WTF actually is this tank? | World of Tanks Object 268 Version 5 – Under the Hammer Auctions

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Object 268 Version 5, Tier Russian Tank Destroyer.

Under The Hammer auction event’s first offer was 113 Beijing Opera, but today we received our second one Object 268 Version 5. For the first time ever, we have an auction for Experience… Is this tank worth it or not? Let’s talk about it!

What do you think about it?


  1. 268 V5 has good camo, especially compared to the Grille 15.

  2. I have not bought anything on these bidding auctions at all so far (like BM and this thing) because I don’t have the resources
    I understand that it’s good for people who have nothing else to do with them, but restricting certain tanks in this is not great, would love to own the V5 too but can’t

    Btw, a fully pimped WT auf Pz. IV has like 9s reload so he had more than enough time to load another shell

  3. Its just a faster E4

  4. Just scummy Buisines practices from wg

  5. Brilliant mechanic showing medium bid, i can smell the tears for those that converted and still failed to get it.

  6. Nikola Radovanovic

    There are more then 22k bids. That means that competitive bid will not be enough. If you bid average there will be probably more than 11k players with higher bid. And you only have 10k units

  7. 120mm gun sound lmao😂😂

  8. Median doesnt mean avrage, median means what is the bid that has 50% bids that are higher and 50% lower than that bid, so if there are 22k bids that would be the bid in the 11000th place (the bid in the middle)

  9. I was hoping that i would be albe to get a t8 premium with my 300k free xp…

  10. Over the last few months, since the Yoh tanks were announced I have been saving and converting Free XP to have the line fully researched the day they come out. I have built up over 2.5 million free XP before the Auction was announced. I will probably bud around 700,000 free XP for this tank just because I have the XP haha

  11. Currently needs 530k Exp minimum to win the auction, that’s nuts!

  12. connor olson-carsons

    Not getting my gold or free xp….not yet…waiting for the Yoh Tanks…gotta have that tier 9 and Ten…

  13. Sigurdur Bjarnason

    Obj 69. Sounds like fun 😋

  14. It sucks that they nerfed it right before selling it

  15. My max bid is at 500069xp

  16. I still better spend 20k gold on crew for 20 tanks than on this piece of garbage

  17. I´m currently sitting on 2.100k free XP and every tank in the garage unlocked. But this tank is meh tbh and I simply refuse to participate in this kind of “auction”. An auction, in my definition, is where the last bid is known and you have to decide if you want o place a higher bid. Imagine buying a house like this: the median price is 350.000$ – please place your bid … F that.

  18. i would get it if i had half a million free xp just casually laying around, but since im still trying to get tech tree tanks im using the free xp for that……so i have 0 free xp…….

  19. Very cool!!

  20. Get well soon. We need you back.

  21. Five shots, one pen.
    Sounds like “Free 2 Play” rng.
    Were you using you CC account?

  22. Not interesting tank for me. 🙂

  23. Thanks Dez for the info. Did not try to get this one.
    Btw average and median are 2 different things. Median is less sensitive to extremes.

  24. You sound sick Dez, Hope you are looking after yourself. And get well soon if you are not well.

  25. WG has been going the wrong direction the past couple of years with all their BS. As an 8 year veteran of the game I have quit putting money into the game for any reason, and I won’t be giving them any more in the future. Would be nice if we could do about a 3 year rewind on this game and then try again.

  26. Solution is easy! Like with the swedish Tier 6 Tank: Hide the Turret and just show the other Parts of the Tank! 😀

  27. I”m sitting his one out. I don’t play that much anymore and i have 91k free exp, I spent about 10k on the tnh105 gun because stock gun was horrible. 155k is stupid to much. It is for streamers and people who spend 6+ hours on this game a day. It dumb. Most CC aren’t even here for the community they are here for free stuff like this. Only Cc i ever see do anything is you. So this is a sit out event for me so far.

    The only thing good about this is the fact that there is an all day time to get the tank. I just don’t like how much they are for these.

  28. I have over 470K of Free Xp… I hardly ever use them except when I get a new tank. I like the added camo bump, but I don’t think I can JUSTIFY getting it. I am on the road to get the Obj 268 v 4 and the Obj 268 and I already have the Grille 15 and the E3. To me it seems like a T30 with less armor and much less gun depression, but even the T30 has better view range.

  29. this whole event sucks. on my server its a free xp only for all the tanks according to the article so since ive been unlocking field mods i have no free xp to use. also if it was going to be a free xp for all tanks on my server they should have forewarned everyone

  30. This tank somehow comparable to 113 SP2

  31. Thanks for the content Dez!
    – get well soon!

  32. Ver.4 is way better and gun sound Better LOL

  33. Also, another thing that not any of the CC’s have brought up so far…
    The in game description for the competitive bid, and what is described on the newspage is different.
    In game the tooltip says its the median of the active bids.
    On the web page it details its the median of the list of WINNING bids.

  34. Comment for algorithm

  35. Same weakness as obj 703.

  36. Won my auction

    Wasn’t worth the 376k free xp

  37. im sad i missed this vehicle, seems like a fun one

  38. It’s so broken, now that mm is littered with them in the first day I understand how crazy this thing is.

  39. When I went online competitive bid was 300k free exp!? FU WG.

  40. Can’t wait for 265v1, 268v2, 258v3 as bullshit tier 8 prem :v

  41. I have 963 K free XP on my account.. do you think i have enough if there will be another Free Xp Bid? 😀

  42. dont play this as a heavy can be penned by anything

  43. imagine FV hiting the roos yeah even with S. Conq. u can pen the roof with HE

  44. Dez u bad player all people say u no use chat no damage bot player bad player go play mario🤣

  45. Got it for 800k. Had 1.3 million free exp and everything researched. So it’s just there not doing anything. Why not buy another special tank.

  46. Очень интересный бой

  47. are you sick dez?
    coz yours sound just lilte bit diferent

  48. worst that T30 . not worth the exp

  49. Yet again a purchasing system only for the top dog/top paying customers at least for now they’re not selling anything op, we’ll see about todays offer tho

  50. It only cost 420001 Esp

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