WTF, New Highest ALPHA AUTORELOADING GUN!? | World of Tanks Caliban

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Caliban, 8 Premium Heavy Tank. The Biggest/Highest Alpha Damage Premium Tank in The Game. World Tanks Update 1.15+ Patch News. Caliban, British 8 Premium Heavy Tank.

Today I am going to show you the absolute biggest MEME in World Tanks… A 8 heavy tank with worse gun than artillery with 950 alpha damage boomstick. 😀

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Is this is NOT an event tank, like for some kind of a special event, then it has to be the biggest MEME ever. 😀
    What is your take on it?

  2. TehButterflyEffect

    This would be a hilarious meme tank if they hadn’t just nerfed HE to death. You will never see 950 damage hits with an HE-main gun. The only shell people will fire out of it will be the gold AP.

  3. jose armando borjas gomez

    actually your not even wrong with the name caliban is an anagram of the word cannibal also i have seen the stats and man even if you get a shot with the HE due to the fact that HE does not longer get the advange of splash your gonna need to use the AP.

  4. Michael Pettigrew

    Heavily armoured mobility scooter with a sawn off shotgun.

  5. Looks like the gsor’s big brother

  6. Mmm yeah but these are WG stats to silence people moan about a tank being op. In game you will probably hit most shots with auto aim at full speed (just compare the Bourrasque’s in game performance with its 0.4 dispersion and 3.36 aim time stats)

  7. Let’s release super OP Slovakian tank then add really bad one if we summarise it we get balanced premium’s

  8. It’s shitty useless LT

  9. The game is telling you: Weee neeeed mooooney, buy a preeeemium pleeeease ~

  10. This tank Is not Caliban this is Taliban KEKW

  11. Stupid op pay2win powercreep Taliban tank

  12. It’s a late or super early April fools tank

  13. Someone please tell to WG employees to stop using drugs thanks.

  14. My opinion on this tank is YES.

    • Also what the fuck 7 seconds aim time maybe this is the real meme arty that will be introduced and accidentally put the heavy tank mark.

  15. 2022 loot box?

  16. Imagine this on top with Tier VI. One hit killer. There is any bizarre competition in WG, who create craziest tank.

  17. It’ll be massively RNG dependent – a total Meme. I like the fact Dez can’t keep a straight face when reading out the stats!

  18. This is a joke right?

  19. This is gonna be useless … But its gonna be Meme.

  20. Imagine if it was just standard tier VIII to brand new British heavy line 😂
    Without correct equipment it will be way more frustrating than enjoyable to play

  21. It was a prototype tank designed to fire NUCLEAR SHELLS.

  22. He really is great at reading articles 😀

  23. This is like FV4005 but tier 8 and autoload. Tier 6 and 7 are going to be in super pain.

  24. ummm, front line

  25. My brain farted.. A Heavy tank arty!?

  26. I am by no means a good WoT player, but it makes me feel good that Dez has the same reaction to this tank as I had. I actually went and compared it to a couple of tier 10 tanks as well

  27. No4imbutFAME Der allerechte

    sad unfair tank if you get hit and so bad to play. I think the Game dont need this

  28. Basically the Grenadier from Mirny-13 but thicc.

  29. Put a bond turbo on it and the accuracy won’t matter – just do close drivebyes at high speed and derp ’em from 10 meters.
    Is that a glass driver’s hatch?

  30. Its a brit BL10

  31. This is a bad premium tank (we dont know if its premium but im gonna assume it is) because when u play it ur gonna be like:wtf is this s***t but when u play against it ur gonna be like :THIS IS SO OP

  32. I feel like this is WGs attempt to prove that the gun laying drive is popular, just to get back at everyone who laughed at them for saying that during equipment 2.0

  33. The ironic part, almost everyone is going to use it as a tank destroyer. And it going to be more meme that how it looks like in statistics.

  34. 2 he with 950 dmg is ok

  35. Personally I think it’s gonna be amazing to see it on the battlefield but at the same time terrifying with the knowledge that you can get 1900HP taken from you in a matter of 10 seconds.
    It can also end up being hilarious in case you bounce 1900HP due to the horrible accuracy of the Caliban. So yeah, it’s a yes from me 😀

  36. That is the new Taliban tech tree.

  37. They try it last year… Halloween event T49 with 2 shell magazin

  38. New kv2. Sits behind cover and pops out for 2 shots. Itll be excellent in a city – terrible on open maps.

  39. KV2 on IIIV tier

  40. This is like a T8 FV in a heavy tank body

  41. This power creep is getting out of hand. It’s almost literally useless to play any tech tree tank at this point

  42. this is basically going to be what WT e100 used to be…but it auto reloads…and has worse aim…but its at tier 8

  43. This has to be an inside joke at wargaming.

  44. Do the people at WG know that April ended months ago?

  45. Dez, please find another game to play. The shit WG is pulling is terrible

  46. WG seem to really like messing with British gun stats. I’m all for it, it kinda seems fun, just as long as it’s ‘balanced’.

  47. Let me set this straight the game is officially dead now.

  48. Christmas lootbox tank.

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