Wow, 380mm Sturmtiger is Addictive! | World of Tanks The Sturmtiger Gameplay – Crouching Tiger

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Source: DezGamez

The Sturmtiger Mega Damage – Crouching Tiger Special Tank Event in World of Tanks. Sturmtiger Gameplay.
► The Sturmtiger’s event article:

Not gonna lie, this is highly addictive!

Enjoy the show!


  1. Have you tried the mode yet, what’s your highest damage roll? 🙂 Mine in the intro clip is 8,545 together with some 1,1k ramming action! 😀
    But, ladies and gentlemen I would like to say one massive, omega big thank you for crossing 200,000 subscribers! ❤ x 200,000!
    There are going to be many special things celebrating it, stay tuned! ❤

  2. Congrats on the 200k Dez!!!!!!!!!!

  3. omg this mode is super op 😀

  4. Congratz for 200k!

  5. Lego Technic MOC's and Concepts

    Set on 0.25x speed and press this (you won’t be disappointed) —> 12:38

  6. Congrats on 200K!

  7. It’s fun for like 5 games. Grinding 100 kills for mission seems way too boring.

  8. Meh. I played one game and was like “Is that it?” The first game is kind of fun, but with very little in the way of any meaningful rewards or credits I just went back to the random battle queue.

  9. Karl gerat or thor had 600mm cannon but it was during the 8 bit wars event so noone remembers

  10. I’d love to play it more but I don’t have the time if I want to complete act 3

  11. Krešimir Skender

    Congrats Dez…you are the best

  12. You did it dez!

  13. Congrats, DZ

  14. This Raketenwerfer pronounciation. I Really love it. greetings from germany

  15. My highest role with the “Crouching tiger” was 8 759 damage

  16. best game on dmg 28k and best game on defence 21k blocked sofar!

  17. Looks like a crap game mode…

  18. 8 bit karl had 600mm, so no this isnt the biggest gun ever seen in game

  19. I had question i m on server EU1 and i can t go in battle with strumtiger can somebody help me

  20. Josshy TehComrade A18 TK

    I Have Not Play Sturmpanzer Yet TnT The What Curfew. I’m Playing Wot Pc On EU And I Live In Asia TnT.

  21. Best derp everrrrrrrrrr

  22. Its not really world of tanks, just the same interface.

  23. I cab’t play, as I work on the evening… Why do WG let this event be playable only 4 hours a day!? Would be easy to let us play all day long. So have no opinion sadly.

  24. 200k congratulation

  25. Congratulation!

  26. People complain about Arty
    WG introduce Arty Only Event
    Thankyou WG for giving us Arty players something back after the countless unneeded nerfs

  27. BenW Piano Covers

    21k would not exceed my damage record cuz I once got 22k in homefront lol

  28. I can’t believe people still rage in this mode.

  29. Gabriel Does Animated

    WAIT- why in the background music on dez video sound liks World of Warships peaceful warrior soundtrack

    i can hear it (80% volume :3)

  30. RRRaketenwerfeRRRR

  31. I did 50k dmg lol

  32. Congrats on your 200k subs DezGamez…. And thank you for all your epic content in the past and in the future.. Love you dude.. <3

  33. two games was all i could bare, maybe if there were any actual rewards i would try it again.

  34. Kinda weird to consider this is artillery rather than a tank destroyer

  35. A fun game mode which is ruined by a pointless time limit however, can you imagine if they released these into Randoms 😀

  36. WTF! It says that its only ready to play at midnight?!?!

  37. 8pm till midnight? Looks like I wont be playing it

  38. I work night shifts so I cant play…

  39. Add it to tech tree!

  40. After the 3rd game this shit gets boring

  41. Dez, how come have you skills commander, you didnt play for your self to get your self?

  42. 200k Subs. Congratulation Dez!

  43. Oh look, it’s a new well balanced tier 8 premium tank XD

  44. Congrats Dez on the 200k subscribers!

  45. this feels like an out of season april fools gamemode

  46. Those strumtigers are like fast monster trucks with deadly guns

  47. Yesterday I hit a tank after a shell flight time of 10 seconds 😀

  48. LoL what a joke mode

  49. The game time restriction (19 – 23 GMT+1) fucks me up… working shifts no chance to play…

  50. lol how he sais raketenwerfer
    btw. that means rocketlauncher

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