WTF is Pz.Kpfw. Tiger-Maus 120t going to be? | World of Tanks Supertest News

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks .Kpfw. Tiger-Maus 120t, New Tier 9 Superheavy Tank in Supertest, New Premium or Reward Tank. World of Tanks Big Ensk, New Ensk Map Changes.

Information from: WG

Video Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:36 The looks
02:30 Firepower
04:25 Mobility
04:50 Survivability
07:55 Crew
09:30 Compared to Others
11:30 Ensk 2nd Iteration

Today let's take our first look at upcoming tier 9 german heavy tank Pz.Kpfw. Tiger-Maus 120t. This thing looks weeeeeeird…

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