WT E 100 IS BACK + CHIEFTAIN PROTO – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks is bringing back the Waffenträger auf E 100 for random battles and releasing the new FV4201 Chieftain Proto and KV-4 KTTS! Here's all you to know about the new event!



  1. maybe their using the WT as a rental to see how it fits into the game at this current stage to maybe return it fully

  2. 350mm turret armor, 80mm hull armor

    Ah yes

  3. Tier 9 premium chieftain is not something i would say im “looking forward to”

  4. More low chance loot boxes to ruin the excitement i had hearing chieftain mentioned in the video title. Oh well war gaming will be war gaming. I’ll pass.

  5. lol classic WG reroll for gold baby!!!!

  6. Baron von Limbourgh

    The waffeltracktor would be pretty sh^t in todays meta.
    Maybe as a tier 9.

  7. Baron von Limbourgh

    Rather have the old kv1s back..

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  9. Don’t have to worry about this. Can’t load the game since the update.

  10. A company that requires players gamble to get rewards would never rig games, their ethical standards are just too high… and there is no benefit to WG to rig games anyway (other than money)

  11. I’d like to see the wt e 100 come back in the techtree again. I do fear wargaming won’t bring it back for free though. That I can almost guarantee. It will be some reward tank or dump 100k bonds like the last forge tank lol.

  12. Do we really need another chieftain ?

  13. Has it been 5 years? I remember the wt. I remember when kv1s was king at tier 6. Good old times. I gotta play this game again

  14. That regular chieftain is the draw imo I’ll save for the advent calendar. Thanks QB

  15. Looks like WG has made a couple small changes to the Chief Proto as compared to what is on tanks gg.

    35 ->40 top speed
    12 ->13 reverse
    14.4 ->15.6 hp/t

    It should play fairly similar to the Phase 1, vert stabs will be needed. The frontal hull is weaker but it gets the juicy HESH rounds that the phase doesn’t.

  16. the chiftain is nerfed compared to the real thing. it’ s upper hull should be 127mm not 80. some other stats are a little bit better though, like the hp per ton and the side armor

  17. They should both be in cold war .

  18. wouldnt surprise me if theyre testing to see what would happen if they add the wt auf back into the game to see if they can do it without totally breaking the game

  19. The time limiting on these recent events is some straight up dogshit. Some of us players have a job and can’t just play constantly. What happens when I get home at midnight? Oh, right. Forced to buy rewards I guess. Fuuuuck war gaming for thst

  20. Wish wg can just sell the chieftan proto in the store/premium shop.. im more than happy to pay some cash for it. This lootbox gambling is busted asf.

  21. This event is garbage.

  22. Qb , it would be really interesting if u would make a live while playing the wafentrager on random battles here on Chanel or something

  23. Yet another Cheiftan put in as an event reward instead of in the tech tree.

  24. Let me see… I am a bad luck player so the 90% chance for me is like 5% for others so the 2.4% chance will be like ****** for me.. Another mission impossible.

  25. fix the unbalanced MM!!!…they can bring a 279 at tier 6 and i never would spent a single penny as long they fix their rigged game!
    The ultimate treasure is 5 Rounds in a W100??…That Tank was not half OP then 279 and Thieftain is…or Kranvagn was!
    This Tank is a Myth, nothing more and they try to make money with that!!
    Maybe i ask the Roman Empire how good Hannibal was in Reality^^….cross the alpes with elephants in winter, is one of the badest ideas in battle history.
    Make your Enemy big and defeat him, so you are much bigger now! without any action!

  26. Well crap, I’m out of town for work for most of the event days…
    Great timing…

  27. Well, I’m definitely spinning again when I get the +10 rental battles. That’s basically a free spin on getting the Premium tanks I want. Why would I care about a Rental Tank anyways? But dang….14,000 in one battle?!? How good do you have to be? I plan to play for the 3,000 bonds, and the credits, and beautiful female commanders. Fight for the WOMEN YOH!!!!

  28. Another money grab by world of vampires.

  29. No funny shits

  30. I will no play this mode

  31. 5 games might have been one hour gameplay back in the days. Now its more like 10 minutes (5×2) 😉

  32. oh boy, to me this event looks/feels so complicated:) i know, it most likely is not, but to me there is just bit too much of everything in it. till now i have not played one game in this mode over the years, although i really would like to get these commanders, but ehh, seems to be too much of a hassle.

  33. Wargaming went Gacha. Because we all know how fair gacha games are…

  34. im missing quite a few of these tanks tbh… I have a few too

    I only want the t9, but the t8 will at least be something id use

    I dont want the wf at all… even with rerolls this could be a huge scuffed waste of my money

  35. To all the people who are excited for the WT E100, it will suck under the new meta as it has no turret armour and low gun depression. But it should be fun but not competitive

  36. anyone know id we get battlepass points in this mode?

  37. If this chief proto comes out OP. I’m gonna lose it because they made the other T9 premiums to be bad. I grinded for those and I cant Grind this one out?! tf WG

  38. WG the best when talking about inventing ways to suck your money

  39. i bet will be a lot of E 100 in random battles, i will ply tier 7 , so am not gona meet E100, we all know why was remowed from game, u dont hawe chance ageints it

  40. Man pc looks like a whole different game compared to console

  41. sick, we earned it and they remove it and now tempt people with the same grrr

  42. WarShaming releasing an exclusive new tank locked behind buying lootboxes… Typical WarShaming moment

  43. I dont even play the game im just here to dislike the video

  44. eventually, WG will reput the WT auf E 100 in the game for good to bring more new AND old players back to the game

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