WTF is New Vipera? Owning Higher Tier Tanks! | World of Tanks SMV CC-64 Vipera

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks SMV CC- Vipera, The New Best Premium Destroyer in World of Tanks? World of Tanks Vipera, Italian . What is new with 1.18 Patch.

The new SMV CC-64 Vipera, tier 8 Italian premium tank destroyer is here, to destroy the matchmaking… Let's see what this tank has to offer!

What do you think?


  1. I shall wait to play WOT because all games are poised with Italian TDs and this is not fun, I don’t care about Italian TD grinding. This doesn’t interest me at all. Thank’s for this update.

    • Since i play since 2017 and not that old player enough but compared to now in terms of gameplay, the old times felt more calming and composed gameplay with teamate to have a proper teamwork, while now are wild which everyone goes to have op tank things and compete for it and gold ammo is minimum requirements for almost every match.

    • @Exe Noun Teamwork in FFA is long gone 🙂

    • me too im gonna stop playing for a while until the try hard’s and Unicom’s finish playing and marking these op tanks with gold …… then i will come back

  2. imagen new players grinding with their M6 and they meet this thing

  3. had your video in the background, when i saw the model i thought i was looking at a tier 10, what a joke

  4. Thanks dez I guess I will pick it up

  5. Engine bay is only 20mm on top, roof is 30mm, spgs should be able to beat the crap out of this… oh… wait… they nerfed spgs as they were “bad for the game” or something, so now, no one plays them unless they are doing personal missions. One of the hull down kings has fallen, long live a new hull down king! What am I saying? We all know this game will continue to be all about wiggling back and forth in a $60 rendered image of a tank that was never even made.

  6. And you people are wondering why are there so many arty only accounts… arty is the best strategy against this garbage

  7. I’m way more disappointed with WG they are Soo hungry ……..

  8. Dodge Vipera?

  9. GG wg , always a good decision release op tanks better than tech tree .

  10. defiantly going to buy.

  11. Italian tds are firepower wise, a worse version of WT auf E 100

  12. let add all the hull dow nightmares and keep nerfing the arty so you can not dig them out sound like a pain in the tail to me got love the over powers armor with no artys and he be nerfed sound like war game is here to make the pay to win players better yet again

  13. CONTENTS but not enough

    Nice tier 9 gamep…wait what

  14. What link to Armour mod shows pen plz

  15. A bit sad there is no option to get it for free right now.

  16. Not play WOT for years

  17. You know, that would be nice if WG did that

  18. Enemy need to vipera their butt when they see this thing hulldown

  19. “Most of the Tier 8 dont carry enough Penetration” now imagine that this thing can face Tier 6, what are they going to do ?

  20. What a shitshow…

  21. this “TD” have more frontal armor than tier 9 AMX MLE , its a sad game really people are just sitting hull down looking at each other not able to penetrate each other unless they get a lucky shot into some obscure plate on the tank …this is not fun anymore!!
    the trend now is to pump out more heavily armored tanks ,but they are making the MM + 1 -1 so they end up 80 in same tier MM and destroy the game.
    cant believe this tank exists at the same tier as Mutz , indien panzer ,AMX 65 t , tiger 2 ,BC 12t
    tier 8 premiums are now made to face tier 9 and 10 tanks !! this is retarded

  22. no wg is correcting the MM and it will eventually become same tier MM !!! i get 80 % of my tier 8 games at same tier …. your argument is not valid

  23. @fouzai alaa without people paying WG couldn’t afford the servers and you couldn’t play too

  24. @fouzai alaa without tier 9s and 10s – ok this is super vehicule. that i can admit.

  25. @Christian Cartier yeah … couple years ago yes but now … if i want to play lower tiers i go to tier 5, because i know that in tiers 6 and 7 i can meet Defenders and all that premium tier 8 baits like this italian will be. you are right in theory of course.

  26. Played a few games today, need some break from WoT… or actually going to uninstall this kaku game forever. Not worth any more minutes from me, power creep is awful. Dez, love your content <3

  27. This looks like it’s encouraging people to fire gold when driving it as its accuracy means you cant target weak spots and encourages people to fire gold against it as higher pen will go straight through it’s armour, doesn’t sound like fun for anyone.

  28. You can call this tank “viper” (english) or “vee pera” (italian). Thumbsup for the vid, thankyou!

  29. Thank you. You finally motivated me to uninstall the game again. I came back once but i won’t make the same mistake twice.

  30. @Jay Steegmayer That is just not true. They are loaded on money. And they barely do anything for it.

  31. My first tier 6 game today on Himmelsdort and there was 3 of the Vipera on the enemy team, 2 on the Banana road and one on the hill, literally nothing I could do in my Type 58 with 120/170 pen, I’m sure WG just forget about -2 MM when they balance tanks, I stopped playing tier 8 as I kept running into Chieftains I couldn’t pen, now they have messed up tier 6. . . Looks like I’m just going to stick to finishing 3 marking my tier 5s for a while.

  32. @Der Niker do you know how expensive it is to move an entire company across europe and split up with Lesta games?

  33. Average premium at best

  34. I faced it with my new liberte, I thought that it’s liberte problem, now I think it is both.

  35. everyone is ignoring the fact that the forehead is only 40mm thick so russian 122mm guns as well as german 128mm’s can easily just overmatch it

  36. No but that doesn’t excuse what they did prior to this.
    They seem to habe no clue how to run a company on the long term. All they do is milk their customers until they, one after another, abandon their product.

  37. What do I think of this tank? I’ll tell you. The E-100, Jagdpanzer E-100, and Maus want to know when they get their armor buffed to be as good at their own tier as Vipera is.

  38. That Guard was guarding his own hit points only.

  39. well any sense of me coming back to Wot has been lost….or ill just be playing tier 5 and below if I return

  40. The rubber ducky paint job is the best!

  41. This is basically a Foch without the weak points at tier eight…

  42. They nerfed the kran at last ….. but then introduced this new things …….. cmon wg

  43. What’s this? Another overpowered tier 8 premium tank? No. Wg wouldn’t do that…

  44. Everyone complaining about vipera. Look at the fricking non premium italian td 8 tier

  45. I know exactly how to beat the Vipera in any situation with any of my tanks: water. Yeah, because I’m gonna drown my tank every time this abomination is about to destroy me. Fuck the VIpera!

  46. They could balance this line by giving them weak lower plates and cupolas that can be hit and penned even when they use gun depression

  47. I think they want to destroy the game with this kind of aproach. New allmost impenetrable tanks in hull down position.

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