wow amazing war vehicle | Zachlam Tager amazing machine

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  1. So this is just worse SS.11 amx13 at 6.7?

  2. Yeah the entire Marder A1 at 7.3 as well really calls into question why this thing is in the game or at least at 7.3. I wouldn’t want it to move down either but the Marder is better in every way except that the Zachlam can kinda fire from cover. I mean, I don’t think it’s worthless but I also don’t see why they added it.

  3. Oh yeah I could feel Warthunder sucking every bit of joy out of the game for you in this video. I really want to keep playing this game but every time I get on, 3 matches later I remember why I quit last time.

  4. I mean… If you want to play on specific Maps, you can like, dislike and ban maps for searching

  5. Zech – lam Tiger

  6. Day 1 of asking for phly to play with The USA low rank jet

  7. Will you ever do another Warthunder Movie?

  8. good reason to unsub 14:29 ,this dude is cringeeee … ur welcome .

  9. *weapon hotter than the surface of the sun

    Phly: Why is it so bright?

  10. hey phly would love to see you play the T-80U sometime. not saying it has, but i feel like alot has changed since last time you played it. love your videos man, really helps me to not be sad

  11. the fact this thing can see a tank with APS in a full uptier which can shoot down its ATGMS and make it useless aside from scouting is peak gaijin moment

  12. Dog Nature And Human


  13. Attempting since Sept 2018 please Phly. I-16 type 10. Fun and agile little fighter.
    Thank you

  14. I have this one
    Ps: terible.

  15. Арсений Фастов

    Its funny to me because in slavic Zachlam sounds like the word “за хлам” which means “for junk”

  16. Oh my God they think I’m scenery dies immediately lol

  17. Probably the most useless vehicle in the game


  19. Phly imma need you to spend 21 gold eagles

  20. معاذ احمد

    Don’t use Israel’s failed vehicles

  21. I mourn for mormons.

  22. yeah, you can tell Phly really enjoyed this vehicle and will definetly pick it up to play in his free time for leisure

  23. Wow Everyday is back!

  24. Day 35: Play with any captured tank (E.g. Panther in Russian tech tree or Sherman in Japanese tree) and play as an impostor in the enemy team

  25. Your introduction is so long and boring

  26. Day 116 : Phly out the Arsenal VG33 to show em the true power of the Hispano V12 powered by wine 👀❤️🇫🇷

  27. Interestingly enough you dont actually die from the nuke. When the explosion shows up on your screen, you can actually move your mouse and fire machine guns and see the tracers in the explosion camera

  28. Get a job pal

  29. phly: is at ground zero of the nuke
    also him: why isn’t he dropping it??

  30. “We have to play relaxful” (think to myself “that’s not a word”)…. “We have to play relaxful” (Wtf That’s not a word)…. “We have to play relaxful” (dude that’s not a word)…. “We have to play relaxful” (omg that’s not a word)….”We have to play relaxful” (THAT’S NOT A WORD)…. “We have to play relaxful” (OMFG THAT’S NOT A WORD!!!!)…. “We have to play relaxful” (I give up. Love ya Phly)….

  31. Day 8: phly it has been 5 years and a whole BR lower sense you have flown the mighty wyvern. At 4.0 this plane brings a massive payload with uncontested speeds drop some tea bags in the name of the queen

  32. “I’ve never gotten nuked before, how fun :)” gonna use this joval quote when WWIII goes down IRL

  33. If you think these missiles are slow check the first swedish helicopter

  34. Worst vehicule in the entire game 😓

  35. Hey Phly, Italy got a new f104, this could be a nice time for some V E R Y high speed bombing

  36. In Polish ‘zachlam’ stands for ‘I will get very drunk’

  37. I didn’t like the video

  38. classic cheater here again: StevoMS 100% radar and aimbotcheating pos

  39. Day 325: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  40. Yo Phly, the IL2 23mm can pen 47mm plates now, hunt some panzers with the sofisticated weapon systems

  41. The half track with a laugh track.

  42. Phly i only have 770 silver lions rn seeing you with 20 mil is painfull

  43. Day 304: Phly, I challenge you to the conphusing aerial smokescreen challenge. Destroy three enemy aircrapht with smoke shells in a single game. Good luck. o7

  44. i’ve never seen such a quality nuke explosion.. thanky ou sir

  45. how about boycotting the ruski game and starting doing something productive?

  46. Yup…… its Poo, jus sayin

  47. When april fools video??

  48. Day 18 of asking phly to play the Italian r3 at 5.0

  49. a slow missile haha it reminds me of the air tortoise missile from EDF

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