WTF IS THIS – New SEAL CLUBBER (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. Jesus. Is this campaign still running? Im about to jump on and cop this

  2. Phly!!! Are you still doing challenges? If so, I have one! Take out a tank
    of your choice with a twist: you’re only allowed one shot per opponent. If
    you fail to one shot, you must move on to another enemy.

    Attempt 1

  3. Take out the M60A1, the M163 (B-57B for CAS is optional)
    Show the axis who is better at clearing the ground and the air
    Attempt #09

  4. This tank is stupidly overpowered as fuck

  5. What it the intro track?

  6. Idk what kind of bias to call this… Stronk Russian derp gun and the
    aquaticness of the LVT…

  7. take the cat out super hellcat tank back stab only with the f6f hellcat

  8. gotta ask. what do you use to edit your videos

  9. TehRubrDuk Gaming

    TU 14T #attempt 4

  10. The lvt with the 57mm has yet to kill me in the Japanese tanks and I have
    killed 3 of them so far.

  11. I challenge you to get in a RB match with a tank and spaa of your choice
    and kill one tank and one plane. Then you have to take out that tank and
    plane as a combo your next round!! Attempt#1

  12. Floating power, bring to battle both of the lvt types

  13. Are you also going to do a video on the Japanese winter challenge plane?

  14. Иосиф Steelin

    lol seriously? you think this is OP? omg….

  15. pls use flakpanzer to get ground kills and any low tier German fighter

  16. take it in 5.7 phly 🙂 meet the tigres

  17. #3 Phly take the obsolete combo the T-44-85 and the yak 9U

  18. It1 and tu14t

  19. Phly, up tier yourself to 3.7 in the LVT(A)(4), then when you inevitably
    still kick ass, up tier yourself to 7.0/8.0

    How’s that for a challenge?

  20. That intro was hilarious!

  21. The Cancer combo – IT-1 and ZSU -57

  22. PHLY PLAY THE M18 BLACKCAT AND P-61 A-1 as a combo!!!!!! attempt #1

  23. the russians are just thinking of this take “we need a way to get to
    america” “yes! he shall drive there!”

  24. that bt7 have skills XD

  25. So, I redownloaded WT after about a year, hop into low tier tanks, the Pz
    IV F-2 and this goddamn machine is the first thing I see.
    They get to the cap before I leave spawn and proceed to kill entire teams,
    and this is in a 3.3 BR, it could easily deal with an even higher BR

  26. Is this a pre-release review of that vehicle as I could not find it in any

  27. another skill tenk

  28. A6M5 Zero and Ki-49 llb Donryu/Late RISING SUN COMBO (Attempt #13) please
    Phly I would really like to see some Japanese planes!

  29. Play KA-MI

  30. Should be 6.7 )))))))))))))))))))

  31. kjilk “kj4ilk” simble

    it should be tried against tiger I & II and see how id dose

  32. in to hell challenge use the hell car and hellfighter

  33. American Monster combo! M26 T99 and P-61C-1.

  34. O_O i got the terminator mod for mow as2 and next thing i know they add

  35. Soooo what events do I have to do to get this?

  36. WelcometoEstownYa

    hahahaha the beginning- the nub thought it was shallow waters:P

  37. so this have a zig gun and it made by chinese why it not russia

  38. Laughlaugh Laughlaugh

    You should try stacking tanks ontop of each other

  39. Attempt #22: won’t stop this time
    Land the ME-410 in a tank RB game and kill one enemy tank with the main gun.

    Bonus challenge:
    Do the same thing but with the ME 262 with the 50mm derp gun

  40. 3.3?! Dude, why is the ZIS-30 at 2.3?! because it doesn’t have armor! So it
    is with the LVT-ZIS3! I think it’s fairly good at it’s battle rating. Plus,
    not everyone is going to have it

  41. kevin themoderator

    im out, no more war thunder…

  42. This thing is better than all the Shermans AND it’s amphibious

  43. is this tank already released?

  44. an american chassis,a russian gun, made by chinese engineers in low tier
    american nation, but, it’s always russian bias blablabla…

  45. chauchua Bernardo

    Its a chinese tan…k vehicle

  46. Eggs Just Eggs Really Jyst Eggs

    I Quit Phly I Just Ask For A FlakPanzer 1!

  47. Russian bias in a bullet eating American tank

  48. The war is going on and we, the Soviets are losing troops and
    vehicles.Luckely for us we have 2 powerful allies to support us, supplying
    us with vehicles.
    Play the Hawker Chariton and the Su-57 #4

  49. Where the tree is the tank.

  50. Yah, tanks like this are why I uninstalled War Thunder. They don’t balance,
    the way Gaijin deals with OP shit is by introducing something that’s even
    *more* OP.

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