WTF E 100 MADE ME SWEATY in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

2022 brought back the WTF E 100 in World Tanks and today you’ll see a sweaty nerd playing a very unbalanced tank!



  1. Was my very first tier X tank in the game. I miss it. I hope WG will bring it back later on as a reward or bond or premium vehicle. 😀 Speaking about tank balancing. Have a look into the new tier X Chinese ROCKET BOOSTED HEAVY TANKS. BZ 176 for example. WT E 100 deserves a come back to the game as a permanent tank.

  2. Awesome game super fun to watch.

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  4. 5:45 probably depends on doctor/docent/professor. Some of mine were fine with 30% at less important subjects but with more important it was like 40% at younger doctors who were like 8-12 years older than us up to 60% at very strick ones

  5. QB must have some Italian heritage

  6. I played the WT auf E 100 a few times as a rental but ran out of time before I could play the rest of the games in it!!!!! I think i would get it if it comes out again for sale! GG QuickyBaby!

  7. Still have it on console as a tech tree tank. They aren’t played much to be honest

  8. Game is already screwed beyond repair. Bring it back.

  9. I think when the game was slower and hyper cars were not in the game; the Wtf E 100 was too powerful. I’m not asking for it to be brought back into the game.


  11. just a quick reminder that this tank is not OP.

    A single HE shell of any caliber can fck this tank.

  12. big risk – big reward. That damage yes, but that reload time, damn.

  13. still got 18 matches 😥 dumb wg idiots ,.. next time don’t make it for rental battles … make a day counter until cant play anymore

  14. I LOVE YOU TUBE. Not one click on a side button for them giving a Freedom of Speech . For a Clowns like this , they can take one thing out of context and they will have the GAVEL of GOD or so they think. I find it amusing, thank you Your Tube for Freedom of speech. I do find it interesting the Twitch boys will never argue with me here , for they can do the Nazi thing and just say+ I do not want to hear you.

  15. Why TF is this tank back in the game?

  16. The only nightmare of this tank back in the days when it was still in tech was the T110E3.

  17. The problem was this thing pumps out 2600 damage in 8 second’s..Most normal heavies fire once every 15 seconds..Add in over 2k HP and you can’t trade fairly..Add in the obvious toons you would see and yes this tank is OP..

  18. In the end , the programmers win. I thought the English were honest . My mistake Lad.

  19. Thank you You Tube for giving Freedom of Speech. Unlike some other ones that can cut you off if an argument will be one sided. I suppose a man will make a dollar any way they can without the cause of his own being ………..yes…….. your a cheater. GOT YOU.

  20. Can we plz Get a new video on t-34-3🙏

  21. Tin foil hat f off. insulting little child.

  22. WT-E100 might be toxic but Wg have out in the BZ-176 which is toxic so i doubt they area against toxic tanks

  23. It was like driving a motorhome so easy to spot and get hit

  24. This tank is still in the tech tree on console.

  25. The win rate on that tank was not good but only beta or good players made it work and killing a whole team easy that why it was removed .

  26. I legitimately would rather have this toxic tank back in the game than the BZ176. Any day of the week I’d take that trade

  27. WoT must be in a pretty sad state nowadays if people are welcoming the return of this abomination.
    “The power creep in WoT is so bad that the WTE-100 is actually balanced.” Incredible stuff. I definitely want to play WoT again!

  28. there is a permanent wte100 in Chinese server

  29. QB, can you please do a video on the broken Matchmaking? Given the fact Wargaming have no direct method to submit complaints about the game, only you community contributors can do something about it? Most of the community of free-to-play players are sick of it and yet they are too busy creating all these money hungry events instead of worrying about the player base. In my opinion it’s utter garbage. Especially for someone who has played for 11 years. Cheers mate.

  30. It’s not even close to OP anymore, haha. That’s the bad thing, it’s just a little stronger anymore.

  31. I say bring back the old school, unnerfed version, it was fun fighting against them, I never had one, I just like KV-2’ing, with the derp, back when T6 heavies would fight T10, lol, at least in the worst match ups, but you could get so much XP in those battles, of you did decent damage for you’re tier. Or just give them HESH in their turret, same thing works great against them still.

  32. I wish we got this back instead of the trash Grille. It fits into modern PC WoT. It has a auto loader, and wastes tanks. Literally how all new tanks are.

  33. Your point about pass marks in UK universities is interesting. My girlfriend studied nursing, we looked back on her old exams, one of which she got 41%. Still a pass so i congragulated her, although i did remind her 58% of her patients are now dead. Remember guys, exams and real life work experience are no where near the same (she made sure to kill ALL her patients)

  34. I didn’t even use all my rentals, for some reason I didn’t notice it was time limited, it was a pain moving a crew over to it though, it really should have had reward tank status for the crew at least, just another thing WG dropped the ball on this year

  35. Or just BZ-176 them…or type 4/5 woth HE to the turret…let alone the 4005, they won’t last long these days, cause all those, and the VZ’s…60TP HE…yeah, lol. Or Minotauros would eat them alive, of they only brought the rental version back, without the 15 cm Autoloader you used to be able to get, with its heat and high alpha. Back in the day, I had just gotten my E-100 like a couple months after it was released, I rocked the 15cm then, just so I could HE those WTF 100’s, lol. Not a typo. Most of us on NA called them that. Cause no hardening modules, no field mods, HE wasn’t nerfed, it didn’t take that many 15 cm/152mm’s HE to kill them, with torrent hits, usually 3-4 would do it. If unnerfed arty didn’t hit them/one shot them as I got regularly one shotted in my E-100, of I made a mistake/they got a little lucky.

  36. H.E shells are nerf and if that TD goes back in the game good luck 🤣

  37. This version is literally neutered compared to the older version. Old wt had hull armor the same as e100 it also had 420 view range 2nd best along with the Patton for its time. it also had around a 48-second reload with the 5 128mm rounds and not a min. When it had 6 rounds, it had 1.10ish second reload.

  38. The WT auf E100 is definitively second monitor content

  39. that’s one chonky strong boi

  40. i love this tank,period. 🙂

  41. Григорий Ахромеев

    It’s just in the game at the wrong time, to me it’s a lot tamer than italian TD

  42. In Finnish Uni a pass is 50%. But all classes are so ridiculously easy most people get 80-90% without much effort.

    Exams are 25% for a pass. But 50% of your grade comes from homework so you won’t pass the course that way.

  43. I think it can come back into the game for good as a tech tree tank. So when you have the waffle tractor (WT AUF pz IV), you can either research the Grille or the WT E100 as your first one. So either a glass canon or a glass canon with a 5 shell autoloader that is more situational than the standard glass canon.

  44. Noa Rønbjerg Kjær

    Well its like a big box of HP for the 183mm players

  45. The waffle feels like the perfect tank for 2022-2023 to be reintroduced
    we have tanks with impenetrable turrets and super bouncy hulls, fast af tanks that make the game even more annoying bcs u can barely load a few mags in this tank and on top of that arty which with the stun makes this tank almost unplayable, so why not make it a tech tree tank, an alternative for the grille for each and every casual player not just for p2w try hards

  46. Bring it back

  47. Hey Quickbabby … Great job telling GenZ about clan stat padding. We didn’t really have a problem until now. Nooblet!

  48. Honest the grille sucks. Bring back this tank pls

  49. Honestly WTE100 is not op in the current meta, especially with so many BZs throwing 800 alpha hits around

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