WTF is VZ-55 Gothic Warrior? | IS-3A Peregrine Auction, Really? | World of Tanks Auction

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World of Tanks IS-3A Peregrine Auction Free Experience. World of Tanks VZ-55 Gothic Warrior (VZ-55 GW), New Tier 10 Heavy? World of Tanks The Auction 2022 – Rare Tank Offers for Credits, Gold and Free EXP.

00:00 Intro
00:47 IS-3A Peregrine offer
04:10 IS-3A Quick review
06:45 What is VZ-55 Gothic Warrior
10:35 VZ-55 Gameplay (Identical to VZ-55 GW)
16:35 Conclusion

The Auction official article:

Second day in the auction event and this time they surprised us with yet another tier 8 premium heavy tank, IS-3A Peregrine… 11th Soviet premium heavy…
Also, together with the same IS-3A Peregrine's micropatch, they also added VZ-55 Gothic Warrior to the game files. Could this be one of the auction offers?

What do you think?


  1. IS-3A Peregrine and VZ-55 GW were added in the same micropatch… Will see if that means anything, but it’s in the game files. Your take on those tanks, going for IS-3A?
    Timestamps for your viewing pleasure and have a good one:
    00:00 Intro
    00:47 IS-3A Peregrine offer
    04:10 IS-3A Quick review
    06:45 What is VZ-55 Gothic Warrior
    10:35 VZ-55 Gameplay (Identical to VZ-55 GW)
    16:35 Conclusion

  2. Republic of Texas

    What we really need is more OP VZ55s in the MM. Especially ones they can’t nerf. FU WG

  3. i spent 7500 g for it. i think its fair deal, is not a bad tank. had 3 games as of this time with it and it performs by far better than any premium i have now, and much better than progetto in terms of autoloader.

  4. I was like What the Fuck is a Peregrine IS3? Then I just saw it was a gold skin IS3A and was like nah im good.

  5. Wargaming needs to pump out imaginary tanks afterall the actual soviet tanks are getting destroyed in Ukraine hahahahaha

  6. First time ever the auction worked for me. Had no clue what to bid so I just doubled the bid, was all free xp so I got a free tank. I just wanted to win my first auction

  7. I can’t help but think that WG is gonna remove the 2 shot autoloader from the VZ55 and keep it on the premium VZ55

  8. This is the literal definition of a polished turd is still a turd

  9. To be fair, it’s just a skin

  10. Got it for 116K on NA, was pretty sure 105K would be good, but decided to build in a small buffer.

  11. I didn’t own is-3a. so i bid 107k free exp and just got it now on NA server.

  12. WZ-120G FT for free experience and open auction, and a style for credits is the next auction. Source: Asian server

  13. I passed on the 268/5 when it was available for EXP, because I watched the review videos and the Foch style hatch tumor wasn’t attractive to me. I hate praying that I will be on a map that offers an opportunity to at least try to hide it behind cover. I’ve had the IS-3A and VZ-55 for a long time already, so having a second one with a design isn’t exciting for me. Let’s see if we get better choices in the days to come.

  14. I won the Peregrine on NA with a pure minimum bid

  15. I skipped the IS3A, but this auction was so cheap I had to get it. easily the cheapest tier 8 premium heavy if you took advantage of the 40% off free xp last week.

  16. Got the is3a loved the gun tbh I loved it more than on my is6

  17. Idk why anyone would want to nerf the VZ ? it has a good reload for 2 round auto and thats it, the pen is mediocre for a t10 its armor is mid mobility is mid but I wont deny it is a T8 clubber but isnt any T10 tank ? its a pretty team reliant tank it cant hold a flank on its own like most other tanks if you let a VZ reload and get bursted for 900-1k dmg thats on the player not the tank

  18. WG will nerf the VZ 55 after the VZ 55 GW is released and so the real VZ 55 will be only with this special VZ 55 GW so tech tree VZ 55 will not be as good as the VZ 55 GW.

  19. A Peregrine (pronounced para grin) is a type of Falcon, large bird of prey, hence the emblem on the tank.

  20. this company is a joke xd

  21. Karınca Karıncaoğlu

    I do not know the lowest bid for peregrine flacon but i got it for 120k. I think i wont get it but here we go

  22. Thanks for your time dez

  23. More WoT boring crap for idiots to spend money on.
    When is WoT actually program real physics and a realistic game?
    More tanks, etc is so boring…

  24. pointless tank! This and the vz55. Just release the styles


  26. WG is so out of ideas, thats just sad… so so sad.. just copy paste put on a skin and “bang” we have a new tank…

  27. Why the fuck do we need completely new tanks which are identical but with a style? Why dont just release a simple 3D style? I assume money, but it also ruins the already broken game..

  28. Got the Peregrine for 102k Free Xp about half that i converted during the convert event. Good deal for an Is3a

  29. I got mine for 130k exp, but I heard of people getting it for less. Gotta say I’m really enjoying it.

  30. I’m so sad that I was out of credits the first day of this event. Especially when I now hear that the minimum bid was enough to get it.

  31. i think VZ 55 didn’t need a nerf, it’s strong yeah but it’s not invincible like 279 or chef! I like it as a energy and to play with.

  32. pere- grin silent (e)

  33. anotherrandomtexan25

    The SECOND they stop releasing soviet tier fucking 8 heavy tanks is the second I spend some money on this pos game!

  34. Got IS3a pregnant for 105k free exp.

  35. I wonder if there are really only 20,000 of each auctioned items. There is no way players are going to know the numbers. They could’ve sold 100,000 Peregrines and there’s no chance for us to spot the difference. It may only be a proper marketing idea, where it’s psychological effect will make players bid higher, to waste more resources for no reason. I bid mine for 104,850 and got it too, since I did not have an IS-3A before and I liked the style too.

  36. For sure WG will eventually nerf the VZ, but not nerf the “special” variant. Thereby inflating the value for the next time they sell the special “unnerfed” version.

  37. I bid 101000 free experience and got it. I guess good deal.

  38. My predictions we going to get tht stupid wz11gft tier 9 chinese td that was added ages ago. Its long over due

  39. I have the IS-3A but put the min bid on the for LOLs and did pick it up witch considering its a good deal i was not exspecting to get it but i was suprised to find i did….

  40. Honestly.. why do they need new tanks, which are just reskinned old tanks xD Is it a ploy to increase the sale value of the skin? Which basically it is… plus maybe interesting for cw because of locked tanks after a loss?

  41. have you ever played eso in the past?

  42. If they release the gothic warrior VZ55 they will use the excuse that you can’t use it for ranked when the nerf the tech tree VZ55

  43. I put in a minimum bid for this and got one. So I’m very pleased about that.

  44. I got my WANDERFALKE for 116k!

  45. what the f is that skin on the czechoslovakia tank?? is this accurate, i think they got the skin compleatley incorrect, well time to do some research on the history of czechoslovakia im sure i have to be wrong.

  46. Hear me out WHAT IF all the content creator didnt buy or suggest buying the new tank WG WOT are selling
    I bet they will give it for free or sell it for less

  47. You gotta bid how much for JUST A SKIN ?!?!?!!?!?

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