WTF Did I Just Watch!? | World of Tanks T95 Epic Battle

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Source: DezGamez

Ridiculous battle in World of Tanks with T95, The Epic Action. World of Tanks T95 Gameplay, American Tank Destroyer. The Best Armor in World of Tanks.

►Battle Played by: Ner0Light – Thanks for sharing it!

T95, city map and enemies who do not know how take you out… This can only end up in way, or can it?

Hold on to your hats, because it is going to be a WILD RIDE!


  1. World of Tanks can surprise everyone, even when you have played the game for 11 years! 😀
    Have a good one, Beasts, much love!

  2. Jose Ricardo Rodriguez

    crap, the red team lost the battle the overconfidence kill them and the T95 just did his job and got a verygood amount of damage, gg

  3. More vids like dis Dez!

  4. Is that Leopard even a human?

  5. Alexander Klaussen

    Its called youtuber matchmaking. When wg rigg the battle to put all bad players on one team so the youtuber/paying players sometimes can have amazing games;)

  6. This is weird. Everytime I shoot T95’s cupola, I get “Critical hit”.

  7. LEO PTA??

  8. Hold his on farts! Lmao nice

  9. if you’re AFK the entirety of the match like that, you should just be autokilled, no reason for him to almost lose the match because some loser was AFK

  10. Damn, I gotta say, this STB player sure can insult pretty well. He’s like a professional

  11. The sad thing is that the t95 is better than the e3.

  12. I SOW THIS GAME on Claus killerman channel a month or more ago !!

  13. 11:30 when you let your little brother play on your computer

  14. that was bust wots re play i see in a long time gg

  15. That is 100% normal for the SlotMachine 15. You WILL have that happen to you at least 30% of the time.

  16. That ending, with the Victory Girls. Forgot everything you said in the last 14 minutes. 🙂

  17. Just some moving fortress player vs tomatoes.

  18. I thought the clock was going to run out as the shot was in the air ending in a draw lol

  19. What female crew have this voice ?

  20. RNG without random, premium ammo as a credit drain and a matchmaker for premium.

  21. Yeap, Dez summarized it pretty well… they all went full ree-ree at the end, why? idk…

  22. The Chat deserves the WTF. Sad times.

  23. pls share yr equipment setup thks love

  24. Gerhard Wunderler

    when you meet such noob players u can win a game like that…

  25. Johan Leiva Saldarriaga

    We all want that luck

  26. Low-profile tanks’ favorite enemies: auto-aiming r*tards

  27. Dez: Make a good analisys about a lucky kolobanov battle

    Poor leopard, forgot how track TDs and this video CONFIRM the myth
    Grille 15 have a shitty dispersion!

    How a 0.18m TD can fail 2 shoot in front!

    Is why i hate so much my grille 15, have a weird accuracy

  28. I had a game like this in tortoise, not this damage but the last 5 minutes what cat and mouse in the cap circle Vs a progetto who was a very good player, won in with a second left

  29. read the chat LMAO

  30. At 12:40, seems like LeoPtA was struggling due to Leo having massive cake behind it which prohibits itself to have any gundep whatsoever when the gun is facing backwards (or even when facing sideways starting from the engine deck).

  31. How many paid actors can you fit on one team? Apparently a lot.

  32. Roland Yancy Dorol

    that grille surely has shaky hands at the end of the battle.

  33. Wtf are they writing in chat?!

  34. That Leopard was baaaaad

  35. Damned mobile gamers lol

  36. lol. that ingame chat….

  37. LOL

  38. Nice tragicomedy

  39. some other channel has already featured this gameplay.

  40. U just withness my avarage gameplay from the enemey pov.

  41. In a word – panic – it’s easy to snipe from cover, but when it’s a melee with the game on the line then panic can take over…

  42. leo had enough hp after the first mistake to circle him take one shot and done lol

  43. Best fight definetly was in the chat at the begenning lol

  44. lol crazy players

  45. We all have our potato moments, it’s just that all the enemy players potatoed at the same time.

  46. Hi from Venezuela. Amazing game. GG

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