WT Ground forces first impressions

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. ladies and mentlegen 😛

  2. Agree with all the points you made my good sir:)

  3. foch playing wt :O

  4. The best review on WTGF so far … and I have seen few. The first time I can see the tanks properly, other videos were too dark. Great work.

  5. Wot has more tanks than war thunder
    So if you want experience with differently variety of tanks ,wot will be a better choice

    • Map awareness ? It’s either camp at the same location all the time or use fast tanks to move unpredictability but RNG would still destroy you in one shot especially the ones from tier 8 to 10. This just promotes camping in WOT, I expect only bad players support arty because it is luck base which suit those bad players.

    • There will be over 60 vehicles including premium tanks just in the Russian tank tree…

    • +mintchipster source?

    • Oblivion'sLegend

      +Nsti Sta They added the Panther 2 into WT.  It’s safe to say that they’ll pull a Wargaming and add in prototypes and blueprints as they see fit.

    • Oblivion'sLegend

      +Nsti Sta The T-50 is so extremely overpowered for it’s tier its ridiculous.  40mm sloped all around?  And keeps the mobility of a light tank?  GG Gaijin, you just one-upped Wargaming on making OP Russian tanks.

  6. Grinds in WT are horrible. Haven’t played tanks, but by playing planes, it’s very obvious that Gaijin wants players to “Pay to win”. Grind used to be much worse (Players calculated that it would take ONE YEAR to grind out ONE COUNTRY’s ONE LINE) but it’s reduced by 25%. By playing planes, this game is definitely NOT optimized for fun. As tanks go live, expect base rushes and 3 minute games by base bomber spams.

    When Gaijin finally roles out of closed beta, Russian bias will appear. There are many Russian planes that are performing 150-200% than IRL. Yes, they are fixing the Yaks, La-s etc etc but the I-185 is purely made up. Only 4 were produced, the only M-82 variant never even saw combat. 

    Also, watch out for Yer-2s They have three times the bombload compared to what they actually carried IRL.

    • ILikeTheThingsIDo

      You haven’t played tanks yet. I can tell you that past tier 2, the Russians have very little superiority beyond mobility and occasionally armor. The IS-1 is a match for the Tiger, having a slightly worse gun for better mobility and armor. The T-34-85 is by no means a match for the Panther. It is faster and that’s all. The armor is cheese to even Panzer IVs and even the higher tier Panzer III’s

      Also, pay to win is incorrect. Having a higher tier machine doesn’t make you a better player. It is definitely pay to advance. All free to play games are inherently like that. They degree which is acceptable varies according to the person.

    • +ILikeTheThingsIDo They have made “Pay to win” available. The “Convert RP” is a way to pay to win. Unlike WoT, you can “Generate” RP for you to fly past the tiers. 

      We’ll see about the bias issue. But either way, allies have way inferior tanks than the Germans did. Balancing is an issue…

      My worst fear now is that American tanks would be nerfed to dirt. It took them two years and thousands of threads to budge Gaijin to fix the P-38’s flight model, and finally gave a correct RoF for the P-51 Mustang.

      Meanwhile… Glass tails…

    • +skyguy7567 In WoT ón the other hand, you can straight away buy a tier 8 premium, then use all your gold to covert exp on it to free exp, and just waffle you way to pretty much any tank in the game, even the top tiers. I don’t know how expensive it is, but in WT, to get a tier 5 plane the shortest way possible, you need roughly a bit above 400€. 

      Don’t forget, playing one and only plane (the tier 5 you can get this way) will suck, you get rammed (even unintentionally) and bye bye. 

    • +erik260196 in WT free RP arrive by the thousands. In a plane that gets 60% awards I’m getting over 1500 RP on a decent match. In WoT if you wanna get 1500xp you’ll pretty much have to kill the whole enemy team.
      You must have been forgetting about the true wallet warriors. That’s where “Pay to win” comes into play.

      400 Euros is very expensive, that’s why I said ” Grinds are terrible”.

      Gameplay is messed up badly in planes. You get TEN TIMES the matchmaking spread than in 1.35, which is 1.33 compared to a calculated 0.3. 3 minute games, B-17 squads, Yer dive bombers.

      Oh the fighters in Arcade? They’re just for looks. No winning involved.

      Tanks are a bit easier to balance, model and code. I hope they do a better job.

    • +erik260196 Aww, that’s unfair plane!

  7. Try not to play like WOT so much.

    • We can use WOT weak point system and hull down tactics.

    • mitchel vermeulen

      +goff0103 the lower plate is not a weak spot anymore in WT

    • That would explain why it does not work like in the jingles video.

    • +mitchel vermeulen yep, the “point of concern” is now more of a turret ring than the lower plate in WoT, turret ring – weaker armor, ammorack behind it, half the crew can get killed + all those people who hide their lower plate think that moving between shots is not a thing to do. 

    • Boring game as fuck! No matter how I play it. And it’s easy like hell in arcade mod! Realistic mode.. Better. But still meh. 

  8. they said the spotting system is place-holder from the planes, but as u said its beta

  9. Grinding for the Tiger 1 is hard and long but worth it in the end.

    • comparing to WoT grind untill the Tiger I, the grind in war thunder is actually quite short.

    • +jorno1994 also you get it with the actual Tiger turret and 88mm gun, not some sort of Panther-Tiger stepchild like the “stock” Tiger in WoT. 

    • +jorno1994 no. That was the closed beta. The grind will be as fast. Maybe just a bit faster

  10. mods used: xvm fail! 😀

  11. Alexander Yordanov

    On leading targets:
    You do that in WoT too 😛

    BTW Foch, what do you think on made up Tiger 2 vs IS-4M

  12.  If you love relatively fast paced games, with more information to keep track of and make decisions around, where every decision made by every tank has a permanent effect on the match, then you want WoT. But if you are the type of person who would rather play ARMA over BF3/BF4, or the type who already prefers to play WT realistic air battles over arcade battles, then you are probably the type of person who will enjoy War Thunder tanks better. A lot of us will enjoy both. But I definitely have more fun playing WoT generally.

     I like the fact that in WoT I have to keep track of what all 14 other tanks on my team are doing at ALL times, in order to make the best decisions. I like the fact that I have MORE decisions and tactical options based on the ever changing health pools of myself, my enemies, and my allies. It just feels to me like WoT is a more aggressive battlefield, with decisions that have to be made more aggressively, and the more multitasking and decisions in a match = the more mistakes people make, and the more interesting the developing tactics become. 

  13. In WoT arty doesn’t stop retards from camping, since they usually don’t know in what kind of trouble they are.

    Also: the biggest problem with WT tanks are that planes and tanks in the same map don’t go together, planes have a huge map, and 1-5% of that are player controlled tanks and planes just destroy tanks without effort.

    • Did you play ground forces there is no player control planes in arcade mode. Only in realistic and simulator mode.

    • +goff0103 I haven’t played it after it got to the live server from Nightly.

    • There isn’t any more more player control planes in arcade mode in the live server, hopefully will stay that way after it officially launches.

    • +goff0103
       in arcade they are not but they are in historical and the AAA in historicals are super accurate and deadly cause you know we supposed to playing tanks but doesnt stop them brigging planes (2 tanks 5 planes in 1 historical battle with the germans 😛 )

    • I tried using a bunch of bombers into the game and all I can use is the Tu 2.

  14. WT GF hm…
    so far i have played is pretty good they are issue but it says Closed Beta Test for that
    map’s are which is nice
    there 3 game modes with variants of battles
    the best of them so far is conquest where having the cap or not doesnt really matter cause the points go down slowly and allows you to have fun and kill other tanks
    Agreed on aiming stuff
    you dont aim at certain parts no criticals and stuff which is logical
    overall Possitive addition to the games with tanks and defently spoils the monopolio that WG had untill now in that derpartment

  15. This is why i subbed, you are very honest and you can figure out things that many people don’t. Same goes with wot.

  16. ILikeTheThingsIDo

    The nice thing is that there will hopefully be less power creep in WT. Seriously, does anyone want to take an IS-7 up against a WTF E-100? Does anyone want to take a Pershing against a Centurion 1?

    • You get ACPR and HEAT shells for the price of credits instead of gold or credits convert to gold like in WOT so it is far cheaper.

    • And so do Panther II and KT 10.5cm

    • +deldrinov
      Same for Germans, no 260mm pen Tiger II or 290 pen JagdTiger. Tiger II’s L/71 did about 200mm of pen at 100 meters, and (surprisingly) about 190mm for the 128mm Pak 44 L/55 in the JagdTiger. 

    • +Žiga Auer the diameter and explosive shell is way bigger cus of the bigger caliber. So that means when it penatrates. It has a way bigger change to knock things the fuck out.

  17. I really liked this video and hope you do bring more WT videos 😀

  18. The Russians did actually use ramming as a legitimate tactic in WW2 battle of Kursk. However, it wasnt like you say, instead the T34-85s rammed them so that they mounted them and prevented them turning their turrets and firing.

  19. nuclearsharkattack

    Foch — great to see you starting reviews on the Ground Forces. I bought a tank pack and got into closed beta on the nightly server awhile back. I started playing War Thunder planes over a year ago. They have a fun game which can co-exist with WoT, I don’t think either will impact the other a whole lot, to be honest. The gameplay is just too different with pros/cons for each. I hope you check into the tankplay in Armored Warfare when it hits open beta. AF is modern tanks from 1955-2020 and it looks to be a killer game.

  20. Well foch. Try playing sim battles. Waited 40 minutes to get into one yesterday in my P-51.

  21. I still think they should remove Respawn completely from RB and SB.

  22. TheFunkyChicken

    Good review: some reviews can be too gushing about a new shiny thing while others can over-fixate on one thing about WTGF: nice balance.

  23. wot is a acarde noob game 🙂

  24. i will be waiting for this game to come in Open Beta

  25. Guys. Tomorow!, 15th of may. TANKS ARE GONNA BE ON THE LIBE SERVER.

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