WT || When A World of Tanks Player Tries War Thunder…

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Source: LuckyLeopard

Wanna watch the full stream?
To be honest I never thought that I would actually enjoy playing this game. Wanna see more War Thunder action in the future? stay awesome!
~ LuckyLeopard


  1. For all the War Thunder players among you. I’m sorry for the potential noob mistakes and such. I’m still very new. So plox have mercy… Thanks! 🙂

    Also for all of you wondering how I got the golden eagles. I got them from Gajin. So no I didn’t pay for them. And so far I only bought the German KV-2 from it. (idk yet what else golden eagles can do plox forgive me lol)

  2. Go for the 3.3 sherman and m24 chafee

  3. America is the most boring faction in game and only marginally harder to play than Russia

    Change my mind

  4. in low tier you make like killstreak of 10 in higher tier u can’t do

  5. this game is so much better than WOT is actually a joke

  6. use less ammo, 20 shell is enoug —>less chance to blow up yourself

  7. You cant even be called a “player” if you are playing wot, you are just trash

  8. Alpha-1 Red Right Hand

    And thats why War Thunder is better.

  9. lvt the first Abrams syndrome as you shoot the track he hit you back you shoot his turret he run back LIKE A BITCH

  10. Maarten van den berge

    This is easy mode dude easy mode realistic you can do combined and same for sim

  11. taking full ammo like a noob

  12. *Plays low tier Russians*
    “Don’t I have any gun depression?”
    No… the Russian tanks are the happiest tanks in the game comrade

  13. Ayy he converted to the holy side(backed by God, and Stalin, of course)

  14. The gs mean g-force. Your pilot can pass out if you have to much.

  15. WOTB & WT player sign in

  16. the reserve br air AB is always the most beautiful thing in warthunder

  17. Dude, do more of this, anyone up for a war thunder play through?

  18. I am also leaving wot today and coming to play war thunder

  19. Played wot for a bit, the damage system was not ok with me and once i got WT i stuck with it and i get vehicles faster.

  20. Russian has good armor down the line so does usa germany British play war thunder more please man

  21. Dude, it’s just and advice. WHATCH THE HIT CAM. This is NO health bar game, WT you need to “Destroy ammo (ammo rack), Destroy the Hull ( Hull destroyed) and kill the crew of the tank ( crew noked down), these are the three ways of killing tanks and same on planes without the ammunition explosion so don’t shoot the exact same spot,
    Have Fun, and if you have 20mm on planes (nose no on wings) like yaks, in head on just a a click and dive so he can’t shoot you. Also some planes have more limitations than others. I recommend the British Wyvern S4.

  22. 「Nightcore」ShadoV

    WoT – World of Losing
    WT – World of One-Shooting

  23. WTs main feature is realistic mode

  24. nice choose of the game m8 :))

  25. war thunder > wot

  26. On low lvls most of the tanks are bots, wait till u get to high tiers …

  27. GooglePlusLet'sYouChoose AstonishingLongUserNames

    eww… arcade

  28. *sees kv2 in br 1-2 lineup*

  29. Arcade is for retards, change my mind.

  30. 1st play more realistic 2nd pick tank airplane combo

  31. I want to destroy him with my tiger 2 h

  32. Why ‘r you shouting the entire game?

  33. Matt3xMultiservices

    non-war thunder youtuber: *plays war thunder*
    every single war thunder youtuber: OwO whats this?

  34. My first tip to a new player would be to stop playing arcade and jump instead into realistic, much more fun 😀

  35. start out wiht arcade until you get to know the game fully, then move to RB only when you get bored of arcade

  36. Wt was a good game but its completely trash now, but still better than world of shit

  37. Been playing War Thunder for 6 years now…I wouldn’t suggest gettin deep into it. It’s really broken the further you get.

  38. Welcome to the game! Always glad to see people from WoT give war thunder a go!

  39. Jk on the beat GarageBand

    Yes now play Germany 5.7 with both tigers

  40. Wot is almost ded

  41. FallenTimbersUS Gaming

    lmao he got one shot by a tier one then asks how to use the mg lmao?

  42. You know that he play WOT cuz he do alot of back up for nothing and do not scan well or move in a strategy or he get to impress whit 1 shots . yes a single hit can kill your 3 crewmen in line inside the tank . there is no HP in tanks . only crew men a parts . War thunder is good

  43. ME.
    Sorry this was me my first hundred matches on WT.

  44. War thunder is better in a lot of ways, but I didn’t appreciate getting one shotted in my kv1 =/

  45. Arcade is the only thing small minded world of tanks players can understand.

  46. You were doing ok until you started playing World of Tanks mode. Aka “Arcade mode”

  47. Is the LVT a special OP tank or something?! Hahaha yup so OP! You have a new sub sir!!

  48. You need to try the AA vehicles mate, at this tier especially they’re so much fun against air and ground!

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