you one-by-one, in which case they’re likely muppets and it’d be wiser to deal with the better players on the enemy team

    • Me as a great light tank player i must say that this map is the most randnomnes in terms of how reds spread across it.I have so much games on this map and yet i stil get amazed on where people go with their tanks.Going 1 line midle or 9 line is all viable for light tanks on this map(midlle only good at the start tho)

    • +Trogodor 1996 Middle is viable the entire game, especially if your meds aren’t doing there job and poking it every now and then to light for the hill and forest (primarily the hill).

  36. WZ-131 is too slow to take the 1-line bush anyway in today’s meta.

  37. Alpheamus Deathbreeze

    You did an amazing job and played it really well. A lot of people don’t seem to realise this scenario is 1 in 1000 when the enemy team “decides” to LemmingRush the 1-2 line. I see a lot of people complaining that your choosing to spot mid as opposed to the 1-2 line means you were farming damage??? I disagree. You made a general play and were unexpectedly met with different circumstances.

  38. Don’t worry man. If you’re in a LT your team is going to *tell* you when you need to spot. Just trust their judgment. Lol

  39. jeez twitch light theme…

  40. My dude… did you watch this before you posted it? ? great video bud.

  41. yes you did great and pulled off the win . A more average player would not have been able to carrier the game as you did. I was great to see but in pubs an average player would have lost that game for his team

  42. Fucking well played

  43. Great game. Maybe the last shot on the t28 would have been safer/more effective going around the east side and jumping him from k9?

  44. What is this semi constant QB bashing? It gets a bit childish you know. You are a good player with very good analyzation skills, you do not need that, really.

  45. Jozef Chocholáček
  46. Are you going to upload a Pubg vid?

  47. My birthday video

  48. Hey LemmingRush. Question: am i allowed to use your video, translate it into german and post it on my yt channel? This kind of match exactly explains why sometimes spotting isnt a solution. Thx for reading, keep up the good work dude 😀

  49. U did great !!!! Nice moves there. Get my stats up since I watch u. Gj

  50. Héctor Álvarez Fernández

    I don’t get why you have to few likes, these games are more useful than half the guides out there who only repeat basic knowledge, you tell us the reasoning behind your decisions instead of just adding pointless commentary.

    Great vids.

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