wow THANK YOU WAR THUNDER! | SU-122 54 (War Thunder Gameplay)

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wow WAR ! | SU-122 54 (War Thunder Gameplay)



  1. Cheese burger

  2. Its sad to sound like a wehraboo here but now German Ground Forces suffer for real between 5.0 and 8.7…

  3. This trash can easily be kicked up on 8.7 with that HE but noo let’s make US, GB, FR and other nations on lower br suffer because we are greedy russian fucks that glorify only papa stalin, vodka and labor camps on Siberia well fuck so much you gaijin for this epic tank destroyer

  4. Samuel Fernandez

    I just love the Mg kills on the game

  5. problem with this tank is not the tank, but that there’s nothing else at 6.7 you can put in its lineup unless you get a premium tank … but the tank is great

  6. Jakub Żółtak

    Phly saying whaaaaat at 400mm HEAT and laughing maniacally a bit, not shooting it once in video…
    Glitch in a WarThunderix or what?

  7. Anthony Aguirre

    Hey phly, I just got out of a break up and well u are pretty much the only dude I watch, I would like to ask if u can play more planes, I was actually lying but I want u to play more planes

  8. Top tankdestroyer at 6.7 is the m50

  9. @phly you can control your machineguns separatily from your main gun and they have their own scopes etc. for shooting down airplanes.

  10. thank you

  11. Hilarious episode today, the sound montage was awesome Stronk Sir !

  12. Russian s always get the disadvantage in battle

  13. JUMPSCARE AT 8:22 LMAO!!

  14. Pls play SU-100P

  15. Benito Mussolini

    No thank you war thunder I’m still stuck at 3.0 because of the grinding problem

  16. Timotej Krajčovič

    Thank you War Thunder, very cool

  17. Jansssododldl 1

    I bought the pack but didnt use the link 😕I would have loved to help the channel

  18. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    Phly I thing they’ve fixed the BOMBERS now. I really think they are more resistant now, will you honor this new fix by playing the B17?

  19. brandon francis

    When you don’t realise that you got killed by a tank ace

  20. 5:25 god we need more TF2 sound overlays on WT vids because they’re so golden

  21. Jalapeño Assassin

    I remember getting killed by phly for my first time, ever since I tried to die by him again

  22. Valentin Vyshynescu

    Play IAR-81 please!

  23. More low tier gameplay plz 🙁

  24. Thank you WarTinder

  25. I’ve always wondered, how come you use KPH instead of MPH because your American right?

  26. Play Super Mystere B2

  27. t 34 100 should be at 6,3 ,also is 6 should be at 7,0 ,also king tiger should be at 6,3

  28. Phly pls try the ikv 103 from the swedish tech tree that has 400mm heatfs at 5.7

  29. Just started playing Russians again got the t34 57, this is something to look forward too

  30. I remember that just yesterday I shot down a plane with a machine gun from my lvt

  31. grayson hellyer

    This thing was a breath of fresh air after playing the su152 and su122

  32. 1:47 made me loose it. Funniest comment ever. 😀

  33. One of the swedish Tank Destroyers at 5.7 had These heat ammo with 400mm of Pen, too!!!

  34. Blind Thunder 0 。0

  35. bro what is the music from the intro i need that shit

  36. Garrison grussian gamer

    I didn’t know there was such thing as a 54, only a 44

  37. Jacobus Fosterius

    I’m not gonna say thanks. It’s more cold war tanks to kill my tiger 2.

  38. that machine gun noise needs to be a fucking mod like time meow!!!!!!!! XDXD

  39. Logan Jefferies

    Wow thank u war tinder

  40. I was watching a 25 min video about simulated reality speculation an lo and behold, the very next video I watch Phly says glitch in the matrix twice

  41. MrSwedishMeatball

    Check out the chieftain marksman spaa. It is weird looking 🤣

  42. Phly play the m22 and get the f4e attempt number 4

  43. I can’t get WT to even fucking launch any more. This is why I never put real money into online bullshit.

  44. HappyGamerNoob_ YT


  45. Hey phly ! The first marshal call us to the battle !
    So take out some soviet tanks , if you can play the iconic tank like IS-2 and T-34’s. With rule : “No one step back”

    The rule is easy , you unbind the reverse key. So you just can go forward , left and right
    Come on please try it phly !

  46. Loving the unloved play the tiger porshe

  47. So, i was testdriving the t-50 and… i killed every single tank. Without the jagdtiger i think. That one i used artillery on

  48. It sure looks fun, can’t wait to get killed by this every game in my Panther A

  49. Almost 900k

  50. as if russia didn’t have enough big guns with too much pen at lower tier…. awesome. RiP to those still grinding their Tiger II P’s and anything at 5.7. We all know russia likes to down-tier pretty often.

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