WTF, More Maps? | Black Market 2021 | Dez Commander | World of Tanks Update 1.12+ News

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Black Market 2021, DezGamez Commander Coming Back. World of Tanks Highground and Frozen Land New Map Preview, New Maps coming to World of Tanks. World of Tanks Update 1.12+ Patch News.

00:00 Introduction
01:40 First new map (II Iteration)
04:25 Second new map (Highground)
07:15 Third new map (Frozen Land)
11:10 Commander Drops
13:03 Black Market 2021 Date Prediction
16:10 Conclusion

Map development department is going crazy! Today I am going to show you 2 more new maps they are working on + 1 received its second iteration. Also, Commander is coming back as a twitch drop and Black Market 2021… When is it going to happen? Let’s talk about that!



  1. I do not know about you, but I start saving my credits and gold, at least until the end of Febuary… Just in case, nothing official tho! But was that in one of the Developer Diaries episodes or Q&A sessions where they said that the next BM2021 will be Winter 2021?
    Also, added time stamps to the video for easier guiding. 🙂
    00:00 Introduction
    01:40 First new map (II Iteration)
    04:25 Second new map (Highground)
    07:15 Third new map (Frozen Land)
    11:10 Dez Commander Drops
    13:03 Black Market 2021 Date Prediction
    16:10 Conclusion

    • If I already have u as a commander can I get u again? So 2 dez in one tank ?

    • I saved money in Christmas

    • Great with the time stamps… but love your voice all the way :p

    • I really hope I get a dez commander for epic voice over

    • Tamás László Albert

      what do you think Dez, as far as i can see, wg is trying to kill all the light tanks except ebr. I mean with these maps, there is a “dangerous passage” for lights, almost no bushes, on the snow map literally no bushes…what am i supposed to do with a Sheridan or a RU on it? Also, looking at the 7v7 Team Clash battles, am i the only one who feels that maps which are small like 1000×1000 is more exciting and fun without the 15v15? Im saying this from the first brawl mode that WG has to put random 7v7 in the game for platoons and more skilled players…any thoughts on this?

  2. Another great video Dez, what do I think about these maps?
    High ground: eastern side has good defensive spots top North & bottom South, town looks like a good brawling area. The middle looks like a shooting gallery with some obvious scouting bushes. I hope that the river down the western side is cross able in many places otherwise it’s a dead area. I think most of the action will be in town everywhere else is to open to arty.
    Frozen Land: I think will play like airfield. Quite open & a bit of a yippee shoot. You get spotted, you get pounded. Looks like an arty field day.
    Twitch drops will probably be for eu server, so as I’m Asia not for me. :-/
    High ground: the spawn/capture points looks very close to each other. Looking at the mini map on a 1000 x 1000 map. The spawn points are only about 600m apart, so T X’s view range equals starting within “spotting” distance of each other.
    Thus EBR 105s will be in the enemy’s base within 10 seconds of battle starting. Lightning quick battles & if you load in slowly then you’re dead.
    Black market, the first one was good & I bought stuff. The second one was a yawn fest. Hope this one is better, like a different removed vehicle not the Death star again we’ve had it twice now. Cool camos, rare tanks, champagne orders something to inspire us would be nice.

  3. They should make commanders in garage salute you then its worth buying dez as commander 😋

  4. Chuck and dez commanders = CheckDisk error!

  5. I finally broke down and played War Thunder. It made me realize just how simple and garbage WOT’s maps are.

  6. No bushes? TD hate it? My Tier7 Scorpion shitter just gonna stay in the middle of open area and not get spotted.

  7. Uhhh I like the warships out there, i hope they fire granates…. And can we soon get a new French/Italien Battle pass….

  8. I like the high grund map, but get a feel of a new Camparovka over it, sadly, I best like aktive maps. Lets see maybe so many new maps for some new game setup to milk players for even more money…. The twich drops are not worth it, sit for hours in a booring game glare, whit a Eeekobooo complain over viewers want some more drops…
    I only wait for that french leeth? Arty on blackmarket, hopefully in marts.


    I want old maps

  10. if these are all good maps for me, then that’s a smaller chance to get the maps I hate lol

  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if normal battles are going to be on 2 maps and on 1 map are 7 players and on the other one too and there would be 1 poor guy in the middle that would die immediatly (thats my prediction) 🙂

  12. Christiaan le Roux

    Wish we can have dynamic weather in this game, such as rain or heavy snow, or even that it can be actual night time

  13. playbabe theBookShelf

    everywhere I look, there always mirror maps.

  14. WG stop taking drugs you are going crazy!!! 🤣

  15. @DezGamez another winter map = Glacier.

    Also, they’ve been teasing reworked Maps for ages. Loads of new maps? I won’t hold my breath. Possibly too little too late, likely to move to another game after 8 years playing WOT.

  16. Game development must be a lonely and boring buisiness or why are map devs always painting new uterusses?!

  17. Dez ur drop only eu? Or also in asia? 🙂


  19. We had this long time ago on console.

  20. Yes, we need more winter maps. With 2 meters of snow every where.

  21. How’s the MM? Still crappy?

  22. Somehow your drops are always on the weekends when I work ide love a Dez commander but its not to be it would seem … good vid as always cheers dude

  23. I like that they try to bring new maps into the game, let’s hope they’re balanced. I hope there will be more revamped old maps too in the future

  24. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    How long does the winter go? Punxsutawney -Phil, the goundhog, declared on February 2nd, predicted another 6 weeks of winter.

  25. God damn it, black market is coming and i lost a lot of credits on team clash.

  26. WG is very good in advertising new content, but rather bad in delivery. I’m still waiting for reworked Minsk map and some other things advertised in the last months/year. 🙁

  27. Date?

  28. @10:02 It would be nice if you could shoot at the upper ice block… and bring it down on the tanks below! Like a trap of some sort…and maybe block the road, and the other tanks would need to shoot at it, to make a passage to go thru. That would be awesome !

  29. Too many of the new maps are EBR friendly.

  30. Funny how alot of the maps look like uteruses…..

  31. Hi Dez, thx. for vid. MAYBE WG hired some pro coders!

  32. More maps is fine if we will get new maps providing a good play experience for all kinds of tanks instead of only heavies, etc. And a good map should allow of interaction between various sections and different kind of tanks.

    Hopefully not another set of one corridor maps or camping paradises where you cannot make any pressure. We have enough of those…..

  33. That map is the minecraft hunger games original one

  34. Hey Dez do you still know the Map Windstorm or what it was called… a large city at the southwest and a long curvy pass at the opposite with some more or less free area between them? I do miss it and think it was a very cool map.

  35. ᛑᛆᚡᛂ ᚤᛆᚿᛌᛂᚿ

    So we get alot of new maps so the can remove all maps that are actualy playable and fun

  36. If wg world only add more parameters in to MM instead of making maps and tanks.

    Of course if someone wins someone is also loosing.
    That’s not what ppl want from mm

    Stock T7 vs fully kited T9 = BS.
    Just a little more even fights would be nice.

    Also who agree that some tanks need to get 1teir higher cos it’s owning its tier.
    And why is it that spotting range and camo varies so mush that it’s THE THING IN GAME OF WINNING OR LOOSING???

  37. Arnt Petter Andersen

    Why the hell do they bother? – Every time we’re out playing we only get 3-5 maps that loops every day!!! – I was at the impression of that WG should increase the rotation of the maps in standard battles. This haven’t happend – at least not for us …. I haven’t played my first battle yet today, but yesterday I only got Pilsen, Fisherman’s Bay, Fjords and occantionally the Sand River or Himmelsdorf map… This is HORSECRAP when you think about how many maps wot contain…: Isn’t it aprox 30 maps???? – They really need to get this sh*t sorted out!!!!

  38. slower battle mean bigger map bigger timer

  39. ALL Buildings in maps should have the ability to be destroyed, including steel bridges, etc. they may also think about introducing both day & night fighting!

  40. Near 200k gold here i think i end up poor 🙂

  41. Dez, a question I would love answered going forward in 2021 is, why is a stock tier 9 so much worse, like massively worse than an upgraded tier 8? It just seems stupid to me

  42. Why WG want to upload more new maps, why they don’t want to bring back old but in HD and ballanced maps like: northwest, hidden village, secret valley, windstorm, swamp, dragon ridge and south coast. Why u wargaming don’t want to bring thek back in better ballnced wersion?

  43. First we buy scam boxes, second we buy stupid tanks with 50k gold.

  44. Community: balance the maps

    Wg: adds tons of new maps

  45. Who would have thought they would add me into the game?

  46. FSXNOOB - GᗩᗰᕮS & ᗰOᖇᕮ

    Winter 2021 is December and up, Winter 2020 is untill march-2021

  47. frozen land 2 areas convenient for tanks with good gun depression , so what about the hundreds of tanks without good gun depression ? just seems a bit odd , geyser pronounced geezer in uk 🙂

  48. Why does that Summer map remind me of the female anatomy?

  49. Recently saw some ramming action involving a downhill KV5 with FCM 50t wingmen (good rammers too btw). With a ramming maxed build it is stupid and can delete a T26E5 in one hit. I’d love to see Dez play with that sort of build because he is such a ram lover. Maybe with platoon 2.0?
    Still loving your content Dez.

  50. MORE MAPS YES, come on WoT get gud again

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