WTF E 100 IS BACK in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks has brought back the Waffentrager Auf E 100 in a 1 v 7 game mode – let’s check out one of the best tanks of all time!


of Tanks Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. What a shot!!! My god 😂😂

  2. WT Auf E100 when fight qb on the video : *WHY DO I HEAR BOSS MUSIC*

  3. Its to op

  4. I have wot on ps4 is this only available for PC or what?

  5. I would love to see those maps in random. They made little changes and the maps feel much better

  6. Another bullshit mod from WG. Of course they made it almost impossible to win.

  7. What I can tell from my experience w this event so far, this mode will be soon “black or white”… If a team is good (mean they know typical strategy for this mode) wt auf e100 has no chance. If the team is not good and e100 is half way decent, he will always win.

  8. So Return to Castle Wolfenstein has entered WoT

  9. Can we play this on ps4 wot

  10. Will be on sale for Xmas !

  11. Chieftain won 14 straight on stream

  12. QB is playing at 60hz! I thought 120hz or more is a common thing among the gamers.

  13. Thanks for the preview, but when I heard the WT-E100 was back i was excited. I stopped playing a few months ago, but figured I’d come back and take a look. But this? What even is this? Stunning effects, tesla coils? Um, no thanks, looks like a clown festival.

  14. Lost 99% of the T55 Games… Played 41 Games -.-
    Played 10 Games in WT and all win

  15. So winning in T55 leans on the WT player being bad. Nice

  16. Replays work for me. It might be side effect of stell hunter replay mod you can find on wot forum or google it, single 4kb file
    WT is, was and be OP. Won 4 on 4 and never was close to loosing, as T-55 IIRC won 5 in 11 or 12 games. Im 53WR player.
    You cannot reroll if you got something from collection. I wish this maps was put into game as they are changed a bit. What I hate is that all this events takes you from for example battle pass. Guess its what WG thinking. Lets give them event that we will get money on and then players have to pay more money to catch up on battle pass 😉
    Wytrysk Chopina LMAO

  17. This is a professionale gamer: He describe perfectly how to deal with a real difficult gamemode

  18. When you get a collection item from a footlocker you can’t re-roll it – just FYI. Good video, enjoyed it and I like this game mode, it’s great fun!

  19. I want also a stupid WT like this -.-

  20. On my console account I can do this at any time.

  21. What a fun gamemode ..kappa

  22. Good concept but the E100 is way to overpowered for the average WOT player to beat. They just generally aren’t that intelligent so unless you get good players you will never win in the Thunders.

  23. After having to put 3 days into the Steel wanker game mode, this is so much fun.

    • what? Steel Hunter mode is awesome, finally a mode where you are not dependant on your shitty teammates. This current event is just garbage, the WT is waay too op. Doesnt make any fun if you win only 1 in 6 games or sth like that because your team sucks like usual.

  24. World of lose

  25. Wandering how you think about my stats if 5500 is just moderate… Having just 3340… And still having Fun!

  26. QB is right. WG deserves a lot of praise for such an amazing gamemode. It might be balanced more towards the WT auf E 110’s side, but that doesn’ take away that it is a lot of fun to play, especially when you manage to out-play the WT driver like QB did in the T-55 Thunderbolt with the chase around the rock. Reminds me a lot of Dead by Daylight.

  27. 3:13 lol Eminem’s father :)))))

  28. Welcome back WTF E100!!!
    Now save us from those pesky EBR’s as you please and yours the glory shall be.

  29. if you get any collection item in a foot locker you cant reroll

  30. i haved two wins in the harrier and i was the one who killed the waffentrager in the two wins

  31. you know what? i’ve lost about 50 times with T 55 cause my teammates’s camping and scared to getting spotted by WTF E 100

  32. on the NA we managed to do it with only 6 orbs at the very least like you said getting caught in the open.

  33. In like 10 battles with T-55, I’ve managed to get 3 wins so far … Even with average dmg every game around 10 000 … Once I had around 15K and still losed …

  34. WTF E100 got so so so angry on QuickyBaby!

  35. Waffenträger auf E 110 is the right description?

  36. good game QuickyBaby
    : And hello from Liverpool 😀

  37. I managed to do the same thing on anther map, for5a good 30 sec I just went around a rock with wte100 xD

  38. WTF was my first reaction too

  39. What are the AoE attack mechanics? When I was playing it did like 600 damage in addition to stunning, but here it only stuns. Is it different between EU and NA or something?

  40. Adamboulahia17 Adam2015

    I bet if this tank got back into the game it would lick powercreep head to toe

  41. Love the “live commentary”!

  42. I agree that this is a fun game mode.

  43. won a single game out of 10 on this gamemode… These people playing are genuinely terrible

  44. T55 too weak or the bots to strong

  45. ” awesome ” ! stupid more like

  46. QB, I literally could not stop laughing when you were hard outplaying the WT E100 around the rock. XD

  47. Still don’t like the gamemode, even a semi afk WT can win easily.

  48. I’ve played 5 games so far in the wft auf e 110 and I’ve won each time. It’s so much fun to just punish each t55 for even small mistakes.

  49. I really wanted this as playable tank. They did nerf it over and over and even have a balanced version in the game files

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