WTF is Minotauro, T110E3 on Steroids?! | World of Tanks Minotauro in Update 1.18 Test Server

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World Controcarro 3 Minotauro, Tier 10 Italian Tank Destroyer Gameplay. Update 1.18 Patch Test Server Review – Italian Tank Destroyers, New Outpost, Kranvagn and AMX M4 Mle 54 Rebalance, Big Tank Rebalance, Matchmaking Changes, Big Map Rebalance and More. What is new with World of Tanks Update 1.18 Patch.

Update 1.18 Patch Test Srver notes:

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  1. We were afraid of this armor on the teaser video, but this one turned out to be even more beast… Like T110E3 on steroids! :O
    Or what do you think about it?

  2. I see people saying the Kran (pre-nerf) unloads in 25 seconds and also has 420-heat-resistant armor when fully hull-down. They fail to realize that this tank has: 350 pen, 530 alpha, 300mm fucking impacted armor on both the UPPER and LOWER plate so that a kran from above can ONLY shoot at the cupola and roof with HEAT to penetrate. AND ITS FUCKING TURRETED!

  3. Wot is so slowly dying it’s not even funny anymore

  4. Lukáš Trubinský

    i hope this tank coming not so OP like on test server now. I hope the armor will be reduce

  5. The armor is insanely broken. But the gun feels bad at best. I still don’t know how I feel About the tank, it’s definitely bad for the game IMO. This update is amazing outside of this tank honestly.

  6. Someone needs to tell WG that just because it didn’t exist it doesnt mean they have ‘creative liberty’ to turn it into something that outright does not belong in the already disgusting state of ‘balance’ that the game is currently in. Fixing problems is easier when you dont make new ones for yourself, nerf kran and put in a whole new napkin drawing tree of war winning italian tanks…

  7. If they have that on the minotauro, then i want them to return the changes to the obj430U, where it had over 300mm cupola. If you balance tanks like this, at least make it fair for every tech tree tank you nerfed before. Don’t care if it is broken, the game is broken anyway. At least lemme have a little fun before u destroy it again, just like the HE changes

  8. Next round of ranked is going to be fun…

  9. That reload is too crazy for 5 rounds even with that long intraclip reload

  10. Ah yes the WG masterplan, nerf the shit out of the only tank capable to deal with the 279e/chief shitters and release a new one, so people spend more money yay. Honestly, remember when the only tanks with hard turrets were IS7 and T32 and tanks had weakspots? Those were the days.

  11. More BS programming and sh!t physics. All to make WoT more $$$.

  12. Worse still its has a semi turreted gun wth, it just get worse lmao, Tank Destroyer? nah

    Im glad i quit lol

  13. Classic WG again. Break Tier X even more with a JagdE100 HEAT-resisting armor setup and make lower tiers impossible to deal with this.
    How on earth is tier 8/9 supposed to del with this thing? E3 was already bad enough but at least that was very slow and had virtually no gun arc. but this tank is even worse.
    Everytime when you think WG starts to learn (Kran nerfs etc) they come out with stuff like this.
    They have really become adept at taking 1 step forwards and 100 steps back at the same time.

    What a stupid tank and what a stupid game this has become.

  14. Categorization: Tank destroyer
    Teamlist: Heavy tank
    Hotel: trivago

  15. I know the game needs to make money for them. But this? Honestly imagine buying a car, only for the manufacturer to put a shittier engine in, forcing you to buy a new one, laughing in your face about it. Wg moneygrab at its finest. Wouldn’t surprise me if they have board meetings with EA with this mindset.

    People should consider different games. WarThunder is also getting extremely grindy, force you to play vehicles (trees) you never wanted to unlock the ones you want.

    Consider Armored Warfare. No premium ammo, the types of ammo have different pros and cons. Basically a WoT ripoff with more modern tanks, PvP and PvE modes. Arty is banned from PvP modes. a wide variety of vehicles is unlocked once you finish xp on one, instead of being stuck with 1tree. And oh yeah, EBR-like enemies? Just fire a homing missile at it. Come on people don’t fund/fuel this madness.

  16. Totales unttermenschen game

  17. When will the nerf for T95/FV4201 Chieftain,Object 279 early

  18. Man I’ll love meeting this in my tier 8 credit grinder

  19. This armor is so unnervingly overpowered that you just have to wonder what kind of drugs the balance department takes – look, at the very least the Badger has some little cheeks to shoot through if your pen is good enough, but this thing? It has basically no weakspot. Yes, those little cupola things only have 340 mm armor, but wtf man.

  20. Another op tank from wg…

  21. Same old story.

    Totally OP on release. Unicoms race through and get it, improve their stats clubbing seals.

    Then, after 6-12 months when the average player can grind it out, massive nerf.

    Every single time.

    • True, because unicums only do well, when the tank are op. It’s got nothing to do with the fact, they have a much better understanding of the game..

  22. And this is why I play mainly tier 5-7 with my tier 8 premium tanks, I’ve given up on tier 9-10, I cannot afford to play them.
    Way to go WG, way to go…..

  23. WG logic: great armor to waste others’ gold rounds. Poor gun handling to waste your gold rounds. Everybody buys more premium accounts!

  24. It should be balanced armour wise the same as the T110E4.

  25. Its time for wg to bring wt e100 back…

  26. just look at the loading time… yeb too op

  27. remind me why the batchat clip reloads in 35s again

  28. I do not understand this logic, when this stops, it is better to fine tune maps, tanks, matchamker … etc and maybe introduce T11 tanks going towards modern era, still watching WoT videos even I sold my acc

  29. Yo Dez, in the video you say it is an autoreloader, but this is an autoloader. Without the “re”. If it would be autoreloader, it would be seriously op, but now it is somewhat counterable. Not really. I don’t think I will go for this techtree line. I’m not really the person that wants to wait for 8 seconds.i

  30. armor meta powerLEAP cancer; armor meta exists only to “encourage” players to spam gold or lose; change my mind.

  31. How about WTF is Bassotto.
    Tier6 td with 4,403 dpm on HE 105mm pen and 3,602 dpm on Heat 230mm.

  32. It’s going to get a big turd on the head for sure!

  33. This kid at the beginning made me leave. kids are annoying

  34. A soon ad average players will start getting it from the grind, they can nerf it.

  35. What could possibly go wrong with a Tank that has absurd amounts of frontal armor, nearly 10 degree of gundepression, no weakspot when using its gundepression and a 4000ish burstdps?
    Everything will be fine nothing to see here -_-

  36. Too op armor

  37. So glad I stopped playing this horrible game.

  38. You can argue every single tank on this line is OP. This has never happened before
    The tier 5 has the best DPM of any tier 5 TD (110 alpha 2.5 sec reload), and the tier 6 is a SU-100 but better in every single way (well except for the 30 less damage but who cares when you literally have 2.6k DPM with 360 alpha in tier 6 wtf, give it a bit more pen and it would be legit one of the best tier 8 TDs)
    And from tier 7 on they basically turn into heavy tanks, with insane armor for their tiers, yes they do have weak lower plates but so do all the other OP hulldown tanks, and that’s if you can even hit them, just look at the tier 8 for example
    I hope they do something with this line while it’s still on the test server because they just can’t release it as it is.

  39. This is how it felt playing the t110e4 in 2015 on test server and when I started grinding for it. When i got it in 2019 after a break of the game it felt like a grille.

  40. also movable turret,…

  41. WOw. How why they nerf the Kranvagen? For to all play Minotaur now or? 🙂

  42. dam it i want my WTE100 BACK

  43. This looks like next Kran, but Kran was so OP also because of its mobility, and this tank is slow.

  44. It doesnt matter just play as fast as you can to the Minotauro, only play Meta Tanks, get Wins and have fun

  45. Minotauro – WANT!!!

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