WOW, 2000HP Shot – Highest Alpha Roll I Have Seen in 2020 in World of Tanks | The FV4005 Stage II

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Source: DezGamez

World of FV4005 Stage II Gameplay. World of FV4005 Stage II Gameplay, British Tank Destroyer. World of Free Gold Giveaway, Large Loot Boxes Giveaway.

► Player: LaSpashell

Today, for the end of the 2020, which was quite a ridiculous year, I am going show you one of the most ridiculous in World of Tanks – The FV4005 Stage II. This tank just so crazy, troll and frustrating at the same time, depends how RNG treats you…

Enjoy the show!


  1. 2020 is over soon, so let’s send it off with a BANG… FV4005 Stage II with its 183mm boomstick does quite a BANG! 😉
    Hope you have fantastic Holidays! 😉
    Congratulations to all the winners and stay tuned for more free stuff!

  2. Meanwhile on the console version HESH has been nerfed so much that it will never see this potential ever again.

  3. i cant believe you didnt see any 2000 shots…i did like 3 of them myself and i remember all of them – 1shot kill to patton, one 2000 roll to super conqueror and one to foch :/ its not that rare since this gun can do up to 2100dmg

  4. I can confirm, I was playing my Tortoise one time on Lakeville and got 1 shot for 2k damage by a 183mm. Shot in the same place of course…

  5. People complain about Jg100 fake 1000 alpha (usually rolls below 1000)
    4005: lol why tf you crying about the Jg100 and it’s puny 299 pen?

    I love the Damascus steel skin in the reply 🙂

  6. It’s not the highest, I got one shot in my m48 patton with 2k hp as well. Was a very fun experience… 😅

  7. i love when FV gives me a full HP shot. 3x i remember.

  8. Welp I just got 1 shotted in my 2000 hp E4 by the bloody FV hesh about 5 times now… in this week. I wasn’t driving ass first I was actually playing and they just got lucky and penned my turret cheek from 400m away

  9. I made 1500 dmg shot with progetto

  10. Oneshot Jagdtiger 2100 Hp

  11. He did almost 1k more damage than his whole team O.o

  12. This tank feels too accurate, too mobile for this size of a gun. Like the KV-2 has its limits. This doesnt though…

  13. Alexandru-Ionut Bîrlea

    Dez my brother in 1 battle i roll full hp on the 140 and Progetto 65 plus another game with 2111 în the 277 so FV is my love in this game.
    If u want fun play FV ❤️

  14. Who else read the video title and heard Dez’s voice _”Teeeeuuwww TOWSANDgaiz”_ 😀

  15. That’s only +14% or so, the max roll is 2187

  16. Mailand made 2039 dmg with one shot while livestreaming in FV4005. Whatch the video (“Bert klatscht im ranked”) its crazy RNG there!!

  17. Like is fine that this tank has over 3.6k dpm stock (HE and HESH)? That feels too healthy of a reload speed. Plenty of tanks have have similar DPM but much lower alpha with not nearly the same module damage. Are Jg Pz E 100 or Foch 155 balanced compared to this monster? Maybe more so and I wish WG would think about making tanks feel more considered.

  18. Check my epic carry whit the a Dez camo Death Star,posted on ur site

  19. I was shot by Death Star for 2080 few days ago while playing Jagdtiger.

  20. I can even penetrate tortoise commander hatch with 270 pen

  21. Тихомир Господинов

    Wneh i got FV4005 on my 1st ever battle, my 1st ever shot was on the side of the E5 turret and it was 2100 HP of dmg 🙂

  22. Few days ago I snap penetrated T95 booper with regular HE. 1800 dmg.

  23. I got 2000 damage in M53/55 arty on WT auf E100, few times 😀 those were the days

  24. perfect demonstration of the dynamics of the game. A specific tank gets ridiculous RNG until such time as the whiners complain so much that it gets nerfed, and we move on to the next OP tank that has not yet had enough complaints about it.

  25. Dez i rolled 2000 with shitbarn multiple times, its the most epic moment 😀

  26. I rolled 2100 on a Jagdtiger with my Shitbarn!

  27. If you look at the damage board Dez he got five kills so it reads as 12334 5 🙂

  28. 1923 – my personal record !

  29. In my country one streamer was able to do 2188with one shot to the side of type 5 heavy, he freaked out so loud lmao

  30. I hit a super conqueror while playing in advances for almost 2100.

  31. I rolled for 2049 on a chiefton once (console)

  32. In absolute numbers, yes this is a great shot.
    In relative numbers, considering the average damage, it is only mediocre.

  33. I have done 2200damage playing my DeathStar II (*FV215b 183) hiting a (FV215b 183) for 2200 hight roll ! 1 year ago 2019*

  34. I once hit 60 tp for 2028 and ST II for 2138 from front lower plate. Then i went back to see what the highest damage i can do. It was indeed 2138. I laughed so hard because I’m such a noob and in 2 shots I did 4k damage. I may have screenshots as well. will search on my mobile because it was special for me… 🙏

  35. I did 2146 HP damage on a Maus in the FV

  36. I took 2007 damage in an sconq from a 4005(no fire or ammorack)

  37. ok guys and girls You came here to see that 5:38 🙂 you welcome

  38. I once did 2016 damadge into a e50 M Butt left ihm Witz 34 Hop😔

  39. Just got the FV4005 and man is it fun when the shells go where you want them to. My 3 favorite shots so far was a full hp 2000dmg STB-1, a Full hp Obj 140 when i had like 10hp left. and luckiest was blind fire from over 450m into the tiny weak point on top of a E100 turret for a 1800 dmg pen.

  40. I bet I can beat your highest alpha shot. With a shot from the Jg.Pz. E 100. I just have to find the replay. I know the map, just have to find the replay.

  41. Everything that happened in this match is so rare its crazy. Maybe you have 1 good game out of 4 or 5. The planets all had to be in line for a battle like that to happen.

  42. 2400 shot against an IS-7 but that’s because I ammo racked him.

  43. Scored a 2087 hit on the side of a full HP Obj. 705a today. Could Not believe it myself

  44. Perfect td for clickers and other idiots what can play only by autoaim.

  45. And they said arty was broken….

  46. I hit once Obj 277 for 2200 sideways in back with FV4005

  47. Death star highroll for me was 2200

  48. My record is over 2800 in one shot without ammo rack or fire. I hit in the middle of 5-6 tanks with arty.

  49. I did -2047 in a coupola of a super conqueror during first quarantine

  50. 2126 with 1 shot to jag e100

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